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ABOUT ME!!! An Aussie Tale.......Woof Woof...

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My journey........

March 13th 2013 4:42 pm
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Sometimes a dog gets lucky and we find a human that loves us so much that there is nothing in this life that they would not do for us. My journey began the day that my mom came into my life. At first I was so afraid. I did not know how to trust or did not believe that any human could be so kind. Mom was patient with me and even that day the vet told her to send me back that I would only break her heart due to health issues...mommy could not do it. She whispered in the Rios ear and said Pets are for Life. Once they come into your home..they are there furever. Its now been ten years of love and walks...and yes many trips to the vet...but Every time I would start not feeling well mommy made sure I got everything I needed. I have had ultrasounds, liver biopsy, lab test IVs and more medicines than any dog should have to take. Mommy sometimes worked long hours to pay for what I need but she did it coz of love. I have given back to mommy all my love and trust. No matter how this journey ends...I know I was so very lucky to have found my special mom. Mom says she is the lucky one. She found in me..a throw away abused dog who became her constant companion and best friend. There are many tears from moms eyes right is because our journey may be ending. My health has declined,but my love for my mom still shines through my eyes. As long as I have light in my eyes I will stay. Mommy says she will not be selfish...even though it will break her heart. Its because she loves me that she will do what is best for me. I know that...until then our journey continues. I hope its for a while longer...but if not, we were both lucky. We found each other. Love you all, keep praying. Rio


I hate thunder........

March 9th 2013 1:05 pm
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It started raining last night. Now if getting wet is not bad enough...what is that racket called thunder? It scares me and its like mommy says I do not need any added stress. We can not even go for walks coz of all this noise and wetness. I am asking the rain Gods to stop. Enough already. First so much snow I got stuck, now so much rain the back yard is all flooded. Mommy wants everyone to know that I am doing very well right now. She is praying this thunder and lightening does not stress me out to much that I refuse to eat. So..if any of you have any pull with the thunder God...ask him to stop all that noise, PLEASE for Rio? wuff to you all, Rio



March 8th 2013 4:19 pm
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Each day we have left together I treasure. I know it is not easy. You give your all and we continue to make our memories. You love to go on walks, but the walks are getting shorter and you run out of steam and let me know it is time to go back home. We stop many time so I can rub your back and tell you what a good boy you are. I think I must tell you that hundreds of times during the day...but I know how much you love being told what a good boy you are. I think maybe whom ever had you those first seven months did not tell you that and instead tried to break your spirit. Not me...with me your spirit soared and you became my baby boy. I want more time to make more memories...I know you are trying. I just needed to write and say how very very blessed my life has been with you in it. You give me so much love and joy. So lets continue to make memories for as long of time that we have left. Each day with you I treasure. I love you very very much!!!


Mom was hoping for better news........

March 5th 2013 5:08 pm
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Rio went for lab work today. Though his creatinine is down to 3.5 and his phosphorus levels are now normal his BUN is now 115. I weeped. I know it is just a matter of time and it breaks my heart. He is still fighting but things though better are not that much improved. So it is with sadness that I give everyone that prays for my boy this news. I will continue to do everything in my power to keep him here as long as he is not suffering. I love him to much to watch him live his life without dignity. So with tears I ask again for everyone to keep praying for my beautiful boy. I love him so very much. With a grateful heart...I send my love and Gods blessings to each of you. Pat


You amaze me...........

March 2nd 2013 12:44 pm
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Your will to keep trying says it all. Just when I think your fight is eat. Last night you ate two whole cans on your own. Then this turn your nose up and say no...not gonna eat. So I sit by your side and hand feed you the whole can. Then to my lick the bowl like you want more. I know to only feed you one can though because you are not a morning eater. Tonight, I pray you eat two more on your own. You fight for know mom needs you and you try. I know in my heart that your appetite is nill...but for eat. I just have to tell you what a good boy you are and you try for me. Thank you sweet Rio. You truly are an amazing dog. My miracle. I love you so very much. Keep trying my sweet boy...keep amazing me and the vet. Thank you all for your continued support. I just wish all of you could meet my sweet boy. He astonishes the vet with his will to keep going. Keep praying...we may make it to eleven. That will truly be a miracle. Love to all.....Rios mom


