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Right now, they call me Max....

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October 22nd 2005 6:02 am
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I don't like rain that much. I get wet and I smell like wet dog. More than that, Food Lady and/or Walk Man, rub my paws and everywhere else with a towel. I hear that Lucy played the towel game, but not me. I don't like it. But, as with most things, I can tolerate it.


Dog Park After Dark

October 20th 2005 5:42 pm
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Food Lady said she's tired but I want her to type tonight. I'm still all happy from the dog park. It was getting dark, but Food Lady took me anyway. I ran and ran and ran. All the cool dogs were there. Actually, I think all dogs are pretty cool. There were some pretty big puppies there. They were bigger than me already. I did pretty well even with the human men tonight. I know last night was scary, but I don't want to be a chicken. I want to be a DOG!!!

And about last night. Food Lady called Carmelita's mom. She's not really her mom, but her aunt. She asked that Carmelita is put on a leash. Carmelita will be here about a month. Food Lady then tried to find out who owns the condo. It took forever but she figured it out. My Food Lady is also a really good gumshoe.

I have to go now. Its time to sit by the door and wait for Walk Man. Ciao pooch pals!!!



October 20th 2005 5:43 am
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A dog tried to attack me last night when I was coming home with Walk Man. I was almost there. A neighbor was walking her dogs off leash. There was a pug named Gordo. There was a pit bull named Carmelita. Not to malign a breed, I heard Food Lady had problems with pit bulls before this. She always thought it was in the training and experience. Like my issues. But, she says she's had it with pit bulls.

I was okay, but we made a lot of noise. I had to defend myself as well as a little guy can. Walk Man got me home and checked me. I was okay. I was just a little shaken.

I walk on a leash. That bad Carmelita should have been, too! Food Lady will talk to her mom. This just isn't right.


Keeping Track of Food Lady

October 19th 2005 5:58 pm
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I've had a quiet day until Walk Man came home mid-day and I took him for a walk. He did ok. He gave me some time.

But Food Lady, I have to watch her every minute. She came home from work and kept working. I found her in the kitchen, so I gave her the look. It worked, I got a greenie and barely had to do anything. Then I made her come over here and write a bit for me.

I have nothing too profound to say, but I know I have a purpose in this family. I lick the insides out of Food Lady's shoes. She didn't even yell at me.



October 18th 2005 6:20 pm
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I really need some exercise. Its dark when Food Lady gets home so she won't go to the dog park. She walks a little slow. I 'm always waiting for her to catch up, but I don't mind. I especially am careful with her on stairs. She does ok though. But I need exercise. Walk Man is good with that.

I'm getting better with people. I like to see some of them now. Not all of them. A guy has to be careful......

Food Lady just told me Benny is coming to be with me for a few days. I can't wait. We will exercise together. He's cute and silly. He's sort of a tease. I heard he's getting a New Turn. I've already got mine. I'll tell him about it. I'm not sure if I'll tell him that its no biggie or scare him. It depends. I have to think about it. I love him, too.


I wasn't hungry....

October 17th 2005 7:15 pm
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I wouldn't eat early today. I think Food Lady worried. So she gave me chicken tonight. Hmmmm, I wonder if I'm on to something here.

I'm waiting up for Walk Man. Food Lady says she's tired of typing and is going to bed. I guess my words of wisdom will wait 'til the 'morrow.


Meeting Benny

October 16th 2005 6:28 pm
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Today, I drove with Food Lady and Walk Man to Oma's. I met my new Uncle Benny. Is he cool or what!!! He's a little pushy for a little puppy but I let him know when it was too pushy. He shared all his toys. He got a little close when I ate my greenie so I had to growl a bit. But, I taught him where to piddle outside. I did it. Then Food Lady and Oma put him on my spot and he did it. Everyone said how good he did and they clapped. Clapping confuses me because I have to go to Food Lady when she claps. Oh well! I have some pictures of Benny and me playing. Check them out. He's pretty cute for a little bichon.

I love Oma. Now I have another Uncle. Oh!!! I almost forgot! Uncle Cat Man and Mrs. Cat Man came over too. It was fun and I was very good!!!



October 15th 2005 6:29 pm
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I went to my first potree reading last night. Some of my friends were there. Cliff, Jeannie, Fred, Richard, Annie, and some new ones, too. Cliff stood up and talked about something. Then everyone clapped. I didn't know what I should do. When Food Lady claps, she wants me to come to her. This was very confusing.

THEN, WALK MAN STARTED TALKING. It was POTREE. I wanted to go to him. Food Lady made me sit with her. She made me stay. But I was good. Everyone clapped and he came straight to me. Then I could relax. I slept between them while they listened to POTREE. Food Lady seemed happy to focus on petting me.

I was happy to go home. But something even better happened. Food Lady and Walk Man stopped and left me in the car. I did the SPECTACLE OF MYSELF THING----I sat on the back ledge of the car in the window. I made a SPECTACLE OF MYSELF. I do it on purpose so that they remember I am waiting. It works sometimes---one time I did it and a PLEASE LADY lectured Food Lady. I was fine. I just like SPECTACLE. I digress. Food Lady has ADD and I catch it at times. SOOOOO, while I was waiting after the POTREE being a SPECTACLE, they returned. Food Lady gave me a BURGER. Yum. Yum. No bread, no catchup, no mayo. Just the BURGER. She fed it to me piece by piece. I love her. Then they ate. I slept.

Today wasn't as cool. No Potree. They all left me for a while. When Food Lady came home, she fed me, walked me, and for her I blitzed. Just like Lucy and Benny. I haven't met Benny yet, but his mom told Food Lady that he already blitzed. Not to be out done, I did a great blitz. I'm a bichon wannabe.


Uncle Benjamin Bichon

October 13th 2005 5:00 pm
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I'd tell you about my very cool day (napping with Food Lady, a trip to the dog park and a trip to the Dog Buffet) but nothing matters now. I have a new Uncle. I haven't met him yet, but Oma has a baby bichon. Food Lady says his name is Benjamin. My uncle is a baby, so I am older than my uncle.

I don't have a picture of him yet, but Uncle Cat Man said he'd send one. Food Lady is worried that Uncle Ben might be a handful. I told her puppies pee in the house and eat shoes. They have to eat right and go to school. I went to school. Mostly, I'm a very good boy. I do, however, like to sleep on Food Lady's underwear. If that's not available, I empty the clothes out of Walk Man's laundry bag and sleep there.

Otherwise, I'm good. Mostly.


All Trucks Scare Me

October 13th 2005 7:03 am
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I was walking Food Lady this morning and I had to stay really close to her because two trucks came by from opposite directions. Then I had to keep my eye on them and taking no chances, I ran backwards. So much for a dog to do. Food Lady didn't realize how dangerous it is and she just stood there. She's ok but I don't know how she manages to go OUTSIDE without me.

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