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I love to party

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New rodent toys

June 10th 2008 7:28 pm
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YAH I got me some new AKC toys. They look like real critters who want to play with me. I like to carry them around and have little tea parties with them... I've been so bored without my brother. He's been locked up inside the house for weeks, and I just chill by myself in the backyard all day long... though my uncle does bring his little pom Tuxie over for playdates... he's lots of fun and loves to run around with me....


Chicken and Steaks

April 30th 2008 7:27 am
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Well ever since my brother's been home from surgery, I've been getting chicken and steak too.... I'm loving in! Maybe I'll put on some weight too.... who knows.


The sick area

April 27th 2008 7:46 am
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Ouchie!!! I guess they took in my brother to get some weird surgery.... I tried to warn him when they put him in the van.... I screamed and jumped on the door and tried to save him.... but I guess he had no choice.... so ever since he's been home, I've been afraid to walk by and see what they've done to him. Mom says I better stop jumping four feet into the air or the same thing might happen to me.... empty threats I tell ya! Doesn't she know Malamutes can fly?


I pooped in the closet

April 20th 2008 7:55 am
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The other night, I was trying to tell Mom I had to go out.... she was ignoring me cuz I've been panting and pacing before bed time a lot lately.... so I tried, and I tried.... for almost thirty minutes!! Can you believe that? And she kept ignoring me... so I went into her closet and did a big nasty explosive doo doo. It was so loud, everyone in the house woke up! I think next time, they'll get right up and let me out...


I don't like mobile grooming

January 16th 2008 7:43 pm
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So for my Christmas present, my auntie got me a grooming session with a mobile groomer... oh boy did I give that poor lady a run for her money!! I may have traumatized her forever.... I don't think she'll ever come back... I screamed, I kicked, I scratched.... you name it, the whole nine yards of fury.


The tunnel to China

August 28th 2007 5:07 pm
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I dug this deep, huge hole in the lawn yesterday and Daddy said I'm trying to get to China. I don't even know where that is.... It must be real far away cuz that hole was GINORMOUS. Anyhoo! Mom's been making me ground beef and mixing it in with my dry food to get met to put on some weight. It was intriguing at first, and I liked it, but I'm bored now so I'm not eating it anymore.... I want something else. She's tried scrambled eggs and steaks too, but I got bored of those old dishes as well.... I'm thinking if I hold out long enough, she may end up cooking me some prime rib.... are you with me here malamutes??? PRIME RIB!!!


Can't tire me out!

July 17th 2007 6:26 pm
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HELLO everybody! So Mom and Dad really think they can tire me out.... we went on this extra long walk the other day.... and while my brother Shanook was panting and lagging, I was still running, smiling, and jumping through the air.... It's gonna take a LOT more than that to impress me. I need a real challenge!


Little Bouncy Man

June 6th 2007 7:31 pm
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I got me a new bouncy funny toy.... it's round with two feet and it bounces and squeals! Mom got it for me as a "distraction" to keep me away from the new plants.... I got bored of the other toys, I guess I have some type of A.D.D. Gotta keep them fresh and coming! On another note, after months of trial and error, Mom and Dad finally found a dry food I actually like... Beneful with salmon. It makes my coat shiny and I scratch a lot less now.... AND I stopped biting my feet. Took them long enough to figure it out!! GEEESH! AND, I now get pieces of fresh steak with my canned food in the morning.... Delish!


Green Thumb

May 27th 2007 12:37 pm
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You know, I don't get why Mom and Dad get so upset about my gardening skills. I dig holes, drag out trees and bushes, and I even unpot fresh new plants for them!!! And all I get is frowns and finger pointing! I'm saving them tons of work, I even impress myself sometimes..... yesterday, they came home with ten new potted plants, and I unpotted eight of them in less than 2 minutes. I think I beat some kind of world record here and I deserve a MEDAL!


Check Mate

March 20th 2007 6:14 pm
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Well well well. It looks like Mom and Dad got some advice and started burrying poop where I dig. How did they know?!?!?! Sacrilege! Now I'm running out of places to dig!!! They told me I could do my thing all the way in the corner, but that's no fun AT ALL! I wanna dig where there's pretty flowers and green lawn... much more entertaining.... but I think this time, it might be check mate.... what else is new...? Well... I've slowly crept my way onto the ottoman in both the living room and the family room... My Mom just can't resist my pretty brown eyes.... I even made it onto the sofa the other day, right next to Daddy!!! I feel soooo special looking down at the world!

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