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The life of Sammy

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Today I went to Rainbow Bridge

March 24th 2014 9:44 am
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Hi Doggie friends,

Last night the tumor on my heart made me feel very bad. Mommy and Daddy drove me in the middle of the night to the vet hospital where I had my heart surgery last year. They were very nice there, and they knew that it was time for me to go to Heaven and Mommy and Daddy knew too, since I was suffering and there was nothing the nice doctor could do. So Mommy gave me the last and kindest gift, and she didn't let me pass away struggling for breath. She let the vert give me nice medicine that helped me be calm and sleep, and then the vet helped me go to Heaven. Mommy cried a lot, but she knows it had to be my Bridge Day and feels thankful that I got to go peacefully in her arms. I will miss my Mommy as much as she misses me, until that wonderful day when we meet again here at the Bridge.

Love, Sammy


My evening walkie…

November 14th 2013 9:10 pm
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Tonight Mommy got out our new reflective leash for evening walkies, and she put on her evening walkie LL Bean hat with a flashlight hidden in the bill…. and then she leashed up Bella and went out the door!

Let me tell you, I was a SAD DOGGIE!!! They were gone for at least 1000 hours, and I cried! When Mommy came home, I was howling! I am an old doggie and I get worried easy now, and I was worried I wasn't getting a walkie!

But then Mommy came in and gave me hugs and kisses and then she put the new reflective leash on ME and we got our evening walkie, just the two of us! Then I was HAPPY DOGGIE. I love walkies with Mommy! Now I'm tired doggie, so time for bed!

Love, Sammy


Do I have cognitive decline?

November 8th 2013 4:41 am
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I am a very old doggie for a lab mix, I am 13 and a half!

I am doing some things these last few months that has Mommy wondering, and she was reading about cognitive decline and it sounds like me!

I wander around the house a lot and I sleep a ton in the day but do the wandering in the evening (which is why Mommy has a little gate set up to keep me next to her bed at night so I will settle down on my comfy pillows rather than wander all over the room all night long). I get confused about how to walk around things, even the other dogs, and sometimes I almost step on them if they are laying in my way!

I am already on an anti-inflammatory and a pain med for my old dog aches and pains, so Mommy doesn't think I'm uncomfortable. She is going to talk to my vet to see what he thinks of all this!

Mommy says it's a blessing to be an old doggie, it means you got a nice long life! She is keeping me happy and we go on walkies and I get lots of loves and treats, and she read that those are good things to help with cognitive decline. Good thing we do them every day!

Love, crinkly old Sammy Doggie who is loved so very much!



November 7th 2013 6:37 pm
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Today Mommy had to rush home from work 'cause there was a fire in our neighborhood and we were going to be evacuated! There was smoke and firetrucks and firefighters and helicopters and a big plane that swooped out of the sky and put the fire out by dropping stuff on it! Luckily, we didn't have to evacuate after all.

When me and Bella walked this afternoon, there were still firefighters and we got to walk with one! I thought he was nice but I could tell Bella thought he was a "strange man" and she wanted to bark at him. Mommy made Bella walk right next to her instead. We are very thankful the houses and yards didn't burn down tonight!

Love, Sammy


Wowie!! I was Dogster Diary of the Day!!!

November 7th 2013 4:33 am
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Wowie! An old doggie like me won diary of the day! I'm so excited! Thank you doggie friends for all the congrats and gifts! My tail is wagging SO HARD!!!

Guess what good news I have to share?! Well, now when Mommy gets off work, it's dark and scary outside! So she ordered a reflective leash and her friend is ordering her a hat that has a light in the front to light your way (REI and LLBEAN are places Mommy gets fun walkie stuff!), and that will make it easier and safer to walk us in the dark! YAY!!!

Now I think I will take an old doggie nap, since getting so excited about our new evening walkies equipment has tired me out!

Love, Sammy


Hoping for a walkie….

November 5th 2013 6:18 am
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Right now it is still dark out, and it's cold too!

But know what I'm hoping for? A walkie! Mommy is "on call" right now, and if she doesn't get called in by the time the sun comes up, we are going to bundle up and go for a morning walkie!

But, for now, I think I'll enjoy an old dog snoooooze……

Love, Sammy


Old doggie stuffs

October 30th 2013 7:43 am
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Wow, I'm getting to be an old doggie now, I'm 13 and a half!

This year, I had heart surgery! Mommy had knee surgery too, so since we both had surgery, we both have enjoyed our slow, ambling, post op walkies!

I also take old doggie pain pills now to help me get around now that I'm stiff and sore.

But you know what, life is such a blessing, every day is a gift, and me and Mommy are so aware of that now that I'm an old doggie who had heart surgery! She loves me and is thankful for every day!

Now, it's time for a nap on my comfy bed, and later, when it warms up a bit, I think we'll go on a nice, slow walkie with lots of sniffing time for me!

Love, Sammy


cool weather makes for better walkies....

September 5th 2012 8:48 pm
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Today me and Bella walked with Mommy at dusk! It was cool and windy and there was rain and everything smelled so good.

The best thing about today's walk was that I did a lot better in the cool air than I do when it's hot out. Mommy doesn't walk me when it's very hot, but if it's even in the 80's I get too warm and tired and I walk slow and Mommy takes me home early. But today I was full of energy and enjoyed lots of sniffies and I made peepee on lots of trees and rocks. Bella did too, and every time she does, she kicks the ground and dirt flies everywhere. She is silly.

Yay for the first day that felt like Autumn!

Love, Sammy


Guess what I sniffed...

August 30th 2012 10:14 am
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This morning on our walkie I sniffed the most interesting thing!

It was a wild animal poopoo, and it had FUR in it! Me and Bella really investigated it. We have lots of gray foxes in our area, and Mommy thinks that is what made the poopoo.

I love to smell wild animal stuff! Maybe sometime we will SEE a fox! Wouldn't that be fun? We only see deer (Bella barks at them A LOT and jumps up and down at the end of her leash, and I pull real hard to encourage Mommy to chase the deer with us, but it never seems to work).

Mommy says fox poopoo is okay, but she hopes we don't ever see any mountain lion poopoo or bear poopoo!

Love, Sammy


a fun day so far....

August 29th 2012 11:51 am
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Today has been a pretty fun day so far!

I started the day by jumping on the bed and nudging Mommy LOTS to tell her it was time to wake up and feed me!

Then after breakfast I rested my tummy before Mommy took me and Bella for our morning walk. It was getting warm, and that makes me walk slower than usual (it was probably 80 degrees outside! Warm for walking!). But me and Bell sniffed and made peepee on lots of rocks and clumps of grass, and we kicked up some dirt afterward too!

Then Mommy was going to run to the gas station, and when she was getting ready to go, me and Amy ran to the door to tell her "Mommy take us!"... and so she did! It was a lovely ride in the car and she even ran in and got us a yummy meat stick to share!

Now it's nappy time and I am going to relax on the cool wood floor.

Love, Sammy

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