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Trudy's Diary

Weekend is Over

March 13th 2006 4:17 am
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Whew...the weekend is over. It wasn't the best weekend, that's for sure. I don't know what got into me, but I decided to go to the bathroom on my mommie's bed. She caught me really quick though, but boy was she mad! I have never done that. I don't even go to the bathroom in the house. That was my Saturday.

Sunday wasn't much better...I got a bath! At least I got to be super clean. I also got my nails trimmed except one of my mommie's accidently cut one of my nails too short. To me, it wasn't a big deal, but I was dripping red stuff all over the place. Mommy gave me a lot of extra attention and kept me on her lap until the red stuff stopped coming out.

Sunday was somewhat sweet though. My family seemed to be giving my sister, Scooter a little more attention than usual. Today is my sister's birthday! I'm excited because I get to celebrate it with her. I got to play with her new toy too. Scooter is two this year! I can't wait for my birthday!




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