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"Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!.."

Dear Diary,

July 15th 2005 9:36 am
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Well here I am, almost 6 years old and writing my first entry! My typical day is laying on the futon watching mommy work and taking naps. Sometimes mommy takes me for rides with her if she has to run to the store real quick. I love to go for rides! I don't get on the couch anymore, mom and dad bought leather furniture and I don't like it! That's okay, grandma made a real big soft bed for me to lay on when they are watching tv in the living room. Most of my day is just hanging out and checking my scooby doo watch for walkie time. When the little hand is on the 5 and the big hand on the 12, I let her know it's time to go for a walk. Then we call Ed and Heidi to go for a walk with us. She has a watch too, so she usually let's her daddy know the time in case he isn't paying attention. After we walk, we come home and watch a little tv until it's nite-nite time. Sometimes I'll just go back to bed without mommy or daddy (he travels alot anyway) and get the good spot on the bed before them.

I will write more later, but mommy is going to the store and said I can go!!

P.S. To my cousin Barley who thinks he is sooo smart because he opens the fridge and gets his mom a beer, top this trick, I trained my mommy to go get her own beer! :)

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