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In honor of Willie... One of a Kind

October 19th 2010 6:55 pm
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I lost a friend...a good friend? No a GREAT friend. With his ability to laugh and smile, his wit, his charm, his never-ending optimism. such an inspiration to us all. I only wished I could be half the wonder boy he was.

As fast and furious his spirit was, he has now passed to the Bridge. And what's crazy is that I can hear him say, Oh don't you worry about me, just take care of those who need homes, who need laughs, who needs the family like my Mom, Joni, who made me the happiest pup on earth. Always so giving, so selfless.

I can never forget you, Willie, you were always the inspiration for me. I promise to do you proud. I promise to always have the faith you have always given me. Your one of a kind.



June 17th 2009 8:33 pm
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Cheeky tagged me and I have to tell what type of ice cream I am. I pick ...

Chunky Monkey because I like to use my paws to get into trouble all the time and I love to eat! BOL!

I will tag ....

The Summerville Seven




March 26th 2009 6:35 pm
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Ah yes, as my DOTW nears its end, I have one last shameless promotion of a contest near and dear to my heart. This will be the FOURTH year for the contest! What started as some rosettes and a couple of donations in prizes has bloomed into an amazing prize list every year we host! As always, several of the judges from last year will be hosting and the new judges include the top 3 winners and the rainbow angel winner from last year! WOOHOO!

For those who are not familiar, you can check out the links below...

Announcement for Adopt 08 Stroll Contest

Winners of Winners and the Prize List for the Adopt 08 Stroll Contest

First Annual Contest Announcement

You can see how far we have come from the first year!

The mission of the contest is to bring not only success stories of adoption but those that support adopting a pet into a home! This will hopefully encourage others to consider adoption as a choice for their next pet.

The PRIZE LIST was phenomenal last year and even BIGGER this year! We are so excited because businesses of our own dogster members will be donating many of the prizes as well as Dogster! Our own judges have dipped into their bag of presents to also donate what they can!=;

Before we announce the contest, we would like to extend the offer for other pups to donate to the contest as well! If you would like to donate - donation to a rescue of choice by a winner, rosettes, zealies, stars, special gifts, bones or if you have a business and can donate an item or two, please p-mail me!

To give you an idea, there will be three top winners, an honorary rainbow bridge pup winner and 5 honorable mentions! PLUS, we have added a new category called Dog's Best Friend where your own pup can nominate their Mom or Dad who actively participate in rescue!

We are aiming to announce the contest by mid-April so we are accepting donations to the prizes for the next week!

We are so super excited and hope that no matter what, you guys will enter the contest! Donations will not disqualify you from entering. All pups qualify whether or not you have been adopted - it's about how we support adoption and why!:D

Thanks every pup for considering a donation and we can't wait to announce the contest soon!


*A Winner Never Whines* In honor of Duncan

March 23rd 2009 7:43 pm
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In the past 48 hours, I have been overwhelmed by the highest honor of Dogster to be named Dogster of the Week. An honor that I hope I live up to on so many levels. In the past 48 hours, I have been stricken by grief when I heard of the sudden loss of my friend Duncan. It seems almost surreal to be in such a twist of emotion.

Duncan and I bonded through sports. We loved sports - especially college bball and football. By proxy, I was a fan for my dad with UCONN and the NE Pats. Duncan and I made sure every pup knew we were die hard fans of not only the games but of the teams. It was how we bonded and became friends for life.

From that friendship, I have learned that he was an amazing role model of strength, comedic talent and a will to always see the positive. I knew that if he had a chosen career, he would probably be the greatest football coach in the NFL and I would be his QB.

So as I think of my friend during this week. I know that he would stand over me with arms crossed making sure that I did not sob myself to sleep or to look sullen and melancholy. Nope, not good enough. Not the right attitude. So of all the quotes I can think of, I think of the quote of one of the most famous football coaches. Something that I know Duncan would stand up and say...A WINNER NEVER WHINES. And there is one thing Duncan never did...whine. He is my winner. He is my coach. I love you buddy and this DOTW is for you.



WOWSA! Dog of the Week!

March 21st 2009 8:12 pm
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Lil me? Really? DOTW? No. *checks dogster home page again* Really? I don’t even know what to say! Okay, for those who know me, they know I always have a lot to say! They don’t call me Chatty for nothing! BOL!

To be recognized as a member who always helps a pup in need is truly an honor by Dogster. There are so many of us who are so selfless, generous and altruistic in this wonderful community. But to have the ability to represent those who help others, well, it’s truly touching and I am stunned, humbled and speechless. Thank you Dogster!!!

