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ABOUT ME!!! An Aussie Tale.......Woof Woof...

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Happy Birthday Beautiful Rio...

April 7th 2008 9:41 am
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Sweet Baby boy. We made it. Another miracle year. How can I ever thank you for blessing my life. You have taught me more about courage, and strength and dignity than any other. Each day we share is a miracle day. When I first brought you home and into my heart..the vet may only have five years. I knew it was a possibility that your life would run short and that my heart would break...but here you are...NOW SIX and still fighting to stay with me. Your will to live is beyond any that my vet has seen. You are such a fighter and such a strong willed baby boy. So on this Sixth birthday sweet Rio...what can I give to you?? You have my heart and all my love. So what I wish for, is more of a wish for me....I want another six years baby boy. I want your kidney disease to go away and I want you to have nothing but pure and utter happiness for the rest of your life. I give to you this promise....As long as you want to fight, as long as your will to live remains strong...I will do everything in my power to make sure you make it those six more years. I love you to the moon and back and then some. You are and will always be mommys precious baby boy. Happy Birthday my little man....and please..lets have many more to share together. I love you....Mommy Pat


Mommys tears on my fur...

November 25th 2007 9:23 am
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I sometimes think that the tears from mommy are what makes me fight so hard. Last week was a bad week for the Rio. Me creatinine was sky high and I would not eat or drink anything. I was at the vets and I heard her telling mommy that if things did not change it might be time. TIME FOR WHAT??? The next thing I know my fur was all wet and mommy was hugging me so tight. She whispered in my ear to fight hard for her. She told me she would fight for me as long as I wanted to fight this dreaded disease. Polycystic Kidneys...go figure. A beautiful boy doggie with stinking cyst in his kidneys. Must be a horrible joke coz it is not funny having these stinking kidneys. So more IV fluids, more shots, more vitamins...more tears from mommy. I promised her to tell her if I wanted to leave...but the Rio is not through protecting mommy so me has to STAY and Fight these things. So me is better this week. The fur is dry again...I still see signs of worry on mommys face but she just pretends everything is OK and plays with me but sometimes....I feel wet drops on me fur. Those drops make me fight even harder coz me never ever wants to make my mommy cry so hard that its like Rio just got a bath. EECKKKKKKKKKKk me hates tear baths. So keep on chanting my friends and pray hard that the POTP continues to work. Me wuffs you all so much and me hopes everyone is safe and happy and full of Turkey. Wuff, Rio


Me hears all your chants and prayers

September 10th 2007 8:01 pm
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Sometimes you think today might be the day me has to leave mommy, but mommy keeps fighting hard for me so because I love her so much me keeps fighting for her. Somedays are not good, but mommy hugs me and gives me fluids and makes me feel all better. Today is a good day. Me ran and played today and my squeaker was so loud mommy had to shhhhhhhh me so she could talk on the phone. Thats when mommy smiles...when I feel so good that I play with my squeakers. So to all of you who pray for me and chant for me...I want to send you my wuff today and always and I want to thank you for caring so much about a wittle ole bi red wiggle butt who loves to dance under the stars and wiggle butt dance just for all of you. My love and my heart to you always. Rio..........


The Wrath of Mother Nature...Pray for those who have lost- everything

May 6th 2007 5:28 pm
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We live in Kansas. Now Kansas has always been known for the changing weather. One day it is beautiful, the sun is out, the birds are singing, the squrrels are bothering Lexey...and then the sky becomes dark and the sky is filled with lightening and thunder booms. I am totally afraid of storms. Mommy has never figured out what happened in my past to make me so afraid..but I am. Friday...tragedy struck Kansas. A whole town, a community of people, businesses, farms, pets, horses, cows, wiped out in seconds. Yes they knew it was coming. The fury of mother nature. A tornado over a mile wide struck and it struck with vengence. Nothing left..but rubble and debrie. People left in shock, injured and dying. Animals, some never to be found. Cows and horses...gone. Doggies like me, trying to find home. But home is gone. There is nothing to go home to. Where are my mommy and daddy, the look in their eyes plead...someone help me. The rescue people arrive, people are pulled to safety and taken to hospitals, and yes...kind people would take the little doggies and help them until their owners could be found. How do you begin to understand the loss? How do these people pick up and go on? Where do they go?? And ...where are the cows and horses? Still no where to be found.
So today, if you wake up and your bones hurt, your feeling sorry for yourself, or you just wonder what your day may bring: Think of those that have lost everything. Pray for those that are suffering and lost...or gone forever. Count yourself blessed today, because your world has not changed and you can still hear the birds sing, and listen to your kitty meow or your doggie bark..and you can look around and see your home. So many now, can not.
I now know why I am afraid of storms. What would happen to mommy and me and Lexey and our kittys if a storm like that came upon us. We can only pray that we could ride it out and make it through...with our lives. Today we offer our prayers to those that lost everything. We offer our prayers of hope and love to those that feel no hope. We send our blessings to those that have been hurt and pray for their recovery. We pray that all the animals find their mommys and daddys. We pray that the town can rebuild and that these people can start over...we offer our paws to all to build a chain of love and send to those that now have nothing!! Greensburg Kansas, wiped off the map on May 4th, 2007!! God bless each of you. May God protect you and comfort you during this horrible time. Rio, wiping his eyes, and praying hard for everyone touched by these storms.


