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Sex: Female   Weight: 51-100 lbs

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Kasey Girl, Mama Cieta, Babygirl, Mamas Girl, Kase Kase, Kasey Masey Moo Moo, Fat Chick :)

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-purebred-pound dog-dog rescue

Gotcha Date:
January 7th 2006

January 7th 2003

treats....treats...and more treats....and guess what else..treats.. car rides and sleeping,talking to you

nothing bothers Kasey except loud noises and unfamiliar ones but even then once she knows what it is she is fine with it, being left alone...not getting to go for car rides...

Favorite Toy:
pig ears..bones..a fetching stick...her balls (she likes to retrieve them),her cow circle frisbee,herfunny shaped toy, HER AKC SQUEAKER RABBIT!!!

Favorite Food:
Peanut Butter, Canidae dog food

Favorite Walk:
Kasey likes walking anywhere now!! LOL..especially if It comes to go to the car!!

Best Tricks:
Sit, Lay down, crawl, shake,stay, "turn around", go get the paper, give me your head, speak

Arrival Story:
My Name is Kasey! My Birthday is January 7th, 2003. My adoption date, was on my 3rd birthday.. this being January 7th, 2006. I used to be a service dog at one point in my life, but I have no idea why i was given away...and neglected. I still dont understand what i did wrong, but apparently I was supposed to be somewhere else :) So, I bet, You are curious as to how I had the wonderful fortune of blessing my familys life. Well, I suppose Its my turn to start the story telling! So, Mom moved to North Florida, in November of 2005. She previously lived in Texas, and had to return Freda Mae back to the sanctuary, due to agression issues (for more info, see Freda's page). When she came here, her grandparents let her have a shot at a dog. Mom has always loved Golden Retrievers and Australian Shepherds, so she began searching for some. This became a effort in futility! Every shelter she contacted either didn't have a golden or a aussie, or the ones she contacted, the one had been adopted. Well, she was on Petfinder.com and came across my shelters website and saw my sad face at the shelter. So, she sent a email inquiring if the shelter still had me. They replied that yes the did, and that they would be coming down from Georgia to Tallahassee this saturday,and if I wanted, they would bring me down so Mom could meet me. Mom said YES! Well, We obviously met, January 7th, 2006, and Mom was in love instantly, but before mom met me, Grandpap did, since he was coming home from work, he decided he would stop up there and see if I was even worth it. BOL! He was calling Uncle Josh and telling us to hurry up faster and get there and that I was definitely worth it! =] I already knew this... but they didn't. =] Well, Mom got up there, and it was instant love. She decided that I needed to come home with her,and get a bath, and get some weight gained on my bones...and so the papers were signed and I came to live with my new family! That was almost 4 years ago! Our family has grown! in November 2006, we added Bethy into our family in December 2006, we re-added Freda Mae to our family, && in March 2007, we added Taco To the family. In April 2008, we fostered Ruby and got her adopted in May. In May 2008, Tater Bug joined our family. Two weeks later, Scout Joined. then in June 2008, Ruby came back to us. In September 2008, Turk joined our family through mom and her current boyfriend, Chris. He stays with us every once in awhile but usually he lives with Chris. Mom and him take very good care of him, and he's a big part of moms heart.

I knew I loved you Before I Met you... ahh Kasey... that song could not apply more to your life. I saw you online that day and I knew already i loved you. I had no idea that in the years to come that you would save my life. Yes, i am alive because of this beautiful Golden Retriever, and her devotion and love to me. Our house is still standing because of her protective and watchful eye. Kasey is a hero. My life has been forever changed since she came into my life and its a change I wouldnt trade for anything in this world! I dont ever want to live my life without her, but I know one day a day will come when Kasey will no longer be with me. I plan on getting another golden retriever, not to replace her, but as a constant reminder of a golden angel. I made the decision that i will always have a Golden Retriever in my life. Kasey is a dream come true for me, I always wanted a dog, and in particular a Golden. I got my dream come true...and a Guardian Angel. :)

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[[Moms Guardian Angel]]

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"Canadian Golden Retrievers" who want to be Friends with other Goldens..., ♥ SADIE'S PALS ♥, ♥ The Pet Poetry Group ♥, ♥Champ and Kasey's Second Wedding♥, ♥I Love My Golden Retriever!!!♥, ♥Rescue Pups♥, ♥All Fur Fun♥, *¨¨*DOGGIE CONNECTION*¨¨*, DAWGS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!, Downtown Dogster, Active Goldens, Adorable Adoptees, Crushes Away From Crushes, Golden Graces, Golden Puppies, Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever Lovers, Golden Retriever Inc., Golden Retrievers, Goldens Galore Club!, Goldens Who love Shelties...or others who love them too..., Goldens, Greatest Golden's, Hollys Best Friends!!!, Kasey and Brie ♥, Lets Paw-tae!, Murphy and Daisy's Wedding, Old times!, PAWS Angels WAGS for Kindness, Pawsome Pages, Rescue Resources, Retriever Love, Squeaky & Fuzzy, Texas Rescue Dogs/Groups, The Pound Puppy Project, WE LOVE GOLDENS AND LABS!!!!, Young Dog Parent Support Group

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Moosehead Bar

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January 7th 2006 More than 11 years!

