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BIG POWERFUL BREATH.. itty bitty living body

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well, have you ever???

July 26th 2008 11:50 am
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how insulting.

apparantly we've got some weirdos who like doing horrible things to dogs and are willing to pay mommies, and i guess my mom is hard up for cash because she took us.

they call them "groomers" or some such nonsense. hmph.. groomers my butt. SPEAKING of my butt, you won't BELIEVE what they did to it! i mean, i understand (sorta) when the vet has to clean out my anal glands but he's a doctor... thats his job.. these girls must just be weird.

and they put me in a bathtub and washed me... without even asking i might add. how do they even know what i like to smell like, eh??? and my nails were just getting long like i like them.

but the kicker of it all... the most humiliating of it all.. they put this CHEESY smiley-face bandana around my neck and i cant get it off. now you KNOW i dont do smiley-faces.... and mom isn't being much help.

the indignity of it all is just about too much.


we know who the real queen is

July 21st 2008 3:55 pm
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so... Allison hogged my bed all weekend long. everytime i'd come inside, she was already on it and i'm NOT sleeping next to her. if i ever did get it before her, i would make sure i turned diagonal and stretched as far as i could to leave no space for her. and when we went to bed, mom brought my big bed and that old little one into the bedroom so i crawled onto my big bed. Allison had jumped up on mom's bed anyway so there wasnt even a fight.... but in the middle of the night, when dad took us out for a quick tinkle, i made it back to bed first and reclaimed my big bed while stupid Allison squirreled up into the little bed!! HA!

i dont know if she was trying to be a clown or what, but she looked ridiculous all scrunched up in that tiny bed.... i know she didnt think i was about to trade with her.. ha.. in this life!!!!


i dont care that it's snowing

March 7th 2008 4:00 pm
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i poop in the house now as a rule anyway.

Weiner wanted to go out with Alex and Allison until the snow touched him.. then he came crying back in. mom put a sweater on him and i started jumping around so she gave me one :)

sittin in front of the heater with my sweater on my pillow-bed... ahh..


did i tell you i have new beds?

February 17th 2008 6:38 am
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mom put tile floor down and if i wasnt cold enough before!! so, she went out and bought me these three big pillows to lay on. for some reason, the rest of them think they can get on them too. fine, as long as it's not the one i am on.

anyway, i was lazing around this morning in front of the heater on my sweet new bed when Allison came over with a mouthful of food. so mom gave me some food and i knew, i just KNEW Allison would try to take it. and even if she didnt, it gave me all the excuse i needed to attack her... and you know i cant pass that up.

so Allison is trying to avoid my eyes but i just bore them into her.. steady and firm i am waiting for her to dare look up.

she didnt but that didnt stop me. when she turned to go away i LAUNCHED my attack! a couple of lightning quick strikes and a quick sniff at the food before i LEAPED back onto my bed!!!

i have once again shown myself to be full of prowess and power. surely this makes up for yesterday when i launched and missed.


it's always one who screws things up

February 16th 2008 8:44 am
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there's always one who messes things up for the rest of us.

mom knows i'll come back so i get the honor of walking with her to the garbage cans and the mailbox. then whiney butt Weiner forces himself onto us so she begins letting him out as well.

but Alex and Allison dont know how to come back so they're not allowed out. only today, Alex forced HIS way out and took off!! mom got him back eventually but now she's upset and won't let any of us get close to the door.

thanks a lot Alex. screwed it up for everyone.


apples are garbage

February 13th 2008 5:55 pm
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she throws us her scraps that she's already dropped and we're supposed to be happy about it.


they're not fit for dogs. i wont have anything to do with them... well, i'll guard one but i won't actually eat it.


can't hole me back

February 10th 2008 8:41 am
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ever since that Merlyn dog came to visit and showed us how to ignore the gates, i've been working it over in my head.

and after i got done with all my tooth and other surgeries.. after mom started letting me sleep in the big bed... i decided it was time to break down the barriers.