And I have already received so many well wishes, rosettes, shout outs in the forum threads and in groups that I am so overwhelmed. I cannot even begin to figure out how to send my love to each and every one of you. So my apologies if I do not get to thank you all individually. Blame it on my Mom's crazy job - haha. But we want you to know that all of you really mean the world to me, Mia and my Mom and I hope that we continue to laugh, inspire and support each other for many years to come.

So now I hope that while I may have your ears and tails, I might do a little shameless promotion in this diary entry for those that truly need some help. So many mean so much to me but these are just a few that need a little nudge to succeed this week and help them reach their goals…and a couple that need hope and support…

Casper needs heart surgery again and a group is tirelessly working to ensure he receives the care he deserves. Please check out the group, HAVE A HEART, where they are currently selling raffles to win great prizes donated by several dogster members! Tickets are on sale until March 27!

My wonderful pal, Morgan, is currently in the Bissell contest in hopes in winninga top 5 spot for his rescue Furry Friends Rescue. If you can visit their VOTING PAGE, it would mean so much to them! FURRY FRIENDS RESCUE is an amazing organization! Voting ends on March 24th!

Please continue to pray for our pals, THE TATER TOTS who are still undergoing a foreclosure and eviction process. They may still be able to save their home but need our continuous support! Their eviction hearing is on April 20th!

I have a very shy and super sweet pal, Kiki, who had a very bad scare with a big lamb chop stuck in her throat. She was able to escape surgery and is resting and getting better. I thought it would be cool to ask pups to vote for her in a contest. She means the world to us! You can visit her VOTING PAGE here! Voting ends on March 29th!

And of course, I cannot forget my friend, Angel Mica, who has been so amazing and brilliant in bringing education and inspiration to pups who have been diagnosed with IMHA. We are always with you my friend and we hope, no, we KNOW, you will succeed in helping find a cure! You can read more about IMHA by visiting her page.


I hit the big 20,000!

July 1st 2008 4:20 am
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*runs to the podium to accept award* bol

First, I want to thank Willey Tucker who visited my page and became my 20,000th view on dogster. To have a pal help reach my milestone means the world to me! Paws up to you dude!

Second, I want to thank Damon for viewing at 20,001. Who better to view my page then yet another good buddy who is so special to me!

Last, I would like to thank all those who have viewed my page since the beginning of my childhood years and have been with me through the blurry pics and bad songs and diary entries of the days I used to escape from the kitchen gate. Now that I have reached the ripe old age of 3 - BOL :)) - I hope that you will continue to view my page even when my butt becomes droopy:))!

Love you guys! hehe!:)) WAHOOOOOO!


HELP find a CURE for IMHA...for my pal Angel Mica...this- one's for you girl!

May 7th 2008 4:08 am
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Mystery ailments make our humans nervous and anxious and leave us pups perplexed in wondering why they can't make them go away at times. Well sometimes there are no simple answers or magic pills to hide in our treats. I think we have all gone through some sort of confusion and worry. Yet some to a degree that finds them crossing the Rainbow Bridge before they could seek out all their adventures here on earth. Their lives and legacies live on and it's up to us down here to champion their causes and do what we can to help solve their mysteries, we must aide in the search for cures we know could yet be discovered, given the attention and funds.

May brings woofdays for a couple special friends of mine, Angelpup Mica and her furkin Mirra. Angel Mica was taken from her family by IMHA and her humom has become a champion in the quest to find a cure and there are many, many others who have also been affected like my friend Daisy Mae but so far the cure is yet a dream. It's costly because it's not breed or gender specific, they aren't sure what triggers it, also it's not confined to a certain area of the country or part of the world.
IMHA stands for immune-mediated hemolytic anemia and for dogs with IMHA, there is no known means of prevention of the disease. That is why it's vital to raise more awareness and to support causes for a cure.

Last year there was a contest between Mica and an anon. GSD another dogster to see who could get the most pup pal requests and to be corraled the most times in a specific length of time. However they could not promote themselves on dogster but their friends could. Last year the GSD won and the money went to his cause of supporting awareness for canine blood donors.

There is another contest this year and if you aren't pals with or haven't corralled them, please for the love of DOG! (especially touched & affected by IMHA) do make their acquaintances and support what has become a personal mission to try to prevent others from experiencing their pain and loss.
This year I am advocating for Angel Mica (she must be first in request order) Mirra and The Purple Girls Of Oregon (TPGOO). There is no cost to you except a few minutes of your time, just click on their names below or badges on my page.