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The Chronicals of Kasey, the Wonder Dog!

I Owe this one to all of Kasey's old pals

August 5th 2013 9:38 am
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Over the past few years, Life has changed greatly for me, Kaseys Mom.
Most of you all know Im Brie by now. :)

I finally went to college and have approx. 2 semesters left after this one. And then plan to return again for Pharmacy Technician. :)

I finally married Chris in June 2012.

We got our own place in 2011, making Turk and Kasey our only two dogs for awhile. Kasey was placed on a strict, healthy diet, and got lots of exercise. She began to drop weight at a decent rate. Not too fast, not too slow.

I had my first baby in October 2012. Her name is Layla Rose, and I absolutely adore her, and Kasey loved her from the second I walked through the door with her. Its like Kasey knew that she was apart of me and that it was her job to take care of her as well. If Layla cried, Kasey would rush over to the basinett or bouncy seat and would follow me around if I was rocking her. She would lay at the nursery door if I was changing a diaper or nursing. If someone came over and was holding Layla and she started crying, Kasey would rush over (not an easy task for my old girl, but she sure did it quickly!) and would place her nose on Layla's feet. She never lost her dedication to me, but her focus was definitely Layla. I swear, she thought Layla was her baby.
Turk seemed terrified of Layla whenever she cried or pooped, he was outta there like a elephant when it sees a mouse!

Kasey had considerably slowed down last summer. Of course, she got like that every single summer. Florida is hot. Florida is humid. Florida is super hot and super humid every single summer. Add to the fact that I was 6-9 months pregnant all summer long..we didn't think much of going outside in the heat and humidity anyway. She had passed her annual visits with flying colors, and had lost about 15 pounds over the course of about 5 months, which was acceptable to her vet. (down from 95 to 80ish!) In July, I noticed that her stools had gotten loose for awhile, but I gave her some pumpkin for a week and some brown rice and it went back to being firm without any further issue.

In the fall, she seemed to return to her almost puppy like stance when the cooler weather would hit, which was the highlight to my miserable pregnant self at this point between swollen cankles and sore back. She seemed to know I was pretty miserable and would resume her stance at my feet and under my feet at home.
When my water broke on October 14th, a week past my due date, I was more worried about my dog than going to the hospital (until contractions began..ouch!). I hated ever leaving Kasey, but I knew I would be at the hospital at least 2 days after I gave birth to Layla.. and of course, you have no idea how long your labor would be either..and usually first time labor is longer because your body just takes longer.
Well, I had a 10 hour labor (would have gone faster if I didn't get the epidural..but It was so fast and intense, I got it!), My mother in law surprised us and was taking care of Kasey and let me know that my baby was doing just fine.
I was home on the 16th. Kasey seemed to be energized by Layla for the next month and a half.
At thanksgiving, we went to Ocala to visit my mother in law and my other in laws, and Kasey and Turk were able to spend 5 days roaming 3 acres of land. Apparently Chris and mom had noticed a change in Kasey that maybe my sleep deprived self couldn't see, but they asked me how I would handle loosing Kasey, because I was so attached to her. I said I hoped it would be years from now, as she was only 9, but I knew I wouldn't handle it well..and that I would get another golden retriever when the time came.

In December, Kasey slowed down again, we figured it was due to the cold and it hurting her aging joints. It wasn't super noticeable. She was less willing to participate in my annual Christmas photos, but was coaxed into it when the milkbones arrived.
A few days before December 23rd, Turk and kasey were playing outside and turk ran right into her, knocking her over. I think it hurt her because she then hid behind me and gave me her "can I go inside now" face. She wasn't limping or anything, but she seemed shooken up
On December 23rd, I went Christmas shopping, and I found that Kasey didn't get up to greet me when I got back and that night she wouldn't eat dinner. That was a HUGE red flag right there. Kasey never missed meal time. EVER. I text Autumn and let her know. Her and I both suspected bloat by the way she would lay in a sphinx like position later on that night. I made her get up to go potty but she didn't want to go. Throughout the night, she wouldn't come sleep with us like usual, so I got up to check on her. she had moved several times and had gotten water to drink, so I assumed that maybe she had a belly ache.
About 7:45am Christmas Eve, I woke to hear Kasey doing her really heavy panting and breathing. She usually did this when she woke up from a deep sleep, almost like she'd have a bad dream or something. I got excited thinking that she was feeling better so I rushed over to the living room to see her. She was laying on the floor where I usually sit on the couch, breathing heavy and now her stomach was swollen. I tried to coax her into standing up but it wasn't working. Finally I began to scream her name. Hysterically screaming and crying and pleading with her that she HAD to get up, she had to walk around to feel better.

