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Angel wings to soon...writings from Rainbow bridge

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Happy belated birthday baby girl.

January 14th 2011 9:19 pm
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I miss you sweet Sophie. I miss you each and every day that I breathe. You were such a good baby girl and I hope you know how much mommy loves you. Are you guarding heavens gate just like you did your front door? Are you still scolding me from above when you know I have worked to long. Coming through the door after work is not the same without your ahroooos. God how I miss you. Sending you all my love and hugs and kisses to you baby girl. I will love you forever and always. Mom


It always comes back to this...

April 4th 2009 10:26 pm
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I try to always remember you as you were. My heart, my soul, my best friend. We were one you and I. Never leaving your side during any of your health issues...I was always there. No vet would treat you without me. It was as if they knew I needed to be there, and you needed me there. You made me laugh the way you used to scold me when I was late. You always greeted me with a toy and a wag and I knew when I entered the door you would be there to greet me. You were and will always be my heart. It always comes back though to those last days when I should have listened to my heart. I was so afraid of the shot the vet was going to give to you. I did not know it would be four times the amount that you should have been given. I miss you My beautiful Sophie Marie. I fear I shall always miss you. Your spirit remains with me. I fear I will always blame myself for not listening to what my heart was telling me. You may have been with me longer if not for a stupid mistake. How do I live with that. You see it always comes back to that. A mistake. A careless mistake that cost you your life.
The tears flowed freely today as I thought about our last day together. As usual you tried to comfort my pain. You knew me so well. There could be no comfort though..because I had to let you go. It was four years ago today that my heart broke into a million pieces. It still has not healed. I miss you still and I always will. I love you so much my beautiful Sophie Marie. I send you kisses through the clouds across the stars and can only pray you feel my love. You remain forever and ever a part of my heart. Your mommy forever and ever and ever.


To many angels arriving at the bridge...

June 4th 2008 8:07 am
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Our hearts weep for all the familys that have lost their doggies that have made their journey to the bridge. Any leaving our familys is way to soon. We understand the pain of making the decision..and we know the tears flow freely from our human familys eyes each time the decision has to be made. I just wanted to tell all those humans left behind that the bridge is a beautiful place. Full of joy and Pleasures. We are free from pain of our humanly bodies. Our spirits continue to be with you and we feel each and every tear that is shed. We know that love is never ending and the only thing missing at the bridge is our family. Though we do not wish for them to leave their humanly bodies...we wish we could travel through space and feel just one more hug and play one more game of fetch with you. We wish you could see us as puppies again and see us romp and play and dig into all the treats that are here at the land of rainbows. Since we can not do that...we send each of you angel kisses through the heavens, past all the stars....and hope you feel them in your dreams. We wuff our familys and miss them ever so much. Love to all those hurting...On angel wings....Miss Sophie Marie....


So many many memories...

April 4th 2008 4:12 pm
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I knew today would be hard sweet Sophie...but the tears...its like a river...never ending. It was not your time...we had more memories to make and more walks to take together. God how I miss you. I miss your gentleness and your beautiful personality. I miss how you always greeted me with your special vocal ahroooooooooooos. I was always so glad to walk in the door and find you waiting for me. Even when you scolded me when I was would only be a moment and you would get your toy....and all was forgiven. We should have had more days to share together. I will never understand how someone could make the mistake that cost you your life. She knew how much you meant to me. She knew how hard we had worked to keep you up and well. To lose you because of a mistake is the cruelest joke of all. I thought today would be easier...but it wasn't. My heart breaks over and over and over....and I miss you still. I hope you feel my love at the bridge..and I hope you know...our circle will never be complete..until I reach heaven...and hold you in my arms again. I love you baby very much. Kisses being sent all the way to heaven.....Your mommy....


I will never forget....