Humom and I would like to thank you for your support and concern and I know it would be the best woofday gift "The Girls of May" could ask for,...let it be a truly merry month for them!



Mrs. Poo Poo

February 17th 2008 8:31 pm
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Dear Gracie Jane Poo Poo,

Even now, when you are gone, there is still such a strong presence of you. There was no pup quite like you and never will be. A source of not only strength but of love and tenderness. The honor of becoming your better half one year ago humbled me. For you to choose me out of so many pups is a treasure in itself.

And now. there is a silence. a melancholy that has overwhelmed us. As if one moment you are on a roller coaster ride and the next moment you are standing there, still quite trying to regain balance. I can never forget you, I will never want to. You are my heart and soul and losing you was like losing myself.

I will always be there for you, even if you are at the Bridge. I will always think of you, even though I can't physically see you. I will always love you, and I can still say it every day. did you have any idea you would be stuck with your Mr. Poo Poo furever?

So like I know you like the back of my paw, we do not cry, we do not mourn, but we celebrate the very essence of you. We love you Mrs Poo Poo.

There are no goodbyes, just see ya later Gracie J, my sweetikins.

Your Gibbylicious


No words can Express my Thanks to all of You

December 31st 2007 7:52 am
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This is Gibby's Mom. I just want to take a moment to thank each and every pup and parent here who has sent me well wishes with rosettes, special gifts, p-mails, e-mails and prayers. We are truly overwhelmed by the support and care you have sent to us during this period of time.

Gibbon has been very active and his behavior is normal. I have been watching him closely and staying with him to be sure I am there if he needs me. There is nothing scarier than knowing the possibility that your babies are ill. I really don't know what I would do if Gibbon turned for the worse. Just thinking of it makes me shudder.

Without your support and love, I know just how much harder it would have been to get through this. To have you guys in our lives is truly a blessing to us. There are no words to express my appreciation. I can only hope that we can provide the same care and support you have given to us.

We love all of you and we thank you for each sweet note. We have read every one and please know that if I have not thanked you personally, you have provided us with the strength we needed so dearly.


I Really DID Almost get Coal for Christmas!

December 30th 2007 4:59 am
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After a night of pawtying at my Grandparents home in NY, we drove to the other home called Connecticut where I met up with my liaison, Coach, a black lab who was built like a mack truck and was my front line of defense to ward of the humans. We entered the home after a long travel and Mia and I immediately settled in our things and waited for the humans to rest for the night.

As Mia and Coach walked around Grandpa's bedroom, I snuck into a small holding room filled with various places to hide. A room people call closets. i call it a mecca of pressies to be found! Like shoes and clothing and boxes and little tags. After a thorough security check, I noticed a box on the floorfilled with what looked like treats! Oh boy did I think I scored. The next thing I know Grandpa is yelling and Dad comes and then Mom and a whole flurry of activity ensued!

Rat poison? What? Doesn't Grandpa know that the best defense against rats is MOI? Mom and Dad looked so upset and then are on the phone with the poison control center. The next thing I know they are feeding me hydrogen peroxide and begging me to throw up. No way! Not doing it. I don't give up anything! I was so tired and Mia and coach are running around me. I play but nope, no throwing up. The poison center said, ok, some pups just don't throw up and if he only ate a few pellets, then take him in first thing the day after Christmas.

Mom and Dad contemplated coal - COAL!!! OMD! Was I that naughty this year? But they couldn't locate the activated coal so they had to wait.

On Christmas Day, a glorious feast and opening pressies! The crinkling of paper and oohs and aahs! Running around with pressies and toys with Mia and Coach - what fun! That definitely made up for all the craziness of the night before. Mom snuggled me in bed that night and promised me that everything will be alright. I cuddled up and dreamt of gingerbread men and gingerbread squeaky toys.

The day after, Mom took me to the vet and they said coal was no longer an option. Phew! I thought I was so naughty! Everybody talking about coal for me! they put me on Vitamin K to be sure I didn't have anything bad happen later. And now Mom gives me my meds every day for 3 weeks with Peanut Butter!!!! Oh man! that was a close one! I escaped coal for Christmas - I am a GOOD boy! I promise!

What can I say? I provide entertainment of all kinds including thrillers and nailbiting events that will leave my parents on the edge of their seats.

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