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Misti Dog

I've been tagged by my friend Saphira!

November 27th 2008 9:20 pm
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Wow, I've been tagged by my friend Saphira!

This is a big game of tag! Here is how you play: you receive a rosette from a friend announcing that you've been tagged. In your diary, you share the following:

Four jobs I have had
Four places I have lived
Four places I have been
Four places I would rather be
Seven things about myself

Then, you choose seven of your pals and YOU tag THEM! Direct them to your diary to read your fun information that you shared, and also to read these directions on how to play the game! Don't forget -- notify them with a rosette!

So here's my fun information:

My jobs:
* Mommy's doggie soulmate
* Mommy's protector
* The "demo dog" at Mommy's dog grooming school
* Mommy's bed warmer!

Places I have lived:
* Lake Tahoe (where I was born)
* Placerville
* Oregon (where me and Mommy went to learn dog grooming)
* Garden Valley

Places I have been:
* Oregon's Tara Lara dog grooming school with Mommy
* Mommy's math class at the college!
* Hiking in Tahoe
* Swimming in Lake Tahoe

Places I'd RATHER be:
* With Mommy on Earth (me and Mommy miss each other)
* Hiking with Mommy at Lake Tahoe
* Going for a long walk with Mommy
* Snuggling in bed with Mommy

7 things about myself:
* I am Mommy's "forever dog", that once in a lifetime doggie that stole Mommy's heart... I am her doggie soulmate.
* I am Bella's Guardian Angel, I sent her to my Mommy since she is a lot like me, and I watch over her and Mommy from Rainbow Bridge.
* I was the bestest demo dog at the dog grooming school -- I was so well behaved that the new students could give me a bath for practice!
* Me and Mommy love each other very much, and when I was on Earth I was always with Mommy, everywhere she went, I was always there too.
* I love to take showers! I would get in the shower with Mommy whenever she'd let me!
* I was my doggie brother, Bob's, boss. He was a lot bigger than me, but I was always his big sister and top dog of our house!
* I was always the perfect doggie, and I could go everywhere with Mommy! I even went hiking lots with no leash on, and to the beach, and on vacation with Mommy! We had lots of fun together!
* I can't wait to see my Mommy again someday when she and I are in Heaven together

This is fun being tagged -- Thanks Saphira!!

I am tagging:

Lakota Sioux "In Memory"
Oreo (In Loving Memory)
Maya (Bridgekid since 2003)
Zyp 9-16-03 ~ 5-1-05
Pele CGC In Memory
Kelly, My Brightest Star
Molly ~ My Heart

Love, Misti


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