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ABOUT ME!!! An Aussie Tale.......Woof Woof...

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A little Aussie Story!!

November 26th 2005 7:11 am
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Hi my name is Rio. Mom named me Rio Yushula. It means river of happiness. She told me my name is special because I was given to her by a breeder to help mamas sadness. I came to live in Wichita. At first I had never been in a house and everything scared me. When the TV was on I kept looking to see where that voice was coming from. I got used to living here and became friends with Sophie Marie. Sophie was a really BIG dog but we liked each other. When she got sick I was soooooo sad. Then when they carried Sophie out and Grandma was here watching me...I really was sad. Sophie never came back and now I have to put up with LEXEY!!!! She is a mess. She is always chewing on me. Mom says I look like I just had a bath. Akita slobber....YUCK.
I have polycystic kidney disease. I have no idea what that is but mom seems very worried about it. I have to have my blood checked all the time and eat a special diet. I see Mom sneaking treats to Lexey. I wanna know where mine are. Mom loves me. She says I am her baby BOY. Wahoooo...she hugs me and kisses me and tells me I am a pretty handsome fella. Well as you can see I hate having my picture taken. So if there are not very many of me that is why. I will try and do better.
Well mom always tells me to ask for prayers to keep my kidneys healthy...SO...if you all on Dogster could keep me in your prayers...just maybe that old polycystic kidney poooo will go away. I plan on staying with mom a long ...long time. thanks for reading about me.
Rio........ Ah Woof ..Woof...


How about a bone.

November 26th 2005 7:17 am
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Hey...I never get real doggie bones so could you leave me a bone. I need to show Lexey up since she gets all the real ones. Thanks.......gotta go chase some sheep. Well not really. I pretend the cars going down the street are sheep and run the fence like I was a real sheep hearding dog. Mama laughs alot when I do this. Can't fool our moms. She knew they weren't sheep. Send me a bone...please. Ahhhh Wooof Woof. Thanks in Aussie barks.


Thank you for praying for Me!! Dogster ROCKS!!!

December 19th 2005 6:47 pm
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Thank you for praying for me. Lexey is a big old goofy girl. I bit her ear to tell her to get off of me and she got mad and started biting me in front of my rear leg. Well she was really mad and mama put her hand right into Lexeys mouth. Mama got hurt more than me. Her hand was bleeding really bad but all she cared about was ME. She looked me over real good and I only had one deep bite. Mom said enough is enough. One more growl and both of us have to get some special training. I told her to send Lexey back but Mom says Pets are forever and once they come into your life...they are there with you forever. She said Lexey will get better. I sure hope so. I love playing with Lexey. Now that I am all healed and it snowed...Lexey and I ran and ran and chased each other and jumped over each other...and played for over an hour. I finally found out how much fun having a little sister can be. Maybe I won't be so grumpy with her. We can't ever fight again cause moms hand was swollen and bruised and had deep old gashes in it. We were really worried but the doctor said mom would be fine. Mom said all she cared about was that I did not get hurt. I have the bestest only I could talk her into sending that Lexey back to the pound. NOT!!! Even I would not want my sis to go back to that place. Any ways............THANKS so much for praying for me. This Dogster place ROCKS!! Everyone is sooooo nice. Merry Christmas.....
Mr Rio...the man of the house....


Vacations over...

January 2nd 2006 7:14 pm
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Darn, I love it when mom is home with us all day. She plays and brushes us and takes us for walks. She has to go back to work tomorrow. Shes a nurse in Radiation Oncology. Some days she comes home and is sad because she has lost a patient. She takes care of humans and us furkidz. She was sick on her vacation. She kept telling Lexey and me that we had to be good because she had an earache. Ouch...I never have had one of those. Don't want one of those either. I have bad kidneys and mom worries alot but I eat my diet and try not to steal to many of Lexeys treats. Well, mom says its time for hair brushing. Gotta go get there before Lexey. She loves to hog moms attention, but mom won't let her. She LOVES me. Lexey and I are two lucky dogs. Here mom comes...gotta run.........Ah Woof woof...thats see you later. Rio.


Younger sister...Free to good home...Or any home....

January 14th 2006 2:27 pm
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I have a sister who needs a home. coz she bothers me all the time. I think she would make anyone a good dog. So any takers? She tried to give me a bath today and dumped a bucket of ice cold water all over me and my head. Then she thought it was funny. I was gonna get her and then mom came out. So...please...take my sister...anyone. Just don't tell mom I am giving her away. She is a brat but OK..I guess she has some good points...but still I am willing to walk her to your house. Free to Good Home..MY SISTER< LEXEY Now to go out and make some signs to hang all over the World. Rio...........


