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The World According to Maggie

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March 18th 2006 8:03 am
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As you can see from my latest photo I did indeed attend the St. Paddy's Day Pawtee last night. Woodie, the barktender, kept me in good supply of my favorite Irish Margaritas and they were simply delicious! He also gave some ever so funny toasts. The boys did an excellent job in obtaining the transportation, as you can see if you take our stroll at Westies Unite, Pawtee. And Bella looked just lovely in her (oh so snug) dress. Ichabod had some trouble with the green fire engine and had to be rescued or else he and Maddie would never had made the pawtee. Attie and Duncan were busy all night trying to get everyone to vote for our group name. And being from Florida you can guess what kind of fiasco that turned out to be! But at the end of the pawtee a winner had been selected and all is well. Congrats to Duncan Tryon for entering the winning name of MacHighlanders of the Moors. Spooky finally made it to the pawtee, somewhat late, but better late than never. I am not feeling very chipper this morning so I may just chill out the rest of the day. Good job Attie and Duncan.
Hung over,


Lets Pawteeeeee Tonight!

March 17th 2006 10:57 am
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Today is St. Paddy's Day and my Westie Unite Group is having a pawtee tonight. The whole pack is coming: Attie, Duncan, Dixie, Ichabod, Madison, Bella, Duncan Tryon, Woodie, Sabbuca, Isabella, and countless others. Spooky is even trying to talk his mom into letting him join in the fun.
We are going to have a blast. The boys are always in rare form and there is no telling what will happen. This is my first pawtee and I am very excited. Mom has made me a pawtee dress with matching undies. Of course it is green for the ocassion. We will be having all sorts of snacks and drinks: eveything will be either green or Irish. Of course the younger ones will be drinking green Kool-Aid as they are to young for alcohol!!
I will write in my diary tomorrow and tell everything that happens. (Well maybe not everything)
Until tomorrow!!!



March 15th 2006 10:56 am
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Is that fresh strawberries and whipped cream I see on the counter??!!? I think it is! Yes, that is what I see!! Oh boy I get to break my diet tonight. I just love strawberry shortcake!!!! Besides ICE CREAM it is one of my favorite deserts. Thank you Mom!!!!!
Not losing any weight tonight!



March 14th 2006 8:07 am
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Oh, how I love the Spring! The weather is so nice here. All the plants are blooming. The grapevine is budding out, so that means no more cold! Daddy says so. I love being in the yard. The birds are starting to look for nesting places in MY trees and I hate that. Mom says she is going to put a sock in my mouth if I don't stop barking at them! I do have a tendency to get carried away at times!
Mom has a purple pool for me to play in this Summer. I can't wait!! It was bought as a whelping bed but since I had the little girl operation, I can use it to swim in instead!! Yipee!! I'm sure swimming in it will be more fun than taking care of whimpering puppies would have been. Daddy wanted the puppies but when Mom was the recipient of 2 attacks against her while trying to protect me from Oreo (who isn't a Westie) she put her foot down and took care of that problem forever!!! THANK YOU MOM! KISSES, KISSES, and MORE KISSES!!!!!
Well I need to help Mom do some yardwork so better go for now.
Basking in the sunshine in Florida,


WOW! What a day!!!

March 7th 2006 9:39 am
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This was the day for me to get my stitches out. My mom and dad made an attempt this morning but I wanted nothing to do with it. I am not into being held in a restraining way!!! So, off to Doc Engels we went. The doc was busy with a sick pet so the Receptionist/Assissant was going to make an attempt at getting Mom to hold me while she retrieved the stitches. NOT!!!! As I said, I DO NOT LIKE BEING RESTRAINED! A "backup" was called in and when all was said and done, my stitches were out. But it was no picnic for any of us. Mom said she wasn't taking a chance that I might "nip" someone in the process, so she had them put a muzzle on me!! How humilitating!!!! Then she and the assistant flopped me onto my side while the "backup" grabbed my back legs. Mom pinned me down to the examination table and held on for dear life. In 3 seconds it was over. No more stitches. Well maybe I was a little contrite, but as I said, I don't like being restrained!

To make up for all the wrong done to me, Mom took me to PetSmart for a treat. I got 2 big cans of Pupperoni, a new pink collar and lease (because I am a Girly-girl), a new doggie door for the new addition to the house, and a peanut butter Bark Bar treat shaped like, what else, a CAT!!!

Maybe I could have been better about my stitches and no telling what I could have gotten at PetSmart!!!!!

