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Life Is Beautiful

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March 8th 2008 1:52 pm
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Oh mum always says we are so spoiled by all the wonderful dogster friends we have and you know what she is so right. Mum is a happy chappy most days and she said that dogster friends had made her like this. So "big ups to all out pals" We love you.

I am so happy looking at my friend Pita's page and seeing her looking so lovely. It is so nice to have a friend so beautiful and to see that we have the honour of knowing a Hollywood diva. The most beautiful girl in Hollywood. She is a star and we are just waiting for her to be called up to have her star on the pavement like all others that have gone before her.

It is sunday today and we were disturbed a lot last night by the wee diva in this house. Little Cassie was very sick and being sick all over the place. Mum was up sitting at her bed side and would not leave until she was asleep. I sat on the end of the bed and watched her and mum had a wee cry . She worries that Cassie's cancer could come back and especially when she is sick like that. She is going to the doc today just to be checked out.


Doing a runner from my perspective.

February 23rd 2008 1:23 pm
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Thursday 21st Feb 2008.
" Hey Patch we are going in the car with mum to take Cassie to school.
" Yeehaa Spot lets wimper and whine so she does not forget us"
So we get to the school. Here we are sitting in the station wagon while she goes and takes Cas into school. Now there is a certain cat Called Millo who lives around the school , well would you believe this hair ball sits right on the mirror where the front window is down a little, and what does he do. Well he sits there and say's
" Ha Ha you can't get me " go on whine all you want but you are stuck in there and I am out here" So I tell it " We gonna get you , we gonna get you" Get off our car get off it you furry piece of hair ball gone wrong" And there we are yelling and yapping at this ball of fluff. Well this got us pumped and we were gonna get this excuse for a ball of fluf if it was the last thing we do.
So we get home, we are cranked and ready to take on the neighbourhood.
Patch says to me as the door opens," If we are gonna do it lets do it now"? " I dont know about this Patch, we might get in to deep do do".
So the door opens and we make our escape. Patch heads straight for the big open drain that runs down from the reserve, Me, well I just mosey around the bushes outside showing mum what a good boy I am that I have not a done a big runner, just a wee sniff and pee around a few local tree's.
" Come on Spot what are you doing lets go , we are heading for that reserve and to find a way to get to my Belle. and get that darn cat" "Oh Patch I dont know mum will be real mad, she already is"
" Well I am off, see ya" so off he goes. I decided it was in my best interest to go back home. Mum had thrown her arms in the air and walked back to the car. She really growled at me , I do not know why because I came back.
So Patch takes up the story from here.
" So here I am getting my fat fluffy little tail into gear to get to that reserve, I feel that if I can get to the top of that hill I can see Belle and also sniff all those wonderful smells from the sheep and cows up thereand find that fat cat" So much to see so little time before mum catches up with me. She is gonna have to run cause I am off off off!!!"
" I knew that I should never have stopped for a pee on that tree, I tried to convince myself to stop, as she was in the car and in hot pursuit" "TOO LATE"
Here I am having a pee , the horn sounds loud enough to blast the flee's of my back and she is there, and oh I do not like the look on her face" I know that I am in the poop as soon as I see the steam comming out of her ears.
She gets out of the car opens the door and tells me " Get in that car right now and sit down and do not move or you are off to the vet" What is he gonna do? I have had this threat once before and i still am not sure what he does to really naughty dogs. I know that last time I went to him I must have been real bad, I mean I do not remember but I did wake up with a much Sqeekier bark and big gap between my legs.
So as the story goes , I'm taken home put into time out. time out being the store room that has blankets and doggie biscuits, so perhaps I had better do this again if it gets me this time out.
So now I stay here until mum has cooled off and her heart is not racing, and she is not looking like she is going to kark it.
I will try not to do it again but I really feel that Spot wanted to to go more than me, really .
And did I ever find that darn Cat ? " NO" And oh Belle I will see you in dogster, i think it is safer BOL


My wound

January 13th 2008 3:30 pm
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I went to see Dr Sharma today. She was going to take my drain out but decided it needed to stay in for another day. Because it was such a big lump and left a big empty cavity there that she does not want to fill up with fluid. So I will just be a good boy and wait again. She showed mum the lump and it was the size of half a tennis ball and it was all fat. Mum said they could keep it she did not want it but was facinated to see it. Dr Sharma said I have to loose weight to make sure the others that I have do not grow. As they have a tendency to grow faster if you are over weight and that is me. So I am going to be on this new diet apparently and then I will not have to get anymore. So my day is good. I have to wear Tshirts at the moment to stop me from licking my wounds and it is working so far. Butothert than that i am feeling lots better and so glad that mum has been giving me lots of kiss and hugs. I do not like her being out of my sight. I get anxious when she is not there.


