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Life Is Beautiful

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My wittle botty

May 19th 2007 1:52 am
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My wittle botty is sore. Just under my leg where my pee pee is a spider bit me. oooouch it hurt. I was not feeling to well and a big lump came up. Mum took me to the doctor. She puts me on the table and away she goes. Pocking and prodding my bite, checking my botty and all sorts of other embarrassing things. Anyway I am fine now. She did tell mum I needed to come to the diet clinic, so guess what. I am off to the clinic on wednesday for my consult and weigh in. I am 4 kilo's over weight. So I will go and here is hoping it all goes well.
I am feeling better today and we went to the dog park. i just ran free and had a great time. Mum has put a new cage thing in her car so we cannnot jump over and distract her from driving. I do not mind because we have got the back all to ourselves . Patch and I Yippee , more rides in the car now mum said.
Well hope you all have a woof of a day.


me and Patch

April 29th 2007 3:53 pm
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We are both sleeping in mum and dads bed now. Patch moved in when we moved here. I still get to sleep down the bed and Patch sleeps under the covers between mum and dad. We snore and Patch breaths like dad he he.
I was a bit windy the other night and mum and dad were not impressed.
I love it here. This house is great and we have so much yard to play in. Although I like to sleep most days now as the winter is comming


TV show

April 15th 2007 3:15 pm
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Well apparently I have applied to enter in some tv show called, of all things Downsize My Pet. What in the Sam hill is my mother thinking. Old guys like me are meant to have a bit of middle age spread. I am not the slightest bit impressed. I am going to have to get all my friends together to launch a protest. I mean look at me , am i not the cutest LITTLE thing you have seen in a long time. I get lots of exercise with Patch in the yard. I hope he is going in it too. Mum says she is worried about my weight and that I seem to be sneeking tidbits off people, well they give them too me so what is a guy supposed to do. I will have to see what sort of food they intend to put me on .It better be top of the range or that is it I will not participate.
I love you mum but reaheheally?



February 23rd 2007 11:44 pm
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Looks like it is all on. I am disgusted that we have to move form this place. I thought is was going to be home forever and so did mum. Life has a way of getting up my nose sometimes. I do not want to go. I will sit and refuse to move off the yard. Mum will have to carry me out.



February 9th 2007 5:39 pm
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I had to go to the Doctor this morning. i had a wort on my side that got knocked off and started to bleed. The doc said that it was a little bit more than a wort and has to have steroids rubbed on it and it if gets bigger it is coming off eeeeeeeeeeeeeek. She said I was a geriatric dog. Oh my ,next they will be giving me a zimmer frame. I have sore ears also. so two lots of cream . Oh and just for the record, I had that thing shoved up my hiney that measures something. "Helllooo" So I am a bit tired now and having a rest. The doc said I was doing ok for an old boy. I am 12 soon.


I like the new bed cover

February 2nd 2007 3:33 pm
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I like the new bed cover. I made sure I had a good nuzzle into it and a good lick of my feet. Mum does not know that, so it is my secret. It smelt so fresh and clean and that is not how it should be. It has got to smell like I have been on it for a long time. I do not think mum will notice the big lick mark.


Thank you

January 31st 2007 12:57 am
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I never forget that word. It is one that has become very much a part of my life, because there are so many generous and loving puupies and mummie"s and daddies out in dogster. Miss Dixie I love the Beggin strips and also the lovely presents you gave Cassie. She just loves you. Also Duncan was busy and sent Cassie a lovely birthday present. You are all so wonderful to our dear wee sis. We love you all. Dudley, Remy and Ollie have been a real support to my Cassie and mum. I am so happy to know so many wonderful people. Pufulet you just Rock and the Pictures are a treasure to keep.
x x x x x x x


Oh Bother

January 21st 2007 2:00 pm
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Oh Patch is being a bit of a baby. I know mum will not be doing our diaries for a while. So he needs to stop worrying. She is still here with us most of the time. He does get a bit OTT some time about these human families and their committments. I will keep you company Patch. Ben will watch us and we are going to the dog park and also Kaza gives us cool treats so don't panic


Doo Doo

January 17th 2007 5:16 pm
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Well he did it for us today. That Patch snuck out and got us both into trouble. You see I was inside but going mental at the window, trying to get out at that mean old garbage man. He is a growly old man. He gave my mum a mouth full and she was not impressed. She pays him to do a service and there fore he should be more polite. Anyway mum is having a coffee and we are in time out.
Patch has got naughty since the girl doggie arrived next door.
Sorry too mum.


The hog amd the HOG

January 15th 2007 5:38 pm
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Now listen here Patchypatcherson. You had better get your facts straight. I did not pinch your tug toy you gave it too me. You just dropped it on the ground in front of me and said help yourself. So I am not going to take responsibility for this hegdhog fiasco. You know you love to catch them and torment them. I am not going to be blamed for your all night romps in the garden digging holes and stirring up the nocturnals. I am willing to forgive you on the tug toy thing. but next time you are sitting in my chair you had better move your butt or I will tell you a thing or two. I know you are my brother and I love you but man you can take it to the sky sometimes buddy. I mean what a way to carry on. you are a Jack Russell for goodness sake. Are you not meant to be more refined. Would not the queens corgies have something to say about this. Oh do Behave!

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