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It's tough being a handsome Schnauzer, but somebody's gotta do it!

The house guest

August 17th 2005 7:30 pm
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My play buddy Jager has come to stay with me for a few weeks. I'm not sure yet if I like that idea. He has made himself at home and is sleeping on my spot on the sofa, barks at me when I eat my food and takes all my stuffed animals away from me. His dad should have taught him to share. But that's ok because I have lots of toys and I hide my favorite ones anyway. I'm not sure I like him sleeping in my Dads bedroom but I'll get used to it. We have fun playing in the back yard. Chasing the birds & squirrels and each other. We have fun putting our heads through the fence and barking at the mail man. Last night we were outside late and went cicada hunting. I think we ate about 4 of those tasty bugs! We went walking in the park today around the pond and barked at the ducks and geese. they honked back at us and jager ran to daddy as quick as his little legs could carry him. Were pretty tired tonight and will sleep good snuggled up with Daddy.

Tommorrow we are going on a day trip out of town. Dad has some work to do. Besides I like going to his office because there is a nice lady that always has my favorite treat for me, Jerky treats.


Going to Memphis for the day

August 14th 2005 7:05 am
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Today we are going to Memphis. My Daddies nephew has come home from Iraq and will now be stationed in Fort Knox. I know my parents are glad to have him back home. Now I have another buddy to play with when he comes over! I had a 'blind date' yesterday with a pretty little salt/pepper female Schnauzer. Her name is Emmie. I don't know if she likes me yet or not because she didn't want to play with me. I think my parents want me to be a daddy. I don't know if I'm ready for that or not we will see. Emmie will be going with us, I hope she is in a better mood today than yesterday. I got up at my ususall time @ 6:30, Mom walked Emmie and Dad walked me. I like having a walking partner we can discover interesting smells and chase the birds and squirrels. I don't know how long Emmie is gonna stay with us but she has already stolen my seat on the sofa and my place next to Dads feet in the bed. We are gonna have fun in Memphis, at least I will! I hope Emmie has a good time too.


An average Friday.

August 12th 2005 7:55 pm
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This morning I awoke at my usual time of 6:30AM, got my human out of the bed . I usually start with lost of kisses to wake him up. If that doesn't work I start digging in the bed. Today was a dig in the bed day, my human just didn't want to go on a walk. I had to go! Lots of mailboxes to pee on and that cat down the street thinks he is so hot. I'll show him! We made our rounds and we came home, While the humans ate their breakfast I was busy chasing squirrels and birds in the back yard. I'm lucky that my family doesn't have to leave me everyday when they have to work. Daddy works from home so I get to spend alot of time in his lap while he works on the computer and looks at all the pretty dogs on Dogster. I like to lay out in the back yard to get some sun while it isn't so hot in the morning. Today I took my nap around 11:30 and slept for about an hour while Daddy worked. In the afternoons I usually play with my buddy Jeager, the Miniature Pinscher. We like to play chase and hide and seek with one another. For a little fella Jeager sure can chow down on the grub! He eats more than I do! Right after supper I take Daddy for another walk cause he needs to loose some weight and I'm trying to help him shed the pounds. After all that excitement we went to the pet store for our weekly trip. Mom bought me some new treats and a new leash and collar. Thanks mom I look snazzy. I found out I have to go to the groomer again next week. I hate the groomer. She makes me nervous with that electric clipper around my "family jewelry" if ya know what I mean. I don't have to worry about that until next week though so I'm good for now.

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