Loving you is easy.......It has been since the day you came- into my life

March 1st 2013 4:01 pm
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Looking at you that first were so scared. I had no way of knowing what you had been through in your first seven months. It must have been hard because gaining your trust took months. Then something clicked and you knew you were had a forever home and no one would ever hurt you again. With that you became my loyal protector. You learned to flirt with me especially when I told you how handsome you were. You are special my beautiful Rio. We are lucky. We have had ten wonderful years together. I only wish we could have ten more. It is not fair that our dogs do not live longer. The pain when they leave us is one of the most horrible pains a heart can feel. The thought of losing you makes me sick to my stomach. I can not eat or sleep worrying about you. You...who have been called a miracle because of your will to live and stay with me. You are such a fighter and I am so very proud of you. I love you my sweet boy. People say you are a social retard because you only warm up to certain people. You will not allow any one to close to me. I just laugh and say no...he is smart. He knows who to trust...and I have always listened to you. You usually know better than me. I love you my boy. Tonight you ate two cans without me hand feeding you. Again you looked at me like I was crazy when I did the wiggle butt dance...but then your tail started wagging and the wiggle butt dance was on. Next week we will know. The vet said to wait until next week to bring you in. Not to stress you if you are getting better. In my heart I am afraid to hope..but seeing you eat tonight gave me hope. I pray you are doing better. So to all our friends..right now things look at least stable. I hope it continues. I need more time. My heart will break next week if we get bad news. So keep praying and know you all are loved and forever you will have our gratitude. Love Rio and Pat....wiggle butt dancing love to you all


Mamas heart smiled tonight........

February 28th 2013 3:26 pm
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Tonight was the first night I actually on my own ate a can of food. I saw my mom smile for the first time in three weeks. I started to eat the second one but stopped so mom helped me finish the second one. I swear she did the wiggle butt dance for me. In case you do not know what that is it is like when us aussies thats me...wag our tails our whole butt wiggles with the wag. Well if a dog could laugh then you would have seen me laughing cause she looked pretty silly. Thank you all so very much for your love and prayers they mean so much to me and to mommy. I guess if me eating is what makes mommy act silly I will have to keep eating. We love you all so very much.
I do not know if you all remember Auntie Joni and Willie but they are so special to us and to many on dogster. Since Willie went to the bridge Auntie Joni has not been on dogster very much. We got a card from her today and it made us so happy to hear from her. We love her so very much. She is having some health issues but she sounded good. She still misses her Willie so very much as all of us do that came to love him as our own.
Again thank you for the prayers. We send Gods blessings to each of you along with our love. Rio and Pat


Still fighting to stay with mom...........

February 27th 2013 4:48 pm
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Each and every day I get hugs and kisses and told how special I am. I think every dog should have a home and a family. It is just mom and me but together we make a family. So, I really have to keep eating so that I can stay with mom. She still looks worried and sad but every time I take a bite of food she tells me what a good boy I am. Last night she sat and brushed me for hours and told me how handsome I am. I just looked into her eyes and gave her that special I love you mom look and I could see her love shining right back at me. So even if those ole vets gave mom bad news...what do they know. The Rio still has some fight left in him. I am going to try really hard to make it to my eleventh birthday. I bet I get a big ole party if that happens. Mom is praying for more time...and if I can I am going to give it to her. So all my friends, keep praying..we love you all and thank you for thinking of us. Wuff, Rio........


Eating better........

February 24th 2013 9:37 am
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I am still fighting to stay with mom. I know how very much she needs me. She still hand feeds me but I am eating about three cans of food a day. It makes mommy happy so I am still trying. I think this bond we have with our humans is so special. Just as they help us...we give so very much to them. At least that is what mom tells me. She says she loves me to the moon and back and then some. Silly mom...she has never been to the moon. :-)..We love you all for your continued support and prayers. Mommy says she believes in miracles and I am trying to give her one. Hugs and wags...sending each of you all of Gods blessings and our love. Rio and Pat


An honor....for Rio...

February 21st 2013 4:37 pm
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Rio got picked for diary of the day yesterday, we did not even know it. You see I spend all my time working with him, trying to get him to eat and giving him fresh water every hour. I want him to drink as much as he can. His appetite is still poor but better than last week. He is such a fighter. I am praying that things are looking up, but not holding out much hope. Thank you dogster for the honor of diary of the day. Rio has been on this site since our journey began. We have made so many special friends. We send you all our love and thanks for standing by our side through the ups and downs. I can only pray for some more good days with Rio. I love him so very much. Sending you all our love and thanks, Rio and Pat

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