Somethings wrong...Mommys getting worried again...

April 14th 2007 8:57 pm
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I have had mommy up all night long. I sleep for a wittle while and then I get her up by crying and needing to go outside. I hate having accidents in the house so I cry and wake her up. Last night I did this four times. Now, I am a boy doggie and sure me needs to pee but somethings not right. How come I have had to go so often? I have been drinking so much water and thats why and drinking water is good for my kidneys but mommy is worried that I am going into kidney failure again. So it looks like If I do this again tonight I will be going to the emergency vet tomorrow. Mommy takes no chances when it comes to her RIO baby boy. Me turned five and that was quite a celebration. So I proved the vet wrong and me is still here. So keep your paws crossed that this was a one night thing..but mommy says something is not right...and I am off to drink another whole bowl of water. These are two gallon bowls and I drink almost all of it at one sitting so mommy fills them again but I really should not be drinking this much. Pray just can not get sick. There has been to much sadness on this board this month and me is refusing to be sick. Thanks for the chants and prayers. Me wuffs you all. Rio


The loss of a friend...The littliest one with the biggest- heart...Joker...

April 13th 2007 3:27 pm
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Sometimes there just are no words that can express the pain and grief in a wittle dogs heart. Mine is totally broken. So many beautiful friends have left and me does not understand why. We give our hearts and we grow to love all of you so much that when one of you gets sick, we worry and fret, we pace and pray. We hold on to each word and look for any message to see how you are. Then, the bottom falls out from underneath us and our hearts break and our eyes weep water and they just keep flowing and flowing like rivers growing into big ole oceans because our hearts hurt so much. Joker our wittliest friend, left us and we are beyond grief. He deserved a longer life and we are angry and mad. We want to blame something or someone and we want him back. We also know, if we are feeling so horrible, what is wittle Jokers family feeling? We can only imagine the horror and grief they are going through. So we must put our pain aside for now and be there to honor Joker and show his family how much we care about each of them too. We offer our hearts to you Mickey, Dallas, Sassy Girl, Rascal and Mommy Regina. We send you our love and our prayers that God grant you peace of heart and the joy of remembering your wittle guy the way he would want you to remember him. Full of mischief and love. Full of the wonder of puppy hood and the knowledge that he was so very lucky to have been loved by each of you. We will miss our wittle Joker but he will never be forgotten. He touched our hearts and gave us such joy. We honor him with our love and we hope you know how grateful we are to have been part of his extended family. Farewell for now little Joker. I hope Sophie wrapped her wings around you and made your landing safe and soft. I know you have her wrapped around her big ole paw and that you and her are having the grandest of times hunting for squirrels and chasing butterflys. Rest well sweet one. Your journey here was short but the legacy you left to each of us will live on forever. Wuff and tears and heart sadness...I miss you already little one. Rio....wiping tears and shaking his head ...not wanting to believe his little friend has left. We are so very sorry. birthday is coming up...The vets gonna eat her- words...

March 22nd 2007 8:52 am
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Just think. April seventh is just around the corner. I never thought I was gonna make it to five. Now with my newest lab work showing thinks its gonna happen. I will be five and when that day comes, me is gonna go down to that ole vets office and make her eat some of that doggie food that they have recalled. She is gonna have to eat her words coz I will have made it to my fifth birthday. I bet mom and me are going to celebrate in style. You think I will get at least ONE treat on me birthday? Maybe a Cake....or toys or...awwww hooorwooooffwing woooooooooooo maybe all the above. I will have to start making my list now...coz I AM GOING TO MAKE IT!! Rio...doing the wiggle butt dance....coz me finally sees a smile on mommys face.