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day!


What a difference a day makes!

March 1st 2006 4:18 pm
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The morning started off with my wanting to stay in bed. By noon I ventured to the yard, ate a little lunch and finally took in some water. By mid- afternoon, I walked next door with Mom to visit the new puppy, Daisy and by the time my daddy got home from work, I was into looking for squirrels and wanting my treats. I will be as good as new in no time. Getting a Rossette from Atticus Finch (Attie), my Valentine, helped me feel better too.
On the mend,


Don't know who I "hate" right now, my mom or the vet!!!!

February 28th 2006 2:23 pm
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Boy, am I feeling really, really, really lousy right now! My mom got me all excited about going Bye-Bye this morning only to bushwack me!!!! Little did I know she was taking me to the vet for a little girl operation. She didn't tell me it would hurt! After spending 3 days without my daddy, who I miss terribly, she did this to me!!! And to add insult to injury, Doc told her I was too fat and I have to go on a diet! No cookies, no all-day kibbles in my dish, no more lasagne, and NO MORE ICE CREAM!!!!!!! Yikes! Not that! But Mommy, I love my ice cream before I go to bed. I needn't worry tho, my mom can't stay on her own diet so she probably won't follow mine either, hopefully. (This is Mom and I will try really hard to cut her food intake back, as I want to keep her healthy. But a little ice cream once in a while won't hurt!)
See ya!


This Little Girl Thingy is no Fun!

February 22nd 2006 9:52 am
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I am slap-dab in the middle of the little girl thing and hate it. I cannot go out in the yard without a lease or at least the "Doggie No-No Enforcers" breathing down my neck! I can't understand why I can't play with my neighbor, Oreo, anymore. And to add insult to injury, I have to wear a pull-up with a tail hole cut into it while I am in the house!!! How degrading!!!!! But my mom reassures me that next Tuesday I will never have to be humiliated ever again!! Hip-hip-Hurray!!!!! It was Dad who "thought" I, me, wanted puppies! Thank goodness my mom talked some sense into him!!! For once in their 37 year marriage he listened to her, which was a great thing for me!!!!! I love my mommy for taking care of me.

Soon to be liberated!!


Wish the weather would make up it's mind!!!!

January 14th 2006 7:57 am
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Well, we are hunkering down again for a cold, windy day. Only yesterday we were basking in the warm beautiful sun and today we are all bundled up. That is how North Florida weather goes. My mom was able to bear her arms and legs in a tank and shorts to wash our vehicles 2 days ago! Infact I spent nearly the entire day outside in the sunshine. I much prefer those kind of days. This morning I had to put my coat on and fight gusting winds to take my morning potty break. Mom usually leashes me in the yard (it's fenced) early in the morning as I have a tendency to go "wild" with barking at anything and nothing if I am let out alone. The neighbors don't like me much when I do that! But she said it was way too cold to go out in her night clothes this morning. But I was a good girl, being it was so cold , and got straight to the business at hand, and came back in as soon as I was done. I may have been born at night but it wasn't last night!!!! I wasn't staying out in that mess either!!! We will just stay in and try to stay warm today, which suits me just fine.
See ya later!!!


The Night of the "Beast"!!!!

January 10th 2006 4:45 am
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Boy is my mom mad with Gus, my kittie brother, this morning! At about 1:30 a.m. this morning he came down the hall hollering like a cat with his tail caught in the door. When Mom finally fumbled to get her "glass eyes" and her slippers on, Gus had gone into the bathroom. I got up to see what the comotion was all about only to have the door shut right in my face. I could hear Mom raising her voice to Gus saying, "Drop it, Drop it"! Next thing I know, Mom is shoving Gus out the door and telling me to not come in. It turns out that Gus had been on his usual night prowl and had managed to capture a sugar glider. Mom was very thankful Gus had not actually killed the poor little thing and after catching it was able to take it to a tree in the yard and release it to fight again. But boy was she mad with Gus! It isn't like he dosen't get fed as he has a continuous supply of kibble at his beckoned call. Heck, he even uses my bowl as "his" feeding trough! He is following in his brother's pawprints. He was known to bring in some strange things himself, like two bats in one night!!! (1 alive and 1 dead) Dad had to remove that little "prize" as Mom was too scared of it.

Anyway, mom is threatening to close off the kittie door so Gus can't go on those nighttime safaris again. In the meantime I am still chasing the scent of that little glider all over the bathroom.
See ya!

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