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China's Town: A Brief Autobiography of a Cool Dog

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Rachenla, You are the Funnest Teacher Ever!!

July 21st 2014 4:20 pm
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My brother and I took many training sessions with a super cool and fun lady named, Rachenla. She teaches over that the local Petco. Hmmm, let's see, we took basic, intermediate, advanced and more advanced obedience classes with her. We also got to play fun games in her class. She was super cool, and even gave Spyro and I extra treats. She also laughed and allowed us to steal treats from the treat counter. My favorite parts were when she set up obstacle courses throughout the store. I have to admit that I was rather good at all of it. So good, as a matter of fact, that I became lazy for a while and let little brother, Spyro beat me. See?? See what an awesome big sister I am??

Well, anyways it is time to go since I see that the cat adoption lady is in the store and I so love to check out the kitties... Nahhhhhh, forget the cats....



Boy, It has Been a While... & My Trip to Anderson's

July 21st 2014 4:14 pm
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Ok, so a lot has happened since my last entry, I still have the same wonderful Mom and Dad, and the same great brother. In the last year, Mom, Dad and I have been teaching little brother Spyro how to do agility. We started off with the easy equipment like the tunnel and the chute. (I really like those). Then we moved onto harder stuff like the jumps and the weave poles. ( boy am I a good teacher!) He’s a bit goofy , but he catches on easily.
Also within the last year I’ve gotten to go and see some really cool places. I get to go see my Auntie Gayle, go to grandma and grandpa’s house (with my arch annoying nemesis, Ziggy, see my favorite trainer Rachenla over at Petco, and of course many fun pet stores. Among my favorite pet stores are Anderson's Pet Store and Petco. I think Anderson's is my favorite!! Besides it is right across the street from a restaurant that my Mommy and Daddy like called "The Black Cow". They have a nice outdoor eating area on the sidewalk so I get to see all of the people and dogs walk by, oh I hate the big ones.... grrrrrrrr... We have gone many times to this and other cool restaurants, but I like this one since they treat me right by bringing out water for me. Also the people are really nice to me and my brother. However, the real reason I like it is because Anderson's Pet Store is across the street. Oh I look so forward to going there that I run to it, dragging Daddy all the way. If I could open the door myself, I would because inside they have a bunny rabbit that isn't afraid of dogs. Oh how I love to torment him, jumping, barking and whining the whole time. I wish I could get in there and tell the bunny to "Hop right into my mouth!!"

Anyways, they also have a giant aviary in the middle of the store stocked full of birds and rodents. I love to chase the rodents!!! I think I even almost toppled over a store display trying to get the rodents. I'm not sure but I heard my Daddy yell and lunge to catch it once or twice.

Furthermore, the last two times I went, they had a big lizard that just at my height that was very active and trying to get out. This was almost more than I could handle. I LOVE lizards, but this one was huge!! I want it!!!! I need it!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF (whimper whine...)

Oh, also around the corner was a room that says "AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY" This room was filled with rats, hampsters and mice. I have no idea what "AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY" means but I am sure that it means that excited little hunting dogs like me can go right in. I caused quite a ruckus and Daddy pulled me out. But Dad, it says "AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY" which means that it is okay for me to go in!!!

Alright, well if I can't go in there, then I will try to eat the fish.


It Has Been a While.... I Love You, Megan!!

July 21st 2014 3:51 pm
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Boy, it has been a while since I have written, see even dogs get writer's block... or maybe it was just laziness. I think it was laziness. Well, quite a bit of time has gone by and a lot has happened. However, I can't seem to remember a lot of it right now.

However, I will always remember my glorious walks and hikes with my most favorite person in the whole world, my dog walker, Megan. Sometimes, when she cannot come, which is rare, her friend Sami takes me out. I like Sami, she is really nice and fun, but the Sun rises and sets around Megan. I love her so much and she even lets me ride in the front seat of her car. I am one of the few who she lets do that, I feel so special!! I AM so special!!

Anyways, I hope that we get to go on a long hike today, I tend to outlast all of the other dogs, so I hope it's a long walk. Also, when I get home, it will be one final huge play session with brother, Spyro and then it will be time for a well deserved nap. Oh, is that the knock on the door??

Oh she's here, gotta go. It is walk time!!!!!


Snow Day then Breakfast with Grandpa!!!

February 10th 2013 2:58 pm
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Yesterday we went up to the snow!! I love the snow!! I love walking through it and feeling how cold it is. It makes me feel like a wolf, awooooooooooo!! We piled in the car and went up into the local mountains where the snow is. Even though we were only there for a short time, I had such a good time. Then we went out to eat at Chipotle followed by a really fun visit to PetSmart. I got to see and torment the rats and chinchillas. And when we checkout, we always get yummy treats and attention.

Follow up that great day with Sunday breakfast with grandpa at our favorite place, Brookside Country Club. Unfortunately, there were no squirrels out today for me to hunt, but my daddy brought me over to the coy pond. Wow, are those fish stupid!! They actually come over to me, like I am going to be their friend, or like I am giving them food. No!! they are going to be MY food!! (that is if I ever catch one)

Finally, we ended our day with a fun trip to Petco where my brother stole a bunch of treats from the treat smorgasbord. Daddy told the manager that he stole treats, and Spyro got away with it. Actually, the manager gave us all of the treats that daddy was going to buy for free. I like him, he has been there since I was a pup.

What a great weekend!! Best weekend EVER!!!!!
Now it is time to... zzzzzzzzzzzz.....


Wiggle Waggle Walk!!

