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Tough start, but I got through.

Not a good way to start your morning!

January 18th 2006 12:12 pm
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There I was cramped in a small space with my other 5 siblings, barely enough room to wiggle. But then something happens, mom is going into contractions but we can't get out. Things are going oh so wrong. Now we can't breath. Is this the way things are going to end for us? But wait.... I think I can hear something. Maybe I am just imagining things. I see a light. It's now cold. But somebody is rubbing my body with something soft. Hey I can breathe!!! I can breathe...what a wonderful feeling. There is still something not right though. What is that pain in my back paw? Something is crushing my paw. OWOWOWOW. My toes are missing. Something happened to my toes. How am I gonna be able to walk or run or even chase a ball? The doctor had clamped my toes in the tool when she was cutting my cord. I can tell she feels bad. But she is excited that I am okay otherwise. My other siblings where are they? 1,2,3,4....where is the fifth one? She laid motionless on the table. She wouldn't wake up. We were all bundled up and taken back to a farm. There were kids and cows and lots of room to play. I learned that if you are ever gonna make it, you gotta do things the hard way. I forced myself to learn to walk and found myself running to keep up with my family. Then one day, some people cam to see us. They said they drove a very long way to find us. Some long back country roads, over a river and past lots of cattle. They looked at all of us and then they held me for a bit. I noticed they had two dogs with them already and my dog momma was giving them "what for" for being on her farm. When the people that owned me explained my story the new people said that I would fit right in with their family. They had rescued many animals and even some with hard luck stories. I was excited to go. I wanted to see a big city. I rode in the front seat all the way to my new home. My new brother and sister wanted to play right away when we got there. Now I am the baby of the family and ALWAYS get my own way. I hear my moms talking of maybe a new puppy..a little girl for my sister to play with. I hope I am a good big brother.


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