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Right now, they call me Max....

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She Loves Me

January 4th 2006 5:12 pm
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I don't know why, but Food Lady says she loves me. I know that. I know I love her. It is really easy to love. Its so natural.

But, I don' t love everyone. I don't trust everyone. Tonight, I saw some guys walking. Food Lady walked another way and made me wait. When one of the guys saw me, he said "Hey, Buddy" and walked toward me. Food Lady told him it wasn't a good idea but before she could finish, I pulled forward and started barking again. She said "sit, stay", but I got it out anyway. And we went inside and she fed me. I had Meatballs and London Broil (that was new). That's what love is about.

By the way, I'm almost always leashed except in the house and park. So the guy who came at me was safe. But always be aware that despite my fluffy soft appearance, I'm a macho dog and I have to protect something. I'm not sure what, but its something.


Rain and Outside

January 2nd 2006 12:51 pm
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I like Outside. But sometimes Outside rains. I don't like rain. I won't do my thing in rain. I don't know what to do when it rains on my Outside. Getting wet isn't fun for a curly haired guy like me. It makes my hair heavy and it gets into knots. Then Food Lady or Walk Man brush them out. I hate that. When it rains, I'm a "glass half empty" kind of guy.


Food Lady Ruined My Dradel

January 2nd 2006 12:48 pm
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I pulled all the stuffing out and they kept putting it back inside of it. Today, she sewed up the hole. I hate that. Now I have to start over


Happy New Ears

December 31st 2005 8:34 pm
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Food Lady keeps saying happy new ears to everyone she sees today. I don't get it. My ears are touchy, but basically ok. Her ears look ok. But somebody is getting happy new ears! She gave me real meat in my kibble and raw. Cooked beef! It had flavors. I liked it.

She also let me get my poofy do dirty at the dog park. She let me run. She couldn't walk in the park. She's afraid of falling. But I found dogs to run with. I can't roll because there's no soft snow.

I also went to pilates with her. I tried to eat the teacher's bunny trimmed boots. I sure like rabbit... Food Lady had to apologize.....a lot....teacher was very nice about it. Then Food Lady said no more pilates for me.

I don't know where Walk Man was most of the day, but when he got here, they ate and left. He took me out later, but I needed to check back on Food Lady. Now, she's typing for me.

I still don't understand new ears. Uncle Cat Man called and kept saying it. He left her a message saying "happy new ears". He said it over and over. So who gets the ears. I had a lamb's ear one time. It was good. But nothing to keep telling absolute strangers about.


My Dradel

December 29th 2005 8:04 pm
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Food Lady and Walk Man and Oma gave me a dradel. Okay, so it was actually to share with Bubba, but he doesn't know how good plush toys can be. So, by default, it's MINE! And I love it. I have pulled the stuffing out and like magic, it gets stuffed back in!!! Then I do it again. I love Rocky and Pooch, but they don't come apart as easily. And the dradel is the newest! Thanks everyone!


Reclaiming What Is Mine

December 27th 2005 7:21 pm
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I'm sort of relieved. Everyone is gone. I have my house back. Yesterday, I spent the day laying on every couch and bed and reclaiming my space. I can still smell Bubba, but he's gone. I crawled into his carrier on my way to return him to Oma's house. I have to show him who is boss.

I love them, but I'm an only dog. And I'm used to my space. I'm used to having Walk Man and Food Lady all to myself. Food Lady was so busy with Oma and making food for my sisters, that she didn't hang out and share with me. I had my Meatballs, but I had to eat them fast so Bubba didn't eat them.

Now, everything is Mine again. But then, I miss Oma. And Bubba. And my sisters. And Everyone. I did really good letting them all in and allowing them to stay for a while. But, what's Mine is Mine. Remember that Bubba! Or I'll take over your carrier again!


First the BOX, Then BUBBA!!!

December 25th 2005 7:05 pm
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As if the BOX wasn't enough to track and watch, Bubba showed up for these Holidays. Of course, Oma was there and that was good, but Bubba has ISSUES. First, he won't do his stuff outside. Then Oma put out pads for him and he'd miss or forget to use them. He slept in my bed! I'd check on Oma and Food Lady, and there he was--in my bed!