so for the past few weeks, after mom locks us all in the kitchen for the day, i've managed to worm my way out past the gate. i leave her little gifts in her bedroom and bathroom to let her know i've been out for a while. when she comes home, i'm right there at the door instead of trapped in the kitchen with the rest. she really hasnt been too terribly angry about it so i figure i'm good.

but last nite.. oh boy.. she left the back door where we could go outside if we wanted while she went out. but i didnt want outside, i wanted in the living room, bedroom and bathroom... but the rest of the gang escaped with me a few days ago so she's been trying to secure the gate even more. and she thought she had it. but no.. i managed to get it out of my way and open the way for Alex, Allison and Weiner.

and did we ever have a time!!! everybody pooped at least once in each room and we got her brand new extra special comfy flip flops with faux shearling lining and some of her favorite underwear. then we plopped down on the sweet little beds she bought us and proceeded to enjoy our time out.

but this time when she came home, ohhhhh boy was she angry. she didnt give us a little "talking to" and blame herself. she never yelled and of COURSE she didnt hit us, but boy oh boy we knew she was mad. she wouldnt let any of us anywhere near her... which i think was just mean.

but she got over it and we slept in the big bed anyway so who cares :) bet she tries to think of new improved ways to keep me pinned in but once you've let this beast taste freedom, you cant hold me back.


it's been a long, hard road

January 22nd 2008 6:35 am
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everything's been so busy and and everyone's been so sick.. we just havent felt like getting online and blogging lately... but.. we're all alive again and doing well :)

it started with Weiner and his intestinal bowel bacteria (eww.. he's so gross) and went straight into ME having a golfball absess in my jaw from where my biggest tooth got infected. when mom threw me into the car to head for the vet's, it was just one week after throwing Weiner in and heading to the emergency vet so she was pretty distraught. all of this was right before we were supposed to head out for a five hour drive to pop's house for Christmas!

while the vet looked at my tooth and prescribed antibiotics to get the swelling down, mom asked about my boobs and how they always seem to leak. see, i had never been spade and the doctor says "she's in false pregnancy cause of her hormones going wild.."

when he found out this happens a LOT, he said once we get over the tooth infection, i would need to have the tooth pulled AND a hysterectomy. holy cow, i'm 10 going on 11 and i've gotta worry about that???

so we make it to pop's for Christmas (whole other story there) and make it back home just fine and my tooth is better so mom weepingly drops me off for my surgery and tooth pulling. when she comes to get me tho, they tell her they pulled EIGHT of my teeth!! how the hell am i supposed to be scary as the toothless midget in the group?

but ohhhh how i got pampered. i whined at every little thing (something i learned from Weiner) and even managed to turn it into a full-time big-bed invitation!

so, now i'm all healed up from everything and i still have plenty of teeth to show and scare Allison PLUS i got moved up to sleeping in the bed with mom full time.. yeah, it was a long hard road, but in the end.. it's been worth it.


about that time again

November 26th 2007 5:47 am
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mom noticed i was acting a little "out of character" and decided it was about that time again... when i go into heat.

You know, for an old puppy, i still got it :D

so before i hit it full swing, mom called up her sister, Ms Kathy and asked if i could stay a few days at Hannah and Hayley's. When we first got there, i wouldnt let mom outta my sight!! i KNEW she was going to leave me!!

and she did. (dang my addiction to TREATS!)

but i settled in and found warm blankets to hide. and Hannah and Hayley pretty much ignore me anyway. and i got to sleep in the BIG BED with Ms Kathy! and ... she gives me treats way more than mom.

i may not WANT to go home.


wow! what an exciting nite!

November 1st 2007 4:01 am
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mom tried to keep me under the blanket in the chair but after about the 3rd group of goblins ringing our doorbell, i was OUT like a flash barking with the gang!!

WOW that gets your blood pumping! all those little monsters and they're right there next to the door and i'm barking!!

mom went out there with candy but i'm pretty sure it was my ferocious bark that made them leave.

it was fun for a while but i was sooooooooooooooooooooooo tired

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