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Well this is what I have to say today:

Well 3 years has gone by since I wrote here...

December 1st 2008 8:17 am
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Dear Diary,
A lot has changed in 3 years. Ok not everything, Tasha Tu is still the boss...well she thinks so, just ask her. I'm the boss of the food though, or should I say "still". Soxie Sue is as sweet as ever. I learned to play with her a lot and she like that but she is deaf now and starting to go blind but once in a while she still likes to play.

I got to breed with Tasha Tu and we thought we were going to have beautiful babies but she had to have an emergency hystorectomy and wasn't pregnant after all. Mommy decided to have me fixed as she knew of no other Russian Toy Terrorists...I mean Terriors in our state to breed with. She thought maybe I'd quit marking on everything...WRONG! I quit a lot though but not all the way, those girls have to know I rule the roost there some how!

I got fat for a while then skin and bones and now I'm really fat again, I don't have much of neck I hear mommy saying...who needs those anyway? hehehe
She says I have to lose some at least 1/2 lb, but I'm not sure she is in charge of that. :)

My mom says I'm a funny little guy and that I'm really strange and nick named me "Freak-a-zoid" because she says I do the weirdest things and am really very freaked out and then really lovey and then strange and she loves me a lot, so I guess all that is really cool stuff. :) she does always call me her little man so I know she wouldn't have me other way...except that marking mark part but I refuse to give that up. :)
Ok that is my 3 year update I'll try and write again in 3 years. :)
Boris Boo Boo


Well this is what I have to say today:

September 12th 2005 9:31 pm
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Well here we are in America, all the way from Moscow. They sure speak funny here but I think I am starting to understand them pretty well.

When I grow up mommy tells everyone that I will be between 3 and 6 pounds about. I hope that means I will be as big and bad as a Rottweiler or a Dobie so all those people that walk by my house will get really scared and not just stop and say, "ah will you look at those little yappy dogs". I'll show them what giant 6 pound dog can do, yea, when I grow up just like a Rotty!
Tasha Tu thinks she is the boss of we are already married or something. There's no arguing with her either. When she settles down she is so pretty that my heart melts and I forget all about her beating me up. I wonder if she will have my children......
Soxie isn't as bad as Tasha thinks either. If you are nice to her she is nice to you, but Tasha just doesn't see it yet. Soxie is my mommy I think... well she lets me sleep by her anyway. She is really pretty too but don't tell Tasha I said that, she might take it the wrong way and just go off on me...geesh, can't tell her anything!
But Tasha is a really good snuggler...

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