He'd steal my food, but I could have his. So it was a trade. But he'd bug me to play. Then I had to chase him until I couldn't stand it any more. And he has no manners! He tried climbing on me. Food Lady kept saying "OFF" and he'd stop. But there he was again. I heard them say he'd be better after his New Turn next month. He does the same to Oma. She won't say "OFF", she says "no, no, no" like she's playing. Food Lady said "OFF" all the time. He actually begs from the table. I would never do that.

Then, we had all this other Company. My sisters and two men along with Bubba, Oma, Walk Man, and Food Lady all came here. I was pretty good. I didn't growl one time except when Bubba tried to take my stick. But I left the humans alone. I didn't beg. Bubba did. He was so naughty. But I was good. I got a stick and a new toy. I shared the toy. It was a big overstuffed rattley, squeaky dredel. I had to share it to play. But not the stick. The stick is MINE.

Walk Man was around for the company but after they left, he went in the bathroom and didn't come out for hours! I didn't know what to do. I had no one to sleep with because I couldn't get into bed with Oma, Food Lady and Bubba. Too crowded.

I forgot to say that Bubba and I had some fun. Sometimes, its nice to have a friend with me. We went to the park together and I tried to teach him to be crazy and roll in snow and run after other dogs. We both went to the groomer and looked really good. He didn't know enough to shake and be nervous when we got there. He just went in and was good. Maybe I could learn things from him, too. But I can't learn much until he gets those basics down and pees and poops outside!!! When he learns that, I'll take him more seriously.

We took Oma and Bubba to Cat Man's house. He was home with the cats and Auntie Cat Man. I saw those Cats. They were ok. Food Lady showed everyone how I could speak French. But I didn't like the turkey treat so I'd only do it once. Bubba can't speak French but would dance for turkey. What a little show-off. But he insisted on sitting everywhere I would go. He is sort of cute, but I hope he chills out a little.

I'm going to let Food Lady get some rest and stop typing for a while. Happy Holidays!!!!


Box Revisited

December 23rd 2005 4:58 am
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Walk Man came home and went straight to the BOX. I stayed close. Food Lady told him she thought it was food. She would. Like that wasn't obvious.

He carefully opened the BOX. Inside there was another BOX. Now, I was getting worried. He opened the new BOX. I backed up again. You never know. Then, inside, there were two more BOXES! Food Lady immediately took them to the place where she gets my Meatballs. So maybe they were Meatballs. I still don't know. (She just told me they were a cheesecake and pizza from Uncle, Aunt, and my three girl cousins! Cool! Thank you!) So now I know.

But, that's not all. Suddenly Walk Man yelped. It was different from his yell. He had touched something and it hurt him. I know there was something fishy about that BOX. It was something she called "dry ice". Apparently, she knew about it but he didn't know you weren't supposed to touch it. He did. He then put it in the sink. So I had to watch the sink. Food Lady said it wasn't good to be there. She took it to the porch. I was relieved she got it out of the house. Watching it was too tough a job. All I wanted to watch was Animal Planet.

Food Lady says many thanks to Uncle, Aunt, Cousins and Gordo!



December 22nd 2005 6:08 pm
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I can't write. I have to watch the box.


Holidays are Stressful

December 22nd 2005 5:46 pm
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Food Lady got a call from the Anti-Bark Lady. Anti-Bark Lady told on me. I barked a lot today.

I wasn't happy when everyone left me this morning. Food Lady went to the Dog Park without me! I'm sure she did. She told me she'd write this down for me, but it isn't true. Maybe it isn't. She doesn't smell like Dog Park.

However, here's tonight's dilemma. There's a box. I am watching it. I haven't left it since Food Lady brought it inside our house. She moves it. I'm so busy watching it that I haven't touched my Meatballs. I don't know what's in it. But I smell something. I keep showing it to her and she won't open it. What good is it to be able to use tools and an opposing thumb if you won't use them to open the box!!!

I am so stressed by this. This and the furniture is moved. Some stuff is even gone! I hope Walk Man gets here soon to help me make her open the box.

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