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A little about me!

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Little Moe

December 1st 2007 3:18 am
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We just have had news that Little Moe will be working on regaining good health. He is a sweet friend to so many. We know he will have the support of many friends from Dogster, they are wonderful.


I was tagged for the Christmas Game!

November 29th 2007 10:24 am
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My good friend, Stormy B. Naughty, lovely Gwen, and sweet Lil Miss Mya have tagged me for the Christmas game!

Dear Santa Paws, I am a good doggy, I don't mess up the house and my grandpa was here and wanted to take me home with him to Rocky's, he loves me. I care alot about all our friends - Rocky and my friends - and want them to always be happy and have good health. Thank you, Santa Paws, and stay safe on your travels.

My list is:

1) I want my all friends to feel better every day, especially sweet Winston and Remo.
2) My friends are all very dear to me, please keep them safe.
3) I want to longer need shelters, or have any homeless doggies or kitties.
4) I hope that my brother, Rocky, feels better with his new medicine.
5) I want Dogster to always be here for all of us, we are so lucky.

Thanks Santa Paws! Sarge xoxo


Today is a Special Day for Me!

November 17th 2007 12:01 pm
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Today I was named the Royal Dog of the Week by the Princess Divas and Prince Charming Group! My picture is in a special place on my page, and it makes me so very happy to be given such an honor! I am also the pmail doggy for the group this week as well. Another special honor to be asked. This is such a great day ...... my brother Rocky is 10, and he wrote a Diary entry too. We are very thankful for each of you, you are all very special to us. xoxo


Oh I got a surprise from Winston and Remo!!

November 15th 2007 2:58 am
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Rocky's daddy came to visit me for a week and brought a surprise from Winston and Remo!! He opened his suitcase and I immediately saw something that I looked really neat - it was orange and black and a stuffed Jack - I took it right to my special blanket and had an all day chew fest! It had squeakers in it, too, so I made sure they were all working! It was the Best!
Then, a day later, Rocky's daddy gave me the Witch loofa that Winston and Remo sent me, too! Wow, that had a little broom and hat that I could just chew and squeak! They are the best friends and I just love my gifts so much!!


We got a darling handmade card from Arthur!

November 11th 2007 2:43 am
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Rocky called me today, Arthur's mom made us the Cutest card! It has doggy dishes and food, a collar and leash , a bone and a Bulldog that looks like me, Rocky said! Plus it sparkles, too! That was so nice of Arthur's mommy to make it for us, Rocky is going to send it to me so I can see it!


It's almost Halloween!!

October 11th 2007 2:10 pm
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Wow, it's almost Halloween and we want to thank Sammy and Jeb for our really great Halloween pictures! They made one for Rocky and for me! Happy Halloween!


My Disney Woofday party picture from Otto and Ratty!

August 27th 2007 4:29 pm
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Otto and Ratty made me the neatest picture for Georgia's Disney Woofday Stroll! And a train with everypup on it, too. They are great friends to all pups xoxoxxo


My cool Seal picture for Duke's 2nd Birthday Party!

August 18th 2007 2:18 pm
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Ratty and Otto made Rocky and I and all the Cool Guys group zoo animal pictures for Duke's 2nd Birthday Party today! Plus a zoo train with the whole group in it, too!


The Tagging Game! (see earlier diary!!!)

August 17th 2007 4:06 pm
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Ah, it is so sweet when one so beautiful as little Molly tags me!

Here are some more facts about me:

1. I would rather take a walk than eat!
2. My Daddy and I just moved to a new apartment here in Las Vegas - I have my own room (not really!!)
3. My "brother" Rocky, who lives in Buffalo, and I probably will never get to meet as neither of us like to fly for too long! His Daddy is also my daddy. Reason is: Rocky's mom and dad are my daddy's parents!!
4. I love all my friends so much, and pray for them every day!
5. There is nothing better than Dogster!!


Our Sweet friend, Little Moe is doing Great!!!

July 19th 2007 3:05 pm
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Our good and dear friend, Little Moe found he was sick in January and has been going thr0ugh many chemo treatments. He just got his last CBC results and they are Normal!! We are so happy, we are crying. He worked very hard and bravely to get through some really tough times. So many hugs and lots of love to our sweet friend. xoxox

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