My Operation

January 11th 2008 1:48 pm
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Yesterday at lunchtime I went in to the OR. I had surgery on my large Lipoma under my right front leg. I have to say that I was not really sure what mum was doing when she droped me off at the doctor. She had explained to me what was going to happen but it was still a shock. So Doctor Sharma takes me into this room and gives me an injection. Well that was it I do not remember much after that apart from waking up with a reeeeeeelly sore big suture line under my right leg. That offending lump had gone but there was all this other stuff replacing it. Sutures and a drain in to drain all the bad fluid that had come form the lump. I got really upset when I could not find mum but minutes later she turned up only to find me a very sleepy little man who just wanted to doze all night. And believe me I did.
I got given maximum amounts of hugs and kisses from the whole family. Fussed over as usual, and some.
I slept very well through the night and woke up this morning feeling a bit more awake. enough to have my piece of steak that mom had kept from dinner and then a drink and my post Op pee. OOOOOOOH it felt good. I am now feeling better . But a little worse for wear. Mum has put a tshirt on me to stop me from licking my suture line and licking what is coming out of my drain and of course to avoid the good carpet from getting goop all over it. So I am fine and feeling a little like my old self again. I get my drain removed on monday and then my stitches out in ten days.
Thank you to all my pals for being there for me and supporting my mum through this.
Also Belle, Patch could have done with you here last night, he was a nervious wreck. More anxious and on edge than me. Kept mum up all night worrying about me. So she is rather ragged today.
Love to you all


Remy went to the Bridge

November 26th 2007 12:54 pm
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Today I received some devastating news. My first pal and best bud went to the bridge. Oh my little heart is broken. Mum told me last week that Remy had cancer and it was such a shock. He was my first pal and he brought our mums together and they have been friends ever since. So we are very sad and will miss you Rems.
Ben is at the bridge and you and him would be together now and I know that you will get on great. I can see you both playing and having fun and you and him are now cancer free . That is so great. We have had a lot of cancer in our family and mum said she never wants to hear the word again. But she knows that you are with Ben and that makes her happy.
I will miss you so much my friend and we know that your mum is sad and that your brothers are also. So we send heaps of love to you all at the moment and we will be here for you forever.
We love you


Halloween tag

October 26th 2007 12:15 am
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Here are the rules:
Each player needs to tell seven random facts about themselves. Tagged dogs must post the rules in their diary and their 7 facts. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play

1. I like to lick my bottom.
2 I do enjoy scootching in circles
3 I scratch my ears and then the cone has to go on.
4 I sleep at moms feet
5 I bark at nothing
6 I love the car
7 I love the sun
I am going to Tag
Dixie Monroe
Momma dog


Michael Vick

September 8th 2007 4:48 am
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Dear Michael Vick,
You are a complete and total bass turd. I poop at you, although you aren't worth the wear and tear on my sphincter.
Sincerely yours,
Gussie Finknottle,
Elvis the Ibizan,
Rajah Q.,
Mingus Wilbur
Socks E Grrly

Anypup out there who'd like to turn this weasel into a human fire hydrant, copy and paste into your diary and add your name.


Oh for cripes sake

July 9th 2007 10:58 pm
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What on earth has mum been on. Look at these pics are they not so scarey. I say lets get mum back on track and give her something to do that does not require she try these new things that do not work. I mean what the? I am embarrased to say she owns me sometimes BOL


Im hooked

June 21st 2007 3:25 pm
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I spent the the morning listening to my favourite music cd. I just love Metalica , S&M. That Symphony just warms my wee heart. I snuggled up under my blankie and just tuned out to all the cold and madness going on around me and dreamed I was sitting at the foot of James Hetfield with my head resting on his leg as he sang" One". I am the kind of fellow that loves to see the arts join together and make sweet music. On another note , pardon the pun. All the humans were doing sing star the other night and OMG I had to cover my ears. It was not a pretty sound. Although Mum and Jonnie are pretty good. Lead singers I think. But give me my music and a qiuet place any time


just here

June 3rd 2007 1:01 am
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I am going to just sit here let it all go past me. I mean what a lot of rollicking Bollocks. I am happy just to sit and lick and learn. bol. Well you can just sit here and watch it all take place and think how nutts humans can be at times. this place has turned into a regular nut house and it aint gettin any better. If I was not a dog I would take up drinking copious amounts of Vodka. Well it is all a big crock at the moment and I think it is funny. Bol

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