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Trudy's Diary

For All My Fellow Snoops

September 6th 2007 6:04 am
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Edited 9/18/07

I am campaigning to become the next Queen of Snoop Dog Beagleys. I take this position very seriously as I know that the beagledom need good strong leaders. I only hope that I can fill the paw prints that our previous queens have left behind. Snoops is and always will be number one for me and my family!

I PAWMISE to uphold and support the Snoop Beagle Bill of Rights.
I PAWMISE to always protect the beagledom and all snoops in it!
I PAWMISE to always make every snoop feel included...that's a big one for me!
I PAWMISE to always be there to support any snoop who needs it.
I PAWMISE to do my best to make Snoops FUN!
I PAWMISE I will do my BEST to make each and every one of ya proud of me if I am elected Queen.

One of the other important things to me is to make all snoops feel included. Snoops is such a large group and sometimes it's easy to feel a little lost. NO SNOOP LEFT BEHIND!

One of the things I started doing on my OWN two or three months ago is send personal pmails to each new snoop who has joined. This was before my decision to run for queen. This goes to show my dedication to Snoops and what it means to me. My goal was to welcome each personally and to let them know that we are really glad to have them be a part of our new snoop family. Snoops can be overwhelming to those who join at first, but each and everypup is welcomed with open paws. This works because I have seen a few new snoops come out! Arrrrrroooooooo!

I have attended MANY if not all Snoop events in the last year and believe me, they are tons of fun! I would like to see a once-a-month birthday/adoption celebration for our snoop families. We used to do that and we have gotten away from that for a while now. Sometimes we have a pawty for one or two and not for others. I know we love each and every snoops so I would like to see us celebrate that by having a party once a month. This goes with the "no snoop left behind" initiative.

I would like to continue what Queen Celeste started by having survey or questions of the week. She also started "theme" days. Queen Celeste, it was a great idea to get new snoops involved! Kudos to you for that wonderful idea!

I have been with snoops for about a year now and I have gotten to know so many of you. I hope through getting to know me, that you have already felt welcomed and know that I care about each and every snoop. Some of us have be friends/family for a long time and I have also met some really great snoops recently. I hope you know how much Snoops means to me...I want nothing but to make you all proud! You are our family and this Snoop family is one of the most important things to us! I also hope that the relationships we have built have made you feel as though you can come to me with any questions or concerns you may have. I WANT to be there for each and every snoop. If you have any suggestions for Snoops, please let us (candidates) know!

Finally, I want to thank all of the candidates for doing a great job. We have been supportive of each other. I wish you luck as voting begins right around the corner. I want to thanks all the past kings and queens. You have honored us with doing such a wonderful job and showing us what it really means to take care of Snoopdom.

UPDATE 9/25:

At the recent debates, I pawmised to help organize a halloween pawty, thanksgiving snoop dinner, and two types of "Secret Santa" games. One would be like last year...where we exchanged gifts secretly through our pages and the other would be where exchange gifts and mail them to each other.

During the debates, there was a question regarding having a big brother/big sister program here in Snoops.

I volunteered to start a big brother/big sister Snoop program if the snoops wanted it. We have new snoops who come in and are overwhelmed by all the beagle/snoop talk. I have experience with this since I am in another group that does just that for new pups and kitties who who are new to dogster/catster! Perhaps having a big brother/sister snoop will help them feel more comfortable to hang around and get to know us more. Again, this goes with my "no snoop left behind" slogan




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