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I am so darn spoiled


March 29th 2006 1:03 pm
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Well my kittykat was having babies when she died. So now mommy sent the baby kitty away. When the mommy kitty kat died in labor, MY BABY kept crying and crying, 2 days after mommy sent the baby away, I got milk even though I wasnt even bred. I wanted to nurse the baby SO BAD! I LOVE HER and wanted to help out all I could! Mommy kept telling me what a good girl I am for trying to care for the baby. I just didn't understand why the baby had to go away.

BUT! After 5 weeks of my baby kitty being gone, mommy brought her back home! I MISSED HER SOOOO MUCH!

So mommy wanted me to pretend to be mean, so as I yawned she got this picture, making it look like I was being mean when I wasn't. But wow I am such a great actress I really do look like I'm defending my baby kittykat.

Now if I could act like I'm starving to death while mommy is over there cooking that turkey for march dinner time. IT SMELLS SOO GOOD!



I'm a MODEL dog!

October 11th 2005 8:20 am
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Listen! This was MY photo shoot and look who we found in one of my pictures who just could not control Himself and let ME BE THE STAR!



I am the top omega female in this pack

September 29th 2005 8:06 am
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I know I try and look shy to everyone. But I don't put up with too much playing or fighting with Buddy or Rosco.

Seems all Buddy wants to do is breed me and I don't want any part of him anymore. I will be spayed soon. HAHA BUDDY! Moms thinking of getting you fixed too!

And oh boy Rosco! He is a bundle of joy but he plays 24/7. He plays and I have to step on his head and hold his down most of the time.I have to put him in a head lock to hold him still while I bite his neck like he bites mine. I like attacking him that way, I throw him down and when hes down I'm right on top of him. When he gets really mad and out of control I run to my crate away from him. I love making Rosco MAD!

I rule Buddy and Rosco and will until I die. When I growl at Buddy he runs from me and I run from Rosco when I make him mad.

I also dont let anyone eat until I am finished foreging threw the bowl mommy put out for us.

What gets me really mad at mommy is when she gives Rosco canned food and dont let me have any. I lay in front of his crate door just whining til mommy puts me outside. When Rosco is done eating mommy lets me back in, but by then Rosco already ate it all.

Oh well I guess I'll just keep eating my PEDIGREE.


Have you seen my pictures?

September 18th 2005 7:54 pm
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I tried acting affraid of mommy but she kept taking pictures anyhow, yes I am