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Right now, they call me Max....

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Everything is about ME!

December 17th 2005 4:27 pm
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Really, it is. Walk Man and Food Lady talk about me. I listen. I don't always understand, but I watch them and listen for the word "outside". That's my favorite word.

Sometimes, they talk about other things. Blah-Blah-Blah. Then I push Food Lady's hand to pet me. It works most of the time. Right now, I have her typing for me again.

I actually tried waking her up and it worked! She took me OUTSIDE!!!! I have a feeling, I'll do that trick again.

One weird thing they do...they check with each other on whether or not I pooped or peed. Who cares!?! But they always check. They should just take me OUTSIDE again and watch me! I can show them if they would walk me together. That almost never happens now that there is snow. Food Lady is so slow but can stay out longer and she takes me to the PARK. Walk Man is faster but he can't stay out so long. Oh well, I love them both for whatever they do for me. I love them especially for MEATBALLS and GREENIES.


Weekends are Good Things.

December 17th 2005 4:19 pm
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Half of my weekend is gone. I woke Food Lady up today. She was sleeping and it was 8:00 in the morning. Walk Man always sleeps then, but she shouldn't.

She took me out. I had some serious barking to do. She wasn't happy. She kept making me do "sit-stays". What a drag! I wanted to bark and walk and roll in the snow. Mostly, we did those errands. But I had CHICKEN in my food bowl. It was worth the errands. We bought PRESENTS, too! We also went to the dog park. It was the usual fun, fun, fun!

I noticed there are lights everywhere. I don't know what's going on...our house doesn't have those lights. But the table is full of THINGS. They are all in paper. I want to have some of the THINGS. The THINGS I want are out of my reach. Maybe they'll move them.



December 13th 2005 6:51 pm
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I'm confused. There's too much going on. There are packages everywhere. I can't touch them. Food Lady is tired and not feeling good enough to walk me. She's okay with cooking. But I'm worried. These holidays include Oma. I like that. But where Oma goes, Bubba goes. I will have to share. I don't want to share.


The Abominable Snow Dog or Four-Legged Snow Ball

December 10th 2005 9:51 pm
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First, I love snow. You already know that, but what you don't know is that I like to be covered in it. I push my snout in and then my head and body follow. Then it gets caked on me so I have to get it off me. So, I put my head in it again to get it off me. Scroll down my photos to see my snow caked face. Food Lady said I looked like a walking snow ball--then she called me the abominable snow dog. I don't know what that means. I ran a lot again. But mostly, I rolled. All the dog people in the park were laughing at me. Other dogs would run with me but no one really got into rolling. They don't know what they are missing.

In case you want to see my snow face, look through my photos. I told Food Lady to post it!


New Snow

December 8th 2005 5:29 pm
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I got into the new snow tonight. I really like it. Food Lady took me behind our building and let me play in it. I was very happy. It was cool and cold. I came in and ate meatballs.

I see new things in the house. There are bags everywhere. I like to put my nose in them. Mostly, there's nothing there. Not for me. I need some new chewies. None in the bags.

There are lights going up all over our neighborhood. Food Lady likes to look at them but doesn't have any here. She talks to me alot. Walk Man is here in the morning with me. He's quiet. But he isn't here when Food Lady is awake.

I'm going to give Food Lady a typing break and close out for now.


Bring on the Cold! Bring on the Snow!

December 7th 2005 4:49 am
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I love this weather. It gets dark early and Food Lady doesn't always get me to the park. She's really slow in this weather. She sleeps. Not as much as I do because she has to walk me, feed me, go to work to afford our lifestyle, and type for me. She hardly sleeps. I'm sorry Food Lady, if I could feed myself, I'd be happy to take that over! Meatballs and Greenies! Hey! Just put them on the floor where I can reach them, then you'd only have to go out to the store to hunt for them! I could go with you! I just solved one of your problems!

