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From Winston, at the Bridge and still thinking of others. - 9/20, Plus Friendly Forums

September 21st 2008 3:46 am
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This is WINston XXLP, doing a quick fly-by... So many Dogsters have written to say that my fight to battle back from the Menu Foods/Nutro poisoning has made me source of inspiration and a hero in their eyes. I'll tell you who the real heroes out there are... the rescue people on the front lines battling Puppy Mills and the poor pups that spend their entire lives as breeding livestock.

Today is Puppy Mill Awareness Day. And what better way to honor those heroes than with a donation to a bulldog rescue that is actively removing bullies from the puppy mill breeding population? Here's a recent email from CEBR about their last auction success:

Hello Chicago English Bully Rescue Friends and Supporters!

You most likely read our last email several weeks ago as we were preparing for a
puppy mill rescue mission. I have great news to report! Through generous
donations from friends of rescue we were able to save 14 bullies from a horrific
life in a puppy mill! What a success.

We plan to have a complete Website live by this weekend which will allow you to
get to know each of these girls. The URL:

As you can imagine, it has been a heck of few weeks trying to get all of these
bullies, plus our other beautiful rescues, settled and healthy.



Dearest friend, Winston, is at the Rainbow Bridge

September 20th 2008 2:45 am
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Oh, no no no, we are reading this news of our beloved friend this morning, and the tears are falling and our thoughts are jumbled. Winston, you have been our friend for so so long, your family and we love them with all our hearts. Words are not enough to convey the sadness we have now, there are none right now.


Thank you for signing our Guestbooks!!

September 18th 2008 3:33 am
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To all the pups and kitties who have signed our guestbooks, we thank you so much! Rocky and I appreciate your pictures and messages! We cannot always find your page to thank you with a personal message xo


My friend, Little Moe

September 11th 2008 3:38 am
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Little Moe needs our prayers, and love, his cancer has returned. He is so close in thoughts and our hearts, we have our arms around him and his family.


Welcome Dixie!

August 28th 2008 11:43 am
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Our dear friend, WINston, has a new sister! She is a beautiful and her name is Dixie. We are So happy for Winston and know that Dixie has just the best family!


Our friends, Brandibear and Kubbi are not feeling well- today.

August 19th 2008 10:34 am
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Both of our friends, Brandibear and Kubbi are not feeling well and went to see their beloved Dr. Staci this morning. Please hold a thought of comfort for them both, they are very special and dear to us. Rocky and Sarge


Dogster Hero Contest Essay

August 18th 2008 4:26 am
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we were nominated in a contest for My Dogster Hero, and we nominated Gibbon and Mia, our essay follows:

Rocky and Sarge here, you are so kind those who wrote about us, but we would not be able to accept any recognition. The things we do are for our friends, pals, pups we know and are friends with.

To be a true Dog Hero, you have to do for those pups you Do Not know, and there are two outstanding leaders in that.

For a start, look in the Dogsterholic Group Threads, you can see to see the many many things that they have started and funded out of their pockets and the work and effort, and this is only from One group, there are others that we do not belong to that they are involved and challenging and starting contests to help other pups, pups that they Do Not Know, that need friends or help, they are there.

These two Dog Heros are:

Gibbon 238846
Mia 574824

A "small" list of what these two have done since being on Dogster since 2005:

Adoptoholic Adoptable Pup of the Week, this is done Every week by Mia

1rst Annual Dogsterholiday Contest benefit

2nd Annual Dogsterholiday Contest benfit

lst Annual Adopt 06 Stroll and Contest

2nd Annual Adopt 07 Stroll and Contest

3rd Annual Adopt 08 Stroll and Contest

Helping Dogs with No Pals challenge

Helping Dogs with no page views challenge

Valentine Exchange for Rescue

Contest for Pups have no pals and Matching with a Sponsor Pal

Tis the Season for Giving Contest, several years

Valentine Exchange Party, several years

POWER of the PAW Contest

April Bonnet Contest

Caring and Sharing Contests

They donate to just about every cause that is reputable and helpful

Posting notices for lost pups

Just look at the list, look at their pages, you will never find two more humble and helping pups than Gibbon and Mia.


Roxie's sister, Makia, crossed to the Bridge

August 12th 2008 3:34 am
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Roxie, who is my sweet valentine, her sister, Makia, crossed to the Bridge yesterday. She is a beautiful girl, and we know that many are there to show her the way. We are sending prayers of comfort and love to her wonderful family.


Our friend, sweet LuckyLucy, will be joining Remo at the- Bridge

August 9th 2008 2:15 pm
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We have heard the news that our precious friend, LuckyLucy, will be joining her brother, Remo at the Rainbow Bridge today. It is with the deepest saddness that we write this and there are no words, only thoughts and prayers right now, for this family.


Prayers for Brandibear

August 9th 2008 7:13 am
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We are saying prayers for Brandibear who is waiting test results from her doctor. Power of the Paw.

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