Boo the Naughty club

January 29th 2006 6:45 am
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Ok, enough is enough. I have had it up to my nose and back. Lexey got to join some club for naughty dogs. Well, isn't that just great. Now she thinks she is the cats meow and more. So the more she does wrong the more she thinks she can tell all her new friends about. Well, I for one am not impressed. All that are with me...throw me a bone or two. I say lets boycott that club and make one of our Own....called the Good dog club coz we are the ones who make moms and dads life easier. Not the naughty dog club members. They Stink. They keep our moms and dads so busy cleaning up their messes and worrying about them that it takes away from ME time. I for one am sick of it. All for one and one for all for the Good dog club Say..TREAT!!!! Rio...plain and sick of his sister Lexey....Woof Woof!!!


Mamas tears..

April 2nd 2006 7:53 am
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Mom has been crying all day long. It seems like only yesterday that my big sister Sophie was here with us. The Vet came out and gave Sopie two shots...way to much medicine and it ended up making Sophie so sick she had to be sent to heaven. spoke to another specialist about me and my bad kidneys. Seems they are full of cyst or something like that. He told mom I probably would only live to be five. HEY..I am going to be four this year. That really sent mom off to the deep end of heart pain. She tries so hard to keep me healthy. She loves her furkidz just like we were human and she only lives for us. How come that Vet had to tell mom that. I may live to be a hundred. I am sure gonna try real hard not to get sick. I eat that awful food that is supposed to help my kidneys not work so hard. Its OK mom..I promise to try and stay for a long long time. Are moms are the best and if they only knew how much we love them and even if we have to leave...we really never leave their side. Our spirits are always with them. Sophie Marie comes all the time and tells me about her adventures at the bridge. If only mama knew too, what I know. Sophie is all whole again and is not hurting from those old shots any more. We miss her so much though and wish she were here to be a knothead again. OH well, guess I will go and play with Lexey. She is alot like Sophie only more of a goof and a pest. She plays to rough at times and mom scolds her for me. Well, I gotta go see if Lexey dug some more holes in the yard. hehehehehe...shes a good hole digger.
Rio....planning on staying around for a long long time....keep your paws crossed for me.


Whats it like in doggie heaven???

April 8th 2006 10:34 am
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I just want to know about this bridge thingy. Mom has been told I will not live very long and she is so sad. My kidneys have cyst in them and I guess they just keep growing untill there is no more good kidney left to take care of all the bad things that have to go through them. Mom says she will not give up on me that I have to stay with her coz she does not want any other doggie but me. So, in case something happens is the Bridge a nice place to be? Can I still visit mom and play with her and keep her from being sad? Do I get all the squeaker toys I can play with and are there sheep up there to herd? I just wondered coz if I have to go I want to be prepared. If any of you want mom wants me to ask all of you to pray hard for me and to remember me in your prayers at night. She says the power of prayer is really strong and she wants me to stay with her many more years. See, yesterday was my birthday and I just turned four. If I am lucky, the vet told mom I MIGHT live to be five. HEY>>>>I am going to show that old vet that I am going to live to be at least 100 and maybe longer. At least in doggie years. Mom is scared and I see her tears somedays when she starts worrying alot. So if you want, please pray for me and for mom. She says dog lovers are the best people around and I have to agree. HEHEHEHHE...since I am a dog, I only want dog lovers and OK cat lovers too to pray hard.
Dogster prayers are strong and if anyone can get through to God it has to be dog lovers, specially since Dog is God Backwards. Sending Aussie kisses...
and our thanks. Rio....


Life is good...Thank you for praying for me.

April 30th 2006 7:06 pm
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Well, I have been feeling great. No stomach ache, no problem with nausea. I have been eating my food really good and moms smile shows me I must be alittle better. I hate being sick and eating that awful food but if it will help me stay longer with mom I will do just that. I had to write in my diary how nice everyone has been to me. I have alot of new friends that pray for me and I want to thank them so much. I send you a paw bow and a big AHWOOOF..woof.. Thats thanks so much. I hope to stay around for a long time.
Now, if you could read the signs I have posted about Lexey...hehehee. Free to good home....I think mom found them all though and has taken them down. She sure is a pest but some times she is fun to play with. Hope every dogster is having a great day. Rio...


Meeting new Dogster Pals. Pray for me and Little Bit and- all those that need your prayers.

May 25th 2006 6:18 pm
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I have so much love and support from some of my new dogster pals and I just wanted to thank them. Little Bits mommie and daddy have been so wonderful. Even with their baby having cancer...they have taken the time to pray for me. Little Bits daddy made me a "Cyst Be Gone" sign. How wonderful was that. He does not even know me but he took time out to do this for me and my mom. Mom worries alot about me and she prays for me along with all the other baby doggies that need prayers. Little Bit has become very special to mom and to me. So if you pray for me...please add Little Bit in your prayers too. DIE CANCER DIE...AND CYST BE GONE!! I believe in miracles and with all of your prayers...Little Bit and I may just prove all those ole Vets wrong!! Thank you for reading my diary and for praying for me.

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