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Monster the pug....

My Tail of Devotion for Monster

November 20th 2007 9:38 pm
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Monster, my sweet Buddha pug, I don't even know where to start. You are the most amazing creature to ever enter my life. I knew it when you were 8 weeks old, and we picked you out of all the beautiful puppies at the breeders. We had been set on getting a female, as your brother Filo had a tendency to be a little "cranky" with other dogs. Alas, the breeder had no females. It was fate I am sure. You were the one I needed all along. Filo didn't think it was a hot idea to have you in the family at first, but now, he loves his little brother too. The two of you, Dr. Evil and Mini Me!!

Within the first week or two of your arrival to your home, I got really sick with a terrible sinus infection. I put you in a little box and you rode in the car with me to the doctor. You eventually crawled up behind my neck and were like a "pug shawl", hysterical! You have always stayed by my side when I am sick or sad. When I got food poisoning when we were at the cabin, you stayed in bed with me all night and day. You wouldn't have even got up to go to the potty if dad hadn't scooped you up and taken you outside.

When you were a pup, you would play with the biggest dogs at the park. Your best friends were a rottie and a dobie. You had no idea you were 8 lbs! As the years go by, you don't play as much, but every now and then, a dog will put that spark in your eye, and you will start the "crazy pug run". That always makes me smile.

We have shared so many wonderful times. The time we went to the ocean, Iron Springs, and you were so excited to be there, running figure 8's in the sand, then you ran straight into the stream (the springs). You had no idea it was there, cut into the sand. The look on your face I will never forget! I wrapped you up and kept you warm till we got back to the cabin. The next few days were filled with laughter and romps in the sand, spending all day walking up and down the beach. The times we have spent traveling, to Whistler, to Priest Lake, Wenatchee, have been so wonderful, but also are the times, quiet in the living room with a fire in the fireplace, watching a movie. You and your sister Bella are the best cuddlers in the world!

Your character is truly amazing. Your expressions can make me laugh out loud on even the darkest day. You are a clown, a Buddha, a diplomat, a charmer, a snuggler, a lover, my best friend. You are my "life dog". You fill my heart with so much love that I think at times it could burst. Monster, you will be a part of my heart and soul for eternity. I pray that we have many, many more years together here on earth.

I love you more than words could ever say.


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