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Dog days of Mr. Bobo Jangles

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It's been a long time.

April 8th 2006 10:58 am
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Oh man the time realy does fly. We've all been so busy this past winter. Mom just hogged the computer way to much playing games and reading email that she made it impossible for any of us furkids to get on. In any case, I'm here now and I'm up dating my diary.

Lets see where to start? First of all I want to tell everyone that I am now the boss of the house (just don't tell Ben) and Annie is soon to be my mate (just as soon as Mom gives the ok).

I'm finally giving into Mom and staying in the yard when she takes us out, but not with Dad. Eh eh eh... I never listen to him and always give him a run for his money when we go out. He even tried once to put a collar on me but I slipped right out of that thing as soon as I got off the deck.

Mom got wise to my eating habits and is now feeding me canned dog food as well as dry and table scraps. I've added some meat to my bones but not a whole lot. The vet told Mom I would always be slim as long as I was not nutered (and that is never going to happen).

It's now spring and winter coats are a thing of the past except when there's a real cold night or early morning. I'm seeing all the summer birds come around again, but yet have not been able to catch one. I once saw a rabbit in our yard and tried to catch that too, but nope not fast enough. I don't know how Shadow manages to catch the critters she catches. She keeps it all a mystery to me.

Well that's about all for now. I'll try to stay in touch.


About Me Eating

December 28th 2005 6:25 pm
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Tonight and everynight is the same thing. Mom tries to get me to eat somethingI just don't want to eat. She thinks if she mixes table scraps or canned dog food in my dry food, I'll eat it. Well it's just not going to happen Mom! I only eat dry dog food as a last resourse. when nothing else is around I'll pick up a few pieces. But hey, Mom, don't you worry. I'm gaining like the vet wants and that's all that should matter.
Hey like you I like to pick, so any time you want to give me some of those yummy smelling things you eat, I'll take those. Until then, don't push or worry about me. I'm happy and healthy.


Meet Me!

December 26th 2005 5:12 pm
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Hi all you fur-people and people-people, it's me Bo! let me start with telling you a bit about me. I was passed around to a couple of families until my Mom and I met. As she says, it was love at first sight. I have to admit I was pretty bad at first, always running around and not coming, stealing shoes and socks every chance I had, and peeing just about any place I had a mind to do so. **lowers head in shame**

Well anyways... That was almost a year and a half ago and I've since straightened out my act and now Mom says I'm just about as good as Ben ever was. **grumbles** That Ben is such a goody-goody...

Anyways, stop by now and then and I'm sure in time you'll see I'm the best dog gone dog you could ever meet.

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