Dear sweet Rio. We have fought a long battle and I am praying hard that we have many more years together. Five is not enough and I am over joyed that we will reach that mile stone...and I will always pray to have you with me for many more years. You are the wiggle butt in my life that brings me my snuggles and my heart smiles. I love you baby boy...and on that day in April..we will celebrate in style. Keep your paws crossed....your fifth birthday is growing closer each day....we give thanks to God for helping us through all the times we thought this day would not come. I love you to the moon and back. Mom


I will miss you big guy....RIP Austin..may you always feel- our love...

February 16th 2007 8:23 pm
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Austin, me did not know you were leaving...and me is so sad you had to go. You became my friend and I prayed so hard that the lymphoma would lose and that you would win this battle. You stood by my side when I was so sick and you were there chanting for me and sending me your prayers. I will never forget you or your courage. I came to love you and you will remain a part of my heart furever. Tell LB we miss her and to show you where she has hidden all her blizzards. RIP big guy...and know you will never be forgotten. I am just so very sad...Rio..wiping tears for his buddy Austin. We wuf you big guy.


Another gets her wings....I am so very very sad...

February 11th 2007 4:23 pm
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Today I got the news that a very sweet friend is leaving for the land of Rainbows. My dearest friend Cherry is losing her battle to a horrific infection. Me is so sad I just can not believe another is leaving. Just when you think you can not cry any more...another thing happens and your heart breaks again. Sweet Cherry, as much as our hearts are breaking we know your mommy is just devastated. We send her our loveand gentle hugs, and to you we say...we hope your passing is without pain and that your journey is peaceful. We never wanted you to leave. You have fought so hard and so long and this battle we were hoping you would win too. It is with a very heavy heart that we say God Speed...we will never forget you nor ever stop missing you. You are a beautiful sweet girl who already earned her wings here on earth. We love you Sweet Cherokee and we will miss you so very much. Wuf to you..
Rio and his mommy...wiping tears and wishing Cherry could stay.


There's No place Like Home!!

February 10th 2007 5:45 pm
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While I was at the vet me started getting very lonely. There were simple signs that people and doggies were thinking of me. Then I heard doggies chanting and each chant became louder and louder. Pretty soon the room was shaking with all the vibrations from those chants. Thats when the howling began. I was singing to those chanting. I thought if I sang really loud mommy would hear me and come and pick me up. Since that did not work, I tried the escape mode...but mommy came and silly me ran to her coz me was so glad to see her. Again...I was back inside the dungeon...the Vets clinic. Me was getting depressed. But I kept hearing you gotta fight Rio...cyst be Gone. So, I thought if I howled louder that it would work and I would heal and I would get to go home. You see, there truly is no place like home. Home is where you lay your head down on the pillow next to mommy and she rubs your belly while you drift off to sleep. Home is where all your squeaker toys are and your own special dog food bowl and your family. Home is where you feel so loved that you never want to leave!! That is what I missed. I just missed me HOME. So today I feel good and strong. I feel like things are going to get better and that I can beat this battle. With all my dogster pals chanting and praying for me, with the love I get from mommy and with all the boss people and doggies praying...there is just no way this wittle wiggle butt is gonna give up.
So to all of you....I heard your chants, I felt your spirits with me and through it all.....I knew I was loved. So home is truly where your heart, your friends and all that you love and that love you will always be. You see.... Home is in your heart. Even when you are away, if you are are home. I learned this but still Me is so glad to be HOme with my mommy. So I am home. I am HOME. I am HOME...and I am so grateful to have all of you here with me in spirit. I just wuf all of you. I am so very grateful to all of my dogster pals. You enrich my life and make me feel so loved. My life is blessed because of each and every one of you. You will always have a wittle piece of my heart...and I will wuf you furever and always. Rio.........

Willie, sweet brother in heart...the stars are out...and tonight I reach across the heavens to you , I take your paw...and our spirits are dancing under the stars together. Me wufs you little one.
Zoe sweetheart. When I came home last night, there was a special squeaker toy that you sent to me and a beaUtiFul Valentines day card. I could smell my sweetie on that card and I sniffed it for a very long time. I wuf my new toy. It is red and so cute. I wish I were not so camera shy so mommy could catch a picture of me with it. Thank you for caring about me and being with me in spirit. Happy Valentines day sweet baby girl.

To all of you, from my heart to yours...thank you for caring about a wittle bi red aussie in Kansas named RIO. I wuf you very much, Rio...wiggle butt dancing under the stars...

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