September 30th 2012 7:35 pm
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Today was the annual "Wiggle Waggle Walk", a fundraiser for the Pasadena Humane Society, the one that my dearly departed older sister came from. I have been to this event before. It is really fun but all of the hundreds and hundreds of dogs there kind of frightened me. However, this year my beloved dog-walker came with us. She brought her boyfriend and 4 dogs. It was amazing how we all just kind of fell into a tight little pack and I was not scared of any of her dogs.

Anyhow, as daddy went to register us for the walk, mommy took us over to see Megan, my beloved dog-walker. Boy, I was soooooo excited to see her!!!! This is not even my walk day, what a wonderful surprise!!!!!

Now, there are two walks you can take, the 1 mile or 3 mile walks. We usually do the 1 mile because when Bella was around, that was all she could handle. However, 2 years ago daddy and I tried the 3 mile walk. It was boring!!! Just daddy and I with no one to talk or walk with. I told daddy I was bored and he took me back early. So this year, since my little brother, Spyro and I both like long hikes, daddy and mommy decided it was time to try the 3 mile walk, well that and my beloved Megan wanted to do the 3 mile too. It was fun, but really really HOT!!!!! Now, I do not like to stop for water while walking, so I passed up all of the water stations and must have drank about an entire bottle of water later, after the walk. We actually finished the 3 mile walk this time. Daddy was so proud, even though his foot hurt. Was I proud too??? Nahhhh, this is old hat to me since Megan takes me on 3 to more mile hikes all the time. I just minded the heat a little.

After that we visited the booths and ate lunch together.


Daddy took us to a little coy pond along the way. Boy are those fish DUMB!!!! They have very poor judgement. I walked up to the the very edge of the pond and looked in. The fish swam right up to me and I tried to jump in to catch one. Stupid leash, attached to stupid daddy. If it weren't for that, I might have had a fresh fish lunch.

Best of all, along the way, I found a SQUIRREL!!!! I dragged daddy over to the tree and baby brother, Spyro yelped and carried on. Hmph, can't take the little ones anywhere without them causing a scene. Really, he needs to learn better hunting techniques. Anyways, it was really fun.


What?? Am I tired now?? Nahhhhh, not me. It takes a lot more than a simple hike to tire me ouuuuuuuu.........

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz... .zzzzzzzzzzz.....


I FORCED my Parents to enroll me in Obedience Classes...- AGAIN!!

September 1st 2012 11:28 am
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Spyro started his obedience training classes at Pasanita Obedience Club the other week and mommy went out into the large circle with him.


So I hung out with daddy who took me on walks and sat and watched. I had a hard time sitting and watching, as I wanted to be out there with them working!! So finally, after making all sorts of noise and pulling really hard on my leash, they decided to sign me up for a class that I already took many moons ago.

See, being cute and anxious can get you what you want in life!!!

So now I am in the class with my brother, Spyro and my granddaddy's new puppy too. We are having a great time and I get to practice things that I learned a long time ago. I think all of the other dogs are looking up to me as the star of the class. I am able to do everything right away. It is great!!! It is great for my ego too. Actually, I really don't care, I just like doing the work and getting the treats!!

Besides, we really don't have to tell the other dogs who idolize me that this is not my first time in this class, right???

Shhhhhh, this is between you and me...

Remember, loose lips sink ships, or something like that.



It's HOT!!

July 19th 2012 2:43 pm
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Man it is so hot today. It is so hot that even squirrel hunting sounds like too much work. Oh the floor is nice and cool today, so cool that I don't even mind how hard it is. Man it is so Hot!! It is too hot to do anything today!!!

Huh?? What's that??? The doorbell?? Ohhhh it's Megan the dog walker!!!

Ok, Megan's here, gotta go, a hike is in my future.

See ya!


Update on the Hurt Foot & Squirrel Hunting

July 16th 2012 10:48 pm
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Ok, so it looks like I stepped on a wasp or something. Who knew that something so tiny could make me hurt so bad!! Anyhow, I went to my new vet today and I got a clean bill of health, hooray!! However, she did some tests and gave me my shots.


However, the foot seems better and I feel much better, so much better that yesterday Spyro and I spent to entire day hunting for squirrels. They just kept hanging around the yard, so we stayed outside and watched them.

Silly little brother kept chasing them, sheesh, hmmmph, KIDS!!

He will eventually learn that the key to squirrel hunting is to relax and wait until they get close enough to chase. Sheesh, was I that dumb when I was his age too??


Ouch, I Hurt My Foot!!

July 13th 2012 11:41 pm
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OUCH!! I think I stepped on a wasp!! My rear foot really hurts!! It hurt so much that I could not rest comfortably. My mommy and daddy are still not sure if it was a wasp sting or I hurt my leg while jumping around with my new brother, but whatever it was it REALLY hurt!!!

That night I got rushed to the emergency hospital because of the pain I was in. It was horrible!!! They put me in a room all alone, oh I hate that!!!!

Anyhow, I got some shots and I feel better now. However, yesterday I felt really sick. Today I feel better though.

I am sure I will feel even better tomorrow.

Anyhow, I get to see my new veterinarian on Monday, so I am sure everything will be okay.

I will keep you all posted.

It is late and my daddy is keeping me up, so I need to go bug him and tell that selfish human that I will not go to sleep until he does. So he had better get off of the computer and take me to bed!!

Because that is the way I roll!!


He's Not So Bad After-all!!

July 9th 2012 1:09 pm
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Ya know, my new baby brother, Spyro is not so bad after-all. I think I will let him stay!! I have actually come to like having him around. We play together and most importantly, we hunt squirrels together. He also helps me defend the fence from the evil dog next door when he decides to bark at us and leap on the fence.

However, that goofball of a little dog actually chases birds in the yard too. However, she is learning that the real payoff is in the squirrel chasing!!

The doggies that chase squirrels together stay together!!

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