I heard from Food Lady that Bubba Benjamin is having a problem distinguishing the inside from the outside for bathroom purposes! He needs to spend some time with me! I showed him where to go once and I can show him again! But then, I have to share my space with him. And he's kind of a brat.

Being good for Food Lady and Walk Man is the best gift I can give them. I don't do much else. So I won't be a brat. Unless someone tries to come near us! Then I'm Mad Max and all bets are off!

Anyway, back to the weather. I need fresh snow. Please deliver.

Note from Food Lady: Sorry to crash the party, Max. No snow. Maybe I'd like it if I had four legs and a built in fur coat, but I'd rather it hover in the mid 30's if it has to be cold.....and we can skip the ice totally!


Bad Me

December 3rd 2005 7:45 pm
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I don't know why, but I bark at people. I even lunged. I did it today.

I disappoint Food Lady and Walk Man. I know they were disappointed in me. I understood that they were mad but I can't help it. I can't tell them why, either.

I had a great day. I got to play in the snow and put my nose in it and roll in it and play with other dogs in the park. Then, I went riding with Food Lady. She picked up food(she is Food Lady) for Walk Man and we went to his other house.

Then, for reasons unknown, I messed up. Some people came in and I barked. It turned out it was a friend. I screwed up. Then there was a boy. He thought it was cool, but Food Lady didn't she yelled at me. She has only yelled at me one other time.

I am shamed.


Licking Stuf, Blitz's and The MAX

November 30th 2005 5:46 pm
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I like to lick stuff. Mostly, I like Walk Man's slippers, Food Lady's wool clogs, and Food Lady's pillow. They stop me if they catch me. But mostly they don't say anything except "ick" when they step in their shoes or Food Lady uses her pillow. I don't do much else. Sometimes, I lick Food Lady's arms but she usually notices. She stops me. I just can't help myself.

I don't have much to say about this. I think I'm going to run in circles. For bichons they call it a "blitz". For me they call it the "MAX".


What's to Eat, Food Lady?

November 29th 2005 5:38 pm
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Food Lady isn't living up to her name. She gives me meat balls only once a day. She uses a little green thingy to put my kibble in the bowl. She counts them. She's getting stingy on the Greenies. Ever since she put me on the scale. I couldn't read it, but I got the picture. I heard Walk Man make jokes about her cooking. She wasn't too happy. She won't let him make fun of me either. She's a good Food Lady.

And she types.

I heard Walk Man say I embarass him in front of the neighbors. Its because I bark sometimes when I walk him. I don't know why. I don't do it when I'm alone with Food Lady. But I don't have to walk her as much. She also lets me meet other dogs sometimes.


Taking my sister to College and her Scaredy Cats

November 27th 2005 2:49 pm
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Thanksgiving has come and gone. Today, though, I knew something was going on.

Walk Man and Food Lady got up really early. He walked with me and then Food Lady came down. I didn't get home for hours. We had to take my sister to College.

College is a place we drive to for a long time. They all go into restaurants and I have to guard the car. Not even a doggy bag for my work. So for a while, I practiced barking on the streets of Milwaukee. I was in the car and no one paid attention. Then I spotted Food Lady making the "ssshhhuuussshhh" motion through the window. At least I could see her now. I was worried. Too many people. I have to bark.

Then, we got to my sister's College house. There were a lot of stairs. Then, she opened the door and there were CATS!!!! THREE OF THEM!!! I scared them all away while I ran through her house and drank their water and looked to see where they had all gone. I was just being friendly. You'd think I was a bad dog. But I'm not. I just don't get to see cats that often! And these were really CATS! SCAREDY CATS!!!! Cats in her College house. I wonder if they go to College, too.

Walk Man and Food Lady tried to walk me along the way. NOPE. I wanted to go at my own house. So I held it. No biggie. It was less time than I hold it at night.

I'm home now. I'm relieved. No cats. No College. No guarding the car. I can RELAX.

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