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Livin' the Good Life

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my new baby brother!

February 29th 2008 5:29 pm
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its been way too long, yes i know. but big things have been happening here in my doggie life. mommy and daddy just gave birth to a baby last month! his name is cavan, and he's really little. mommy tells me i'm his big sister and i have to take good care of him. so i do. i make sure that when strangers come over to visit that they are holding him correctly. i also watch over him and mom everytime he nurses. he cries a lot too, and that concerns me, but mom says its okay. but i still always run over to check it out anyway. i love my new little brother very much, but its hard too sometimes. i miss all that attention that mommy and daddy gave me. but its okay, because i know cavan needs them too -- and i'm willing to share :)


my first surgery

June 11th 2007 7:35 pm
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WARNING: this entry contains graphic and gross details. not for the light-headed or queasy types :)

it was a quiet wednesday, like any day, when mom arrived home from work. she greeted me with smiles, kisses and rubs, and took me outside for my afternoon tinkle. well, little did she notice...i had this big, golf ball-sized red inflammation on my tushy. mommy saw this and of course called the vet right away. "come now!" said the vet, and off we went together in the car.

the vet told us that i had an infection in my anal sac. nothing to worry about, but i needed surgery right away or the thing was going to explode blood and puss! so, they knocked me out, removed my anal gland, or sac, woke me back up and kept me there at the vets for 24 hours. it was the hardest 24 hours of my doggie life! i had no mommy or daddy, no comfy bed to crawl into, no access to food or water, and no one to snuggle me all night long. boy was it tough.

i am back home now of course, and life is slowing coming back to normal. my tushy is still icky, and its in the process of healing, but its going to take a little while. i am taking anti-biotics and get nice warm compresses on my wound twice a day. mommy and daddy are back to spoiling me, and they are just soo happy to have their little love nugget home again.

hope i never have to do that again!!


all better :)

May 6th 2007 1:00 pm
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well, i knew it was just a matter of time for my tail to feel better! and it does...i'm back in full wagging force!! YIPPPEEEE :)

mommy feels terrible that she did this to me. if anyone out there is concerned about their tail being between their legs for a few days, you might have this cold water tail. you can paw mail my mom and she'll tell you about it if you want some advice! but whatever you do, don't will get better in a couple of weeks, i promise!!

your happy tail-waggin pal,


cold water tail

May 2nd 2007 7:29 pm
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my tail hurts. really bad. mommy said its called "cold water tail." last week i rolled around in something super smelly outside, and mommy rinsed me off with the hose. the water was soooo cold though--like ice. and i got this thing...the vet says i sprained my tail when all that cold water was on me. its very painful. my tail has been down for almost a week. there's nothing mommy can do to help me...its gotta get better on it's own. wish me luck in my recovery!

sending all my pup pals a virtual tail wag!!


happy spring!

March 29th 2007 11:44 am
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hi everyone,
just popping in for an entry. wow, i haven't woofed in awhile! sorry about that :) life these days has been pretty great. now that the weather is warming up, mom takes me on really long walks. sometimes we can even walk all the way to nana's house, and then i get to play with princess when i get there. it's been really fun. princess is getting so big!! she is much bigger than me now...i remember when she was smaller than me! those were the she towers over me and plays with me pretty hard. but i'm okay with it, i love a good play date.

other than that, nothings really changed. i am still loving my house and yard, and mom and dad are still treating me really well. life couldn't get much better! hope you all are enjoying the nice weather, wherever you may be!

woof ya later, pups!! :)


happy birthday to me!

January 17th 2007 5:40 am
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hey dawgies!
today is my birthday! i am officially a big girl...2 years old! mommy and daddy are so excited to celebrate. we are going over to nana's tonight so i can play with princess and uncle mark will be there! i haven't been to nana's in soooo long because princess got spade, and i wasn't allowed over there until she got all better. so tonight will be my first time back in a while, and it's a perfect night to celebrate! yippy! i bet i'll even get some birthday cake...what do you think? ;)


merry christmas!

December 21st 2006 6:19 pm
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i'm getting the house ready for christmas! i have made sure to drink up all the water in the christmas tree stand, and even knock off some ornaments! mommy and daddy sure must be proud!

i wish all my doggie friends a merry christmas and happy new year! see you in 2007!

woof woof!


happy birthday, daddy!

November 9th 2006 10:40 am
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today is my daddy's birthday! i'm so excited because he loooves to drop birthday cake on the floor for me when mommy isn't looking ;)

we are going to have a party tonight at nana's house and princess is going to be there, and so is her sister bella. princess and bella are both from the same litter, so they are real sisters... and they look like twins! i love it, because it's double the play time for me!!!

happy birthday daddy! (thanks in advance for the cake!)

your love nugget,


Nana's New Puppy!

October 18th 2006 7:18 am
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Hi everyone! I have some great news to share with you. My nana, who I love so much, has got a new puppy in her family! Her name is Princess and she is a little black mom says she is a German Shephard. She is a little baby still. Really cute. I am teaching her all sorts of things, like how to play. We love to play together. Mommy and Daddy have been taking me over Nana's a lot to play with Princess. She is getting good at getting me...and I'm starting to notice she is getting a little bigger. I wonder if she'll get bigger than me someday. Mommy put up a picture of us playing so you can meet her. She is a really fun puppy!


my new house!

August 27th 2006 3:35 pm
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hi everyone! sorry its been so long since i wrote last. things have been really busy over here...we just moved into our new house!!! it's so fabulous, i love it so much. i have SOOO much room here, and i get run around all over the place. the funnest part is that its really slippery on the floors, so when i get running, i skid all the way down the hallway!!! its awesome! i also love my new backyard...i even have a deck to sit and sunbathe on! i also have lots of neat new doggie neighbors who like to bark at me a lot. it's really exciting over here! check out the latest picture of me on my new deck!!

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