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Its a tough life I live......

i hate my neighbor's dog....

March 10th 2007 12:58 pm
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we hate each other. we are both pomeranians. whenever he is let out, he barks and runs which makes me sad that i am indoors- he tries to make me jealous. when i am out, i do the same. whenever he tries to come up the stairs to my house, my family closes the door because we always try to's not my fault. besides he is asking for it.

my momma says that we will never be friends because we constantly fight.

that is his loss...not mine at all! =)


size ain't a thing....

February 8th 2007 5:38 pm
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my momma doesn't understand why i have the need to bark at other dogs when I am walked around the neighborhood...but come on, i'm just trying to protect my area. one day, when my mommy was walking me, a big yellow lab came up from behind and sniffed me!!! YIKES! I hurried up and tried to finish my duty but wasn't fast enough....he sniffed me but i didn't get to sniff him/her (what a rip-off). then i just tried and pulled as hard as i could to follow that dog....but momma said no. then i just sat there and kept barking and barking and barking and barking. all that barking for momma just took me home! and my momma says that i think i am a big bully....ummm hello mommy?! I AM A BIG BULLY! just because you say I'm small does not mean I have to be!! I like barking at the big dogs and even if I get scared when you lunge at what?! I will still bark at them! I like barking at the small dogs and I like to have a "bark-war" with the doesn't matter....I'm not like those out of control kids on tv!

mommy seems to not get it at all....barking makes me seem bigger to the even if i am smaller than them, I'm still the boss!!!!! mommy has this crazy name when I bark at big dogs...."small dog syndrome..." i do believe she is making fun of me when she says it. she was talking to another lady with a chihuahua and i kept barking at the chi but he didn't even look at me, thas how strong my bark is!! i made him shiver....i saw his knees knockin' a little bit. my mommy said that if there was a dog fight between a small dog and a big dog, that more than likely the small dog started it. *hrmph* i dun like my mommy's tone so much.....


i do believe i am winking..... at YOU!

January 25th 2007 10:49 pm
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mommy was surprised when the picture she took turned out the way it is, she says that i was winking. (huh? what the heck is that?) oh long as it is my new picture, i guess i like it too! wooffff woooffff to all...and all a good night!


boy oh boy......

November 10th 2005 2:55 pm
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it was raining and lightning, and thundering yesterday and boy oh boy it was bad! i couldn't go out to pee and poopie so i had a few accidents inside the house. boy oh boy. mommy was mad to find out so i hid even before she came into the house. i normally don't pee in the house but i couldn't hold it. i gave mommy the sorry face but she still yelled at me and cleaned up my mess. oops....sorry. i just hate the rain. no one will let me out to pee pee or poopie. i hate the rain!


L@@K at ME!

April 30th 2005 12:00 am
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my mommy says that i look stylin' in my new shades. boy, i loved wearing them but they kept falling off my small head. i am a SUPERSTAR!


what is a FART?!

March 5th 2005 9:20 pm
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I feel sad because my momma made fun of me and was laughing at me because I Farted?! I don't even know what is a fart. Why is she being mean and laughing at me?! Yikes! I hope I didn't do anything bad. ALL I remember doing was stand up and some air or something with a weird sound came outta my rear end. I tried to see what is was and was going in circles, that was when I realized mommy was laughing at me. Then I stood up again on my hind legs and it happened again! Weird sounding noise outta my rear and I have no clue what happened!!! If some of you woofies out there know what the heck a "fart" is, woof at me and we can figure something out; to laugh at my humans back!!!! Thanks.


i got new moves....

January 23rd 2005 12:46 pm
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hello to everyone on dogster, i just wanted to write a new entry today because i found out something that will make your owners pet you! i sit at their feet and look at them with watery eyes, (the more watery, the better) then i lick their hands. After licking them for a minute or so, i pushed my head into their hands and rubbed my head there for a minute or so, then my mommy started to rub me! wow! it worked yesterday, today, and will work forever! tell all!!!!


woof its been a long time

January 13th 2005 10:51 pm
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woof woof to all! it's been a long time since my humans have taken me out for a walk since it has been pouring "cats and dogs". but when I stare out the window, i don't see any dogs or cats. I think they tried to trick me again, those evil humans, well I suppose they feed me so it's ok. They can try to trick me once in a while. hm.........ruff ruff my mommy says that I am so big now, but I am only 14 pounds. seesh, humans expect so much from a small dog like me. well, toodles.....gotta go smell some new bushes!


my birthday

December 5th 2004 9:28 pm
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woof woof to everyone! yesterday was my birthday my mommy said, and boy did I have a long day! First we went to go to my daddy's house where Lucky(the two legged that doesn't like me) was and she kept growling at me whenever I was near her. My mommy separated us by keeping one upstairs and the other downstairs. Downstairs was where I kept having to go potty and I had an accident....(oops). Daddy yelled a little bit but was later ok with it after cleaning it up. Anyways, when I was sneakly playing with one of Lucky's toys, she came up sniffed the toy and growled at me. I was scared so I just stood there, she took her toy and went back under her "area." She got yelled at a lot. But I got to eat a lil bit of pasta from my mommy and a lil bit of Lucky's food.. (shhhh...!) cuz I got hungry. Finally I went home with mommy and boy it was cold outside! I was pooped. Mom says that I am one year old now, but seven years in doggie years. iono what she means but oh well, off to sleep! wooofff wooff!


today was the day!!

October 2nd 2004 1:07 am
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I ran out of the house when my owner's friends came over and i woofed down the street. I heard them calling my name but the wind and all those different smells drew my attention instead. I decided to run back home being the wussy that i am and oops! ran into the wrong house. Why do humans build houses right next to each other that looks the same!? sheesh. well I'm home now and i think I was scolded for leaving home but hey, I need an adventure now and then.

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