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The Diary Of An Angel

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People say it's ok but it certainly is not!

September 20th 2009 7:37 pm
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Sharna's mum here;

Today I got into a very heated discussion with a few other members on another pet website involving animal cruelty and hitting a pet. How some people can say that is ok behaviour I can not even fathom. Then to continue to say that they hit their own dog and act like that is ok....I can not even understand how they could even think that.

This topic is so dear to me because of my precious Sharna. After years of being abused, bashed, hit, punched she some angel lead her to me. I believe there was a reason behind this, to show her not all humans are cruel. It took two years to get Sharna past all of her fears. Hitting does not fix beahviour, it creates new fear and issues. The thought of someone bashing my baby girl has me in tears, it broke my heart to see her terrified the first time we tried playing with her. I picked up a stick to throw it and she cowered in fear. I could not even hug my baby because she thought we would hit her.

How dare someone tell me that it is ok to hit a dog to teach them manners.

Sharna was only fully over all her issues for the last 6 months of her life, it was a long road and we got there eventually but no dog should ever have to go through that.


2 years at the bridge

September 11th 2009 2:27 am
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Well it's been 2 years at the bridge now but mum says it feels like it's been alot longer. Mum thinks of me often, knows that I'm watching over her and thanks me for sending her a wonderful dog like Shandi. Up there at the bridge I'm playing with all my other bridge pals, i'm no longer paralysed and I can breath normally. I am in peace...

Over all of the years of pouring her heart out she's run out of things to say. She's said she's sorry, she's said how much she misses me, she's said how much she wishes I was here and how she knows I am looking after her.

All she can do now is honour the memories she has of me, as long as the memories live on and I am in her heart that will keep me alive..

Last week at work mum came into work and one dog smelt exactly the way I used to smell, mum hadnt smelt that since the day I had passed. She got a little teary but she loves having little reminders like that, keeps the memories fresh and alive.


Adopt 09 Entry - Rainbow Bridge

May 6th 2009 10:25 pm
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I am a shelter dog, waiting for the day
When someone will come along and pick me
Take me home, forever I will stay

Until that day here I am in this home
She cares for me, she took me in
Now I am no longer alone

This is not bad although she says it’s only for a short time
Why not forever I ask?
I think this house is rather divine.

I love rolling in the dirt and chasing the black cat
Snoozing the sunny days away, lying on my comfy mat

One week passed and sadly she said it was my time to go
I did not want to return to that place
I wanted this to be my home

She looked into my eyes and that was when she saw
The love that I was capable
And that was what made her sure

I was battered and broken
No spirit left in me
She wanted to restore that
She had faith in me

So off she went back to that place
She signed the forms with a huge smile on her face

She returned home and said to me
“You wont return, you don’t have to worry
Everything will be fine you’ll see.
We’re in this together, you and me”

Sharna was my very first foster dog and the very first dog that I ever adopted. She was with me for two and a hlaf short but wonderous years. She will always hold a special place in my heart and I am honoured to have know such a special dog.


Wow, Daily Diary Pick!

April 19th 2009 12:09 am
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This is extremely unexpected, I hardly ever write in my diary since I went to the bridge but I did write an entry for the Adopt 09 Contest recently. Thank you HQ for this honour!


Adopt 09 Contest

April 17th 2009 4:32 pm
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Well last year I entered and mum put her everything into my entry, there is no way we could top that so this year I'll be entering in the new category.

My mum has been working with animals since she was 11 volunteering for a year at the local horse riding place. She sure did love it there but she wanted to move onto her true passion which was dogs. Mum had to wait until she was 12 to start voluneering at the shelter but before she would go with her mum to spend some time with the cats and give them some loving since people tend to pay more attention to the dogs.

Then one week after her 12th birthday she went in to volunteer for the first time and it was amazing. She loved being around all the dogs and doing things to help them even if some of the jobs were not very pleasant. She felt fantastic when she would adopt a dog out knowing they were getting their happy ending.

Over the 5 years mum was at the shelter she saw alot of things, some too cruel for words and some too amazing and happy for words. There are still certain dogs that she grew attached too and will always love. It is so great when you run into the adopted dogs with their new families and seeing just how happy the dog is and knowing that you helped that.

The happiest moment are when the dogs that have been at the shlter for over a year get adopted. There are always tears when a dog that has been in the shelter care for so long gets adopted, they are both sad and happy tears because this dog is finally getting a second chance at life.

Mum was even interviewed for the newspaper about her work at the shelter. Of course she saved Shandi, Zara and I from the shelter. Mum also recently held a contest on dogster to help raise money for the local shelter. She also takes Shandi to the Million Paws Walk every year, where all money goes to the RSPCA to help animals in need.

Now she is studying to be a vet nurse and has almost completed her first year. Now she can help save lives of animals in a different way. The clinic has a perminant "adopted" dog, she wasnt adopted from a shelter but she was saved from a life of pigging.


Prayers for Levi

January 8th 2009 10:38 pm
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A dear friend Levi had a lump removed today that is malignant. We are praying so hard for out pal and we ask everyone else to do the same. He is a strong guy, he will be a fighter. we are sending lots of love your way Levi!



November 30th 2008 2:01 am
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Today my sweet Sharna is I listened to 'our' song. The song that I listened to over and over when you first passed. Helped me so much! Now I havent listened to that song for months now but today I was telling a friend about it and I found it online. I started listening to the song and about half way through the tears started flowing I couldnt stop them. Now I havent cried over your death for a while now, I have come close but I'm more focused on the good times now. But today it was different, I have cried a few times when thinking about you. I miss you my darling Sharna!


Missing those lovely brown eyes

November 17th 2008 11:23 pm
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While uploading pictures to your page yesterday just made me think of all those wonderful times we shared together. I remember the way you used to do zoomies after every bath, the way you would always nudge my hand with your head, when we used to play wrestle downstairs. Then the not so good times when you peed on my bed or when you brought that lovely dead rat inside. No matter what you were an amazing dog and I'll love you forever. We shared a special bond and even though it has been over a year now you are still alive in my heart.

Always missing my little flea,
Sharna's mum


It brings tears to my eyes

November 13th 2008 12:48 am
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Well my sweet Sharna, it has been over one year since you left my life although you will neve truely be gone. One of my friends mentioned a song that brought tears to her eyes, a sweet song played on the piano. Now I am not really in to that kinda of music usually but this song truely is something special. The first second that I heard it I started to think of you and it brought tears to my eyes. I dont know what it is about this song but it just gets my right in my heart.

Please stop by Sharna's page and listen to this amazing song!


New picture

October 18th 2008 2:37 pm
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Mum was looking through some old photos of when she first got me and I had no grey around my mouth at all. She scanned them and uploaded one yesterday. She's still trying to find the photo on the day of my adoption. It used to be on the fridge but since we moved she doesnt know where it is.

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