April 3rd 2008 4:21 pm
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My beautiful Sophie. How can it be that you have been gone from me now for three years. It seems like only yesterday that I heard your ahroooooooos and felt you lying next to me. I miss you baby girl. I think I always will. You were my child, my heart, my best friend and I love you. Tomorrow is not a day to its the day that my heart broke into a zillion pieces when I had to let you go. You are and shall always be with me and I will miss you until the day we see each other again at the Land of Rainbows. Tomorrow was not because I did not love you that I set you was because of HOW much my heart loved you that I set your body free from the pain caused by a stupid mistake. I hope the Vet remembers tomorrow....I hope she feels how much my heart still aches for you and that as she remembers...she never makes another mistake like the one that caused your body to shut down. I love you baby girl....I miss you...and I just wanted you to know...I will never ever forget you. Love your mommy....Sending kisses and hugs and all my love to the Land of Rainbows...I hope God gives you your belly rubbs and your favorite treats...I love you baby girl...


Akita kisses...

February 12th 2008 6:21 pm
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Today mommy walked by a pet store....and saw an akita puppy. She stopped and went in for puppy kisses. For a moment as she held that little one close...I saw her smile...but the smile left and the puppys fur was covered in her tears. I could tell she was remembering the first time she held me and got her first akita kiss from me. As she held that puppy close and burried her face in its fur....I knew she missed me as much the day I had to leave. Our lives are to short ..we need more time to spend with those humans that love us as if we were their child. Thats what I was to my mommy...her baby girl. I knew mom was wishing...that it was me she was holding...and wanting have me back home again....scolding her...bringing her my toys...and giving her those akita kisses she loved so much. Even though it truly is a short time until we have our is still to long until mommy can hold me again. She loves me as much that first day....and each day after that our bond formed. We were one her and I. We did everything together. She misses me....and as I see the tears...I wish I could tell her...I miss her too. I love you mommy...can you hear my ahrooooooooooos. I send you Akita kisses from heaven....and I feel them being sent right back to me. I promise you mommy....I will wait until that day you cross that bridge to the land of Rainbows..and we are together again. I love you...furever and always.........Your baby girl, Sophie Marie....


There are times my heart breaks all over again and again...

February 25th 2007 7:56 pm
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Beautiful Sophie Marie, wasn't it just yesterday when we were walking down the street together. You loved going for walks. Wasn't it just yesterday that I heard your scolding me and then saw that twinkle in your eyes and knew you were as glad to see me as I was to finally be home with you. You brought me so much love and laughter. You were the light in each day we shared and the joy that made my heart smile. I found a poem today it made me think of you. So today for you...this poem written by Terri Onotato:

She Waits for ME

Before the dawn of morning
on a hillside soft and green
I see a shadow in the mist
and know she waits for me.

The yellow moon her backdrop,
the stars above her glow,
her eyes illuminate the night
and beckon to my soul,

The softly veiled expanse that lies
between her world and mine.
Reveals a tiny ray of light
where hope eternal shines.

The tiny light of promise starts
where earth and heaven meet.
and in her eyes I see that I
need ONLY to Believe.

A gentle breeze is escort to
the early morning dawn
and for the slightest moment then
we breathe the air as one.

A song bird greets the sunlight
rising high above the trees
and as her shadow joins the morning light
I know she waits for me.

The world in which pure love resides:

This place belongs to everyone
and when your time on earth is done
you'll travel here as all souls do
no fear or pain will follow you.

Until the day your journey starts
you'll find me tucked inside your heart
and when you feel our distance vast
Your whispered words will bring me back.

This I promise you my friend,
we'll be together once again
and all the love our hearts can hold
will join as one our whispering souls.
And there she waits for me.

I will love you always my Sophie Marie and until that day when we meet again...I know you wait for me. Sending you hugs and kisses all the way to the land of rainbows. I miss you so very much. Your mommy


I would have been thirteen...