Then came the worst sight I have ever seen.. My beautiful girl seeing me in distress tried to stand up. She got on her two front paws, then I watched her shake all over as her legs simply gave out.
I placed Layla in her swing so she could see me, and rushed to Kasey and called Chris. I told him what was going on ..sortof. I just kept crying "she cant get up! She tried and fell over! she cant get up!"
He tried to calm me down and said he would be coming home if I wanted. I said yes. He then asked me to call the vet and see if they were open. Naturally, they weren't. However, I did have our vets cell phone number and called him at 830am crying. I told him what was going on, and he said the only vet office that was open was the one place I'd never bring her to again. But he said she needed to go, Kasey was not doing good and she needed to get in asap. Kasey threw up a few times by this point and I just sat there crying. Chris made it home in record time, and my uncle showed up to help lift Kasey to the vet office. But before we went, he told me to say my goodbyes because he didn't think Kasey was going to survive whatever was wrong, and that I should stay home with the baby while he went so I didn't have to see that. Like hell I was staying home. Kasey was MY dog, she depended on me. She devoted her life to me. She saved my life. There was no way I would give up on her, or let her go by herself no matter what!

We arrived there at about 945. I arrived with a baby on my hip, and my hair all over the place, and my pants on backwards and inside out.
The emergency vet greeted us warmly, and examined Kasey as gentle as if she were a baby. She felt on her swollen belly and stuck a needle in and drew out fluid. The syringe was red with blood. I couldn't stop crying at this point because Kasey just kept looking at me like she wanted to comfort me but didn't know how. The vet informed me that Kaseys belly was full of blood and that it was going into her lungs. The cause was a more than likely cancerous tumor on either her liver and/or spleen, but there was a lot of blood. She said they could do an emergency radical surgery, but the fact that she could barely find a pulse on Kasey, and the fact that her age and she was so weak made her chances of survival of the surgery very slim and close to none. She said she would definitely try the surgery because she could see Kasey was a fighter. She said that Kasey was fighting this as much as possible. Chris was amazed as well, because he said that even as weak as she was, she would perk up if layla fussed, or if I started crying really hard. My good friend came to get Layla at this point, and we made the decision to let Kasey go to the Rainbow Bridge, rather than have her pass while under surgery. Chris tried to talk me into leaving at that point, but I was not leaving Kasey. The vet tried to reassure me that the cancer had been a fast moving and aggressive one, and that she had not had it long. This dog had been there for me through some of the worst times of my life, as well as through some of the most joyous times. She never judged me for being slightly crazy and always loved me to the fullest. I couldn't stand seeing her suffer.

As the vet prepared for the euthanasia, I could really see how uncomfortable she was getting as she struggled to get her own breaths. I told her she was the greatest dog in the whole world, and that I'd always love her. That she was my whole heart. I laid my head on hers and looked into her eyes, and rubbed her golden head just as I had so many times before, as she drifted into a sleep before she left this world at 1030 am.

Kasey was my whole world for so many years. She was the light at the end of my darkest tunnels. My life revolved around her. I have thought often about what if I had caught somehow any sign that she was unwell at some point. I should have caught onto something.. anything! Like the time she threw up for no reason at all.. and the couple weeks she had loose stools.. I should have paid closer attention. I should have known..the way she always knew something was up with me, before I ever did! The vet and Chris and friends all tried to tell me she wasn't sick long, but you just feel like you should still have known. My grandma asked me what I would have done if I had known.. I would have been sad everytime I looked at her. I don't think so, I would have done whatever I possibly could have to make sure that she had treatment, and I would have been aware of what to look out for when she was in trouble. I would have given my lung, a kidney, and a limb or two in order to save her life. I would have done anything, no matter what the price; I loved her that much. She was just that important to me.

Kasey, I love you. I'll always love you. You are still my sunshine after the rain, and still the light in my life. Layla would have loved you as she got older, much like she loves Turk now. I would have loved to see you interact with her as she started crawling and trying to cruise. I miss you every single day, but I can truly say you're forever in my life, because your paws are forever tattooed on my heart.
I'm sorry I didn't notice these little symptoms that may have saved you. Even if everyone says they are unrelated to the cancer, I believe they were. I am sorry my darling girl. Im sorry I couldn't save your life again..just like you saved mine. I love you Kasey.


I havent updated in awhile...

November 1st 2009 7:15 am
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so to begin, good news.
Moms getting married.
Mom and I are moving out.

Bad news, we may not have internet for awhile. :(
its all depending on moms grandpa

Mom intended to help me write more, but shes gotta go get ready for a double date with Dads best friend and his wife... bol!


I've been Tagged!! (more than once!)

June 2nd 2007 3:50 pm
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Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

My Secerts:

1. I am a purebred, 4 year old Golden Retriever Rescue. I was underweight and sick when My Mommy found me at Bainbridge Humane Society.

2. My first vet misdianosed me for almost two months as having a "lymph node infection" when I really had a abcess, my new vet saved my life! They did the $600 surgery..and have continued to care for me...

3. I like to eat Sticks..they taste good and they are high in fiber!! ;)

4. I am my Mama's pride and joy. We act alike, we look alike (believe it or not! its the truth!) and i love her.

5. I love all my pals on dogster!!

6. I learned how to bark from Beth... :)) and I Howl like a wolf!

7. I am the pack leader.

I'm gonna tag:
1. Scooter
2 Sadie
3 Champ
4 Murphy
5. Digger
6. Lucky
7. some random dog

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