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The Best Lady Dawg In Texas

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In Loving Memory of My Lady, The Best Dog Ever

September 22nd 2013 3:48 pm
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In Loving Memory Of My Texas Lady
Spring 1998 – September 3, 2013

“God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in Heaven
and if it takes my dogs being there, I believe they will be there.” ~ Billy Graham

My sweet and precious Lady, where in the world do I start?
You’ve been a terrific blessing and friend who truly captured my heart.

You were born in 1998 in Uvalde, Texas.
Troy picked you from a litter of pups.
He knew you were the bestest.
He took you home to love you and you loved him too.
He taught you tricks, all kinds of them, fetching and dropping was so fun for you.

On the Batesville ranch, you grew big and strong.
You played with Cooney all day long.
You were so happy and carefree, exploring hundreds of acres of land.
You, my dear buddy, were living a life so special and wonderfully grand.

When Jim and Troy told you to “load up,” you were so excited
And into the bed of the truck you’d jump.
You felt so totally delighted.
You’d ride all over the ranch with your fur blowing in the wind.
You’d bark, “Wow! I hope those humans let me do this time and time again.”

After Troy moved to Georgetown, who knew what would come next?
You had a litter of pups and once again, you were blessed.
One of your daughters became my puppy girl.
Katy definitely was born to brighten up my world.

Five months after that event, you came to live with Granny.
You and Katy played all day and checked out every nook and cranny.
You were to stay just a month at your Granny’s house,
But I’m pleased to say, it turned into nearly ten years.
I wouldn’t trade a single day for the happiness, loyalty, and now, so many heartfelt tears.

You and Katy were quite a pair.
You had a loving and treasured relationship so very, very rare.
A mother / daughter duo so close and so dear.
You made my life enjoyable watching you two for all those fun-filled years.

You’d run like the wind without stopping
Except when you’d pause to catch sweet Mr. Bunny.
Granny didn’t think that was very funny.
She hollered, “Lady! Drop!”
That’s just what you did allowing Mr. Bunny to safely continue to hop.

You were so pleased when you brought me your toys.
It didn’t matter which one it was, Gino, Ali, Fishy, or Piggy who made a noise.
The glow in your eyes showed you were proud.
“Good job,” I said, praising you out loud.

A very sad day came in 2006 when you were only eight.
Kari and Dr. Dave found a tumor, the size of it was great.
The surgery was successful and you recovered fast.
I’m so thankful they saved your life.
You beat the cancer that didn’t have a chance to last.

My precious old girl, you never left my side
Which meant so much to me, your faithfulness never died.
The precious heartbeats at my feet, a daily happening that’s hard to beat.
I’ll treasure the memories we had that made our days complete.

Your twilight years were special just like your younger days.
Oh my goodness, Lady. Dogs like you I wish for all is what I pray.
I’ve learned so much from you, my super amazing friend.
I hated the thought that one day your time on Earth would end.

Your quality of life was failing more and more each day.
Give me guidance, Lord, for months I would pray.
The hardest thing I’ve ever done was deciding you must rest.
I knew I must let you go and do what I thought to be best.

You didn’t want to say good-bye because you knew we’d grieve.
We told you each in our own way that it was okay to leave.
That look in your eyes, always so full of trust, was asking that we let you go.
You’re tired and we know it. It’s okay for you to do so.

About a week before you left and while you were still in bed
Katy licked you on your nose and smelled your sweet, soft head.
You were a dear mother to her, always patient and so kind.
I know you will always be in Katy’s heart and mind.

I told you that you’re special and good, filled with a love so true.
No matter what the circumstance, you always knew what to do.
I stroked you softly and looked into your big, brown eyes, the windows to your soul.
Thank you, my Lady Dawg, for making our lives full and whole.

You barked in the sunshine and when you could, you walked every day.
Now the time has come for you to be on your way.
We’ll miss you on our walks and how you chased the cattle
But we know you’ll be free at the Rainbow Bridge leaving behind the aging dog’s battle.

Amy loaded you in her SUV and in the back we lay.
We were all stretched out for the trip to Hillsboro which seemed not far enough away.
I hugged you much and talked to you and said, “You are the best dog ever.”
My super friend and companion, my thoughts of you will leave me never.

The Rainbow Bridge is waiting and you’ll meet lots of new pals.
I know Cooney will be there to greet my remarkable old gal.
You’ll run like a champ every day of the week
And like you did at home, you’ll always be ready to “speak.”
“Woof! Woof! Woof!”

You’ll say to Cooney, “Friend, I’ve missed you. I’m glad I’m finally here.
Now we can continue and do as we did at the Batesville ranch we loved so dear.
We’ll run all over the flowering meadows and swim in the creek.
We’ll chase bees, birds, and frogs and little mice that squeak.”

We arrived at Dr. Dave’s about 4:00 p.m. that day.
Oh Lord, may we go back home? I want to watch my Lady play.
I had to come to my senses and do what’s right for you.
It was such a heartbreaking and difficult time for your Granny to go through.