January 8th 2007 7:32 pm
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To the most beautiful baby girl in the whole wide universe, Happy Thirteenth birthday baby girl. I wish so much that you were here for me to lavish you with belly rubs and lots of treats and toys. I would hug you close to my heart and never let you go. I miss you as much today as that awful day April fouth when I had to set your spirit free. They say that is the greatest gift of love that we can give to our beloved friend when they are suffering. I would rather have not given you that gift. If I could, I would search the heavens and bring you home again to share another eleven years with me. So in honor of your birthday, I am sending you kisses, hugs and all my love to you at the land of Rainbows. I miss you baby girl and our love for each other will live on forever. Love you forever and ever, your mom



January 7th 2007 7:18 pm
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Every night I pray you will come in my dreams sweet Sophie. I have missed you so very very much. It does not seem possible that you left me over a year ago. Wasn't it just yesterday that you were ahrooo rooing scolding me for coming home late from work. How does time go so quickly yet seemingly stop. My life without you has not been the same. The guilt I carry in my heart will not leave. I feel like I let you down baby girl. Tomorrow you would have been thirteen. You should still be here for us to celebrate our life together and the day that you were born. What a glorious gift God gave to me the day he created you. You are loved to the moon and back and that will never change. I love you baby girl. Tomorrow the birthday wish I send to you, is that I hope you are happy and pain free at the bridge. I hope all the love I gave to you made you happy. You made each day we shared alittle brighter, happier and full of so much love. Thank you baby girl, for blessing my life and for loving me. Your mommy, Happy Birthday baby girl. You are and forever in my heart.


It should be a Happy day, Instead I am at the bridge- celebrating without mom

January 5th 2007 2:38 pm
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January eight would have been my thirteenth birthday. I am sure I would have made it to thirteen if not for the mistake of the vet that was caring for me. So Monday, instead of cake and belly rubs from mom, instead of walks and singing from mom...there will only be me alone at the bridge, and mom without me in tears. She misses me so much and has never gotten over the reason I had to leave. When I was with mom we would always have a giant celebration of love and birth coz she was so happy that God had created me. We celebrated our love and devotion for each other on my special day. We always spent the whole day together. So Monday, I will watch over mom from above and see her tears and wish with all my heart that I could still be with her celebrating our love...and my birthday. Mom will light a candle and she will look to the stars and send me her love...and at that same time..I will be sending her akita kisses from heaven. I love you mommy and even though I am not with you, our love continues and someday we will see each other again. So please, on January Eighth, remember the good memories we made together and remember always, Eternity is forever and that is where we will share our love again. I love you forever and ever and ever.
Sophie Marie

I miss you sweet Sophie. I always will. On your birthday there can be no celebration because you will not be here for me to hug and kiss and tell you how much you mean to me. I will remember our memories but they still bring tears coz if I could, I would reach through the stars, search the heavens and bring you home again. I love you baby girl. Your mommy

Loss of A Pet
For those who have lost a pet.
I stood by your bed last night
I came to have a peep
I could see that you were crying
you found it hard to sleep

I whined to you softly
as you brushed away a tear
It's " me" I haven't left you
I'm well, I'm fine, I'm here

I was close to you a breakfast
I watched you pour your tea
You were thinking of the many times
your hands reached down to me.

I was with you at the shops today
your arms were getting sore
I longed to take your parcels
I wish I could do more

I was with you at my grave today
you tend to it with such care
I want to reassure you
that I am not lying there

I walked with you towards the house
as you fumbled for the key
I gently put my paw on you
I smiled and said "its me"

You looked so very tired
you sank into a chair
I tried so hard to let you know
that I was standing there

Its possible for me
to be so near everyday
to say to you with certainty
" I never went away"

You sat there very quietly
then smiled like you knew
in the stillness of the evening
I was very close to you

The day is over
smile and you yawning
and say goodnight, god bless
I'll see you in the morning

And when the time is right for you
to cross the brief divide
I'll rush across to meet you
and we'll stand side by side

I have so many things to show you
there is so much for you to see
Be patient, live your journey out
then come home to be with me
Author Unknown

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