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Right now, they call me Max....

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My Day in the Country

October 2nd 2005 6:55 pm
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Walk Man was up before Food Lady. (Food Lady was up for a brief time to make my meat balls, but she went back to the den. Then the weirdest thing happened. Food Lady took me for my first walk! Then they both got ready and we went for a ride.

We went out in the country to a house. I think Food Lady and Walk Man want to move. I sure liked it. I didn't have to have the leash! And there was a CAT! And good smells! I walked around alot.

They took me home. Then they went away and came back with a BAG! Nothing good in it though.

I had some supper (chicken meat balls). I told Food Lady to write while I watch TV with Walk Man.

Oh--I forgot something. I want Oma for Young-Tough.


OY!!! What a Day I had Today!

October 1st 2005 9:51 pm
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Food Lady and Walk Man slept long today. Because they were so lazy, I had to hold it almost 14 hours! Then Walk Man said I was full of p*ss and vinegar. Food Lady came to my defense and said he'd be full of it, too, if he had to wait so long. At least Food Lady gave me meat balls at the usual time. She heated them, too.

Then I beat her back to bed. I like her spot. But we kept sleeping. I licked his slippers inside so they were good and wet. I moved hers. I had fun.

Then they both took me to the Dog Park. It was fun to have both of them, but they had a motive. They took me from the Park to the GROOMER!!! I wasn't all that thrilled. There was a crazy dog named Chester who wanted to be there. Then a Newfoundland came in. He wanted to be there, too. I offered both of them my appointment.

They left me there a lonnnnnng time. Food Lady came and saved me. I was tired. I pretended to be happy to see her, but after all, she owed it to me. I'm the one with the dorky cut.

She was talking to Oma and said I was cute and ready for young-tough(or something like that). I didn't know what she was talking about. Food Lady tried to convince Oma that she should hang out with me during the day of young-tough.

Then she was in and out again once we got home. I drank a lot. She took me out. I got a spritz of citronella when I barked. She said "no bark". I got it without the redundancy.

She was cooking and gave me meatballs. She took me for a walk. Then she left me AGAIN!! She took food with her but not me. They were cheating on me. They came home smelling of other dogs. One was Kaila. I love her. I stay with her and her mom when Food Lady and Walk Man disappear at times. But I smelled others too. I heard them talking about Lily and Stella. Why couldn't I go???? Huh??????? Was it this dorky hair cut????

Anyway, they are both home now. I need to get in Food Lady's sleeping space.


Fall Walk

September 29th 2005 6:26 pm
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I sure like fall. The squirrels are every where until I arrive. But I know they are watching. I'm standing in the middle of nut shells. Also, Food Lady is walking me! I think she likes the squirrels, too.

I sort of miss going with Walk Man to work. But I had "issues"....whatever that means. But I miss the Steph, the Soren, the Andrew, the Jeannie and the Pete. I miss them a lot. I miss some others too. But all these strangers kept coming in and I would get nervous. Now, I watch Animal Planet, nap, and move one thing a day where it isn't supposed to go. I thought I'd help Food Lady and I ate the duster. She wasn't too happy but I really was trying to help get rid of something she was supposed to do. Then she'd have time to give me more meat balls.


Another Day, Another Greenie

September 29th 2005 6:19 pm
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Actually, I'm hoping for a greenie. Doesn't look like its going to happen. Darn.


Do dogs eat olives? I certainly don't.

September 28th 2005 4:51 pm
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I think I like this season. It wasn't hot. Food Lady liked it, too. She walked me a little more. It was a little wet and I won't go in the rain, but it was just after it rained. Seems to me Food Lady walked a bit faster, too. She went to the doctor and I waited for her. I wanted to go in, but she said I had to wait. It was pretty nice and cool in the car. Then she went to the store. She brought food out so it was pretty exciting in the car on the ride home, but it would have been better if she bought meat and didn't pick olives to eat on the ride home. I don't think I like olives.


Food Lady is Home

September 27th 2005 7:08 pm
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Ah, meat balls. She's a great cook. She takes them out of the freezer. I like them like that.

Walk Man is due here soon. I can't wait. I need to go.

I hear that Oma wants a puppy. I want to help train. I'm good at some stuff. I do it outside. Always. No mistakes. I am scared of some people though. Mostly men. I want to be trusting, but I don't know what comes over me. I heard Food Lady speculating that I might have been abused. I don't know what that is. All I know, is that I can't just jump for joy for everyone.


Making Amends Max Style

September 26th 2005 6:51 pm
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Ok, so I hate the crate. It seems like I'm backsliding when I have to sit in it. But I overheard Food Lady and Walk Man saying that I have to go there once a day for at least five minutes. They don't shut the door. They just want me to listen. I did better today. I tried.

Food Lady said she's really tired. So she doesn't want to type tonight. So for now, sweet woofy dreams to all of you.


Big Trouble on a Rainy Day

September 25th 2005 6:57 pm
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Food Lady got really mad at me today. I sort of snapped at her. I missed but she was sooooo mad. And she took me for my walk this morning and I still didn't control myself. I was good the rest of the day, but Food Lady has been bossing me around a lot ever since. Walk Man was on her side. I guess I'll have to be a better boy tomorrow. But I won't go out tonight in the rain. I guess I have to hold it till the weather improves.



September 24th 2005 2:51 pm
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Well, its a bit rainy but Food Lady tried the park anyway. My friends didn't show up. I saw one of the guys that make me skittish. Food Lady had the stinky collar on me, but we didn't get close to the guy. I was sort of bored. So we went home. Food Lady was working but agreed to write for me again. She also added a picture of Lucy and me before Lucy went to the Bridge. I miss her and look for her when Oma is around. In the picture, Lucy was wearing clothes because she lost all her pretty Bichon fur. It came back before she left for the Bridge. She was as pretty as I am handsome.


What a day I had today!!!

September 23rd 2005 7:27 pm
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It really was. First, I ate. Then I went back to bed after Food Lady left to go whereever it is she goes. Walk Man took me out early and then l went back to bed for about nine hours until Food Lady got back. I watched Animal Planet a bit, but needed some more sleep. When Food Lady got back, she changed into my favorite clothes. She looks best to me when she wears her dog park outfits. I helped her drive to the park. I couldn't decide if I wanted to drive or have her pet me. I decided on petting. We got to the park and I played with the WolfHounds and the CattleDogs. I let them try to herd me. I fooled them. My short legs work pretty darn good.

After we left, Food Lady took me to the Food Store. She keeps reminding me its not a buffet...but it all smells so good. I got some greenies, some food (Steve's Raw and some Eukeneuba), and a new toy. I took it to the checkout myself and told them that Food Lady was buying.

I'm home now and told Food Lady to type about my day. I have to go out with Walk Man.

Its good to be Max.

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