In the room you visited so many times,
Amy and I knew it wouldn’t be long before you’d feel just fine.
Yes, my girl, this room is where you found your peace.
Dr. Dave led you to the Rainbow Bridge so gently, softly, and sweet.

You didn’t go alone, my dear and serene friend.
Part of my heart went with you as you reached your journey’s end.
A soul as gentle as a butterfly with devotion so real and true.
I’ll never forget you, Lady.
Thank you for letting me share part of my life with you.

We came back home and buried you, girl, where you will forever lay
under our beautiful Live Oak tree where we spent many a day.
You always sat so tranquilly by your Granny’s side.
We so enjoyed the solitude just watching the world go by.

I will sing our songs to just Katy now, but she will be able to tell
As each time I sing in the years to come, they’ll be songs for you as well.
She’ll hear “you are my sunshine” and “you’re the reason I’m living,”
Special words to both my girls, pups who were so forgiving.
“How much is that doggy in the window,” a favorite song so swell,
Forever in my mind, my dearest Lady, you’ll always dwell.

Right now, I need to mourn, my heart so needs to mend.
Though some may say, “She’s just a dog.” I know I've lost a best friend.
My constant companion and loyal pal, my dog I won't forget.
You'll live for always in my heart, my awesome and adorable pet.

KALO forever to you, my tender canine soul.
You will always be Granny’s sunshine, a dog as pure as gold.
Your paw prints will forever be etched upon my heart.
In my mind you’ll be there always, we’ll never really be apart.

My Lady Dawg, you were so pretty just like a yellow rose.
These words written in your memory must now come to a close.
You know you were loved and how much we cared.
We thank you for the sunshine you gave us and all the years we shared.

Rest In Peace, my joyful girl! I'll see you again one of these days!

Granny and Katy

"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog." - Sydney Jeanne Seward


Thank you to the Dogster community!

January 9th 2011 9:12 am
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I am so honored to be chosen as "Dog of the Day" today, January 9, 2011. I feel so very special and loved. You woofers are all so pawsome and have truly made my day. My bio-daughter, Katy, and my human Granny thank you too.

I'm 12 1/2 years old now and hope I'll be around for many more years. I am so very loved and happy. Even though I'm getting older, I'm doing really well in spite of beating cancer when I was 8. I still love to run like the wind, scare cows by running up on them, go on a Mr. Squirrel hunt with Katy, please Granny by bringing her my toys, take our daily walks, and well, I'm just totally loving life.

Big woofs to one and all!!


A Christmas Gift From My Forever Friend, Portos

December 24th 2007 4:07 pm
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Wow, what an exciting afternoon this has become.

My wonderful friend Portos, who is a beautiful angel at the Rainbow Bridge, and his pack have given me a subscription to DogsterPlus. Granny, Katy, and I are just so thrilled and honored because of this. We are so touched by such generosity that we don't even know how to begin to thank him, his pack, and his humans.

We have delighted in knowing we have forever friends in Italy and even though some of them are now at the Bridge, they will all be in our hearts now and always.

Granny is really a sentimental human and as she is typing this entry for my diary, she is crying. Christmas time often brings many memories back to her of those no longer with us and this wonderful gift from a special doggie boy really gets the tears flowing. She just finished listening to the song on Portos' page and hearing how much he meant to his family. It's a tear-jerker for sure.

Merry Christmas to all my dear friends, and may you and yours have a blessed holiday season and may the very best come your way in 2008.

With deep gratitude and undying love,


One Year Cancer Survivor

September 1st 2007 7:35 am
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In July, I became a one-year cancer survivor from the mast cell tumor that was removed and given a high-stage two rating. I'm doing fine and feel really good right now. I'm energetic and love to play, run, and bark. When I don't mind and go into the neighbor's pasture and the cows come running at me, I run like the wind toward them and they take off running in the opposite direction. Woof! I love doing that.

Right now, Granny is treating Katy for cornea lacerations and Katy is wearing the stylish collar I wore after my cancer surgery. Every time mom has to "doctor" Katy's eyes, I run to her with her stuffed basketball and lick her face to comfort her. Then we both get a treat, Katy for being good during the doctoring and I for caring so much about my canine daughter and giving her lots of moral support.

Now that Katy can hardly manuever her basketball because of the collar, I'm forever picking it up and acting like it's mine. She used to grab it away from me, but now pretty much ignores it because until she gets that collar off, I have control over her ball. Woof!! It's fun, but I still want her to get better really soon.


Results From My Tumor Surgery

August 3rd 2006 3:34 pm
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Monday afternoon, July 24, my sutures were removed and the report was given. He called it a mast cell tumor; it was malignant. They're rated on a scale of 1 - 3 with 3 the worst and mine was a high 2. I believe he said the ratings mean aggression.

Granny asked if it were in my mammary gland and he said, "No." So it was just near it and there, and it just happens. :o(

I'm a happy girl and seem to be fine except for the hot weather which is not fun for anyone. I play, run, roll, make noise while on my back, eat well, act like a puppy, "speak" when I'm hungry, run like the wind in spite of the heat, and all the other good things. Most of all, I am ever so loving and wonderful so said Granny.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for me. Granny said Katy and I are definitely two very bright lights in her life.

Time will tell what happens next. Granny has been instructed to check me all over for other lumps should they appear. Wow!! That means I'm going to get a whole lot of full body massages. BOL!!

We're all hoping this dumb cancer won't come back and that all will be well. I've got lots more things I want to do before I get old. I just love life!!

Lots of paws, licks, and woofs to all...........


Today was my surgery!

July 13th 2006 5:19 pm
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I'm home now from my mammary gland tumor surgery that I had today. I'm pretty worn out and a bit sore. I can't even have any food or water until tomorrow. I've looked everywhere for water, but Granny is making sure I won't find any. It's only 102 degrees today!! Ugh!

The vet said I did really well with the surgery, but the tumor was harder to remove than first thought. It was not encapsulated like he would have liked it to be because if it were, it would have come out easily. Unfortunately, the surgery was very invasive. He had to cut quite a bit around it and into my muscles. The worst part is that it was extremely vascular which, of course, is not a good thing. The tumor's size was like that of a golf ball but spead out in an oval shape.

The tumor was sent off to be biopsied but we won't get any results for about 10 days. Please God, don't let it be cancer. The tumor's size was like that of a golf ball but spead out in an oval shape.

The vet and his wife think I'm quite the sweetheart which I am. :o) Granny says my beautiful eyes are the windows to my loving soul.

When Granny came to get me this afternoon, I heard her voice in the waiting room and started barking. I was so excited to hear her.

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. Please continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers.


My Tail of Devotion for Lady

July 3rd 2006 7:50 am
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My precious Lady,

The day your dad asked me to care for you because he had to move from the house with the big yard in Georgetown to an apartment, I never would have guessed how important you would become to me. Sometimes jobs cause changes, and he just had to do what he had to do. He loves you so and knew you would be much happier with free room to romp and play living with Granny out in the country.

You are the epitome of peace and contentment. When you look at me with those gorgeous big brown eyes, I truly know they are the windows to your kind soul. You are wonderful and another light in my life; I will forever be devoted to you.

Watching you get as excited as a puppy when I mention treat-treat, go for a walk-walk, or load up (in the back of the truck) only brings more joy to the day. Tears fill my eyes when you run around making Rat-Tat squeak and bouncing that stuffed rat up and down on the ground. They are tears of joy that come because I think you're adorable, and I know you are very happy.

Thank you Lady for all the goodness you have brought to this home, and thank you too for giving birth to Katy, my other little girl. When your dad chose you as his pick of the litter, he certainly named you well because you really are quite a lady.

Thank you for loving me so in your sweet gentle way. You are special, and you make me feel special too.

I will always love you.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

See All Tails of Devotion


My Blood Work Report Was Wonderful!!

June 22nd 2006 10:12 am
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Granny just talked to the vet and he said I have a clean bill of health as far as the geriatric blood work showed. If my tumor is cancerous, it hasn't metastasized to my organs. Woof! Woof!

My surgery is scheduled for July 13 to remove the mammary gland tumor. Granny could have had it done on June 30 but because the vet will be out of town for 10 days after that, she didn't feel comfortable just in case the surgery causes any complications. She wants him close by because she loves me ever so much.

So July 13 is the day. Can you imagine I can't have any food or water 12 hours before the surgery. In this summer heat, omd! Grrrrr!


I Hope I'm Okay!

June 21st 2006 7:36 pm
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On June 13, Granny took Katy and me to the vet for our shot boosters, heartworm tests, and several other things. The visit was okay except I couldn't wait to get out of there.

All was going pretty well until a lump was felt in one of my mammary glands. That really concerned Granny. She called her son (my dad) and let him know about it. Well, he wants done what needs to be done so Granny took me back on Monday, June 19, to have more blood drawn to check for geriatric problems. The vet wanted to make sure all my organs are functioning properly before he gives me an anesthetic for the surgery.

Granny is supposed to find out the results tomorrow or Friday and then the surgery can be scheduled. She and my dad are very worried because I'm getting up a little in years.

I won't get to run and play until I recover from my operation but I trust God will see me through it all, and I'll feel better quickly. I must not be down for long because I can't let Katy have all the fun. BOL!!


Granny, I'm Not a Cat!!

May 29th 2006 4:13 pm
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Granny said I clean myself the way a cat does. I'm always licking my legs and paws and then using my paws for washing my face. She gets a big kick out of that because it's funny to see a large dog acting like a kitty cat.

I make really loud lapping noises too while I'm taking care of my personal hygiene. That can sometimes be annoying when Granny is trying to sleep, but I will tone down the noise if she asks me very nicely to do so.

Anyway Dear Diary, I just wanted you to know I'm ALL Dog even though I have some kitty habits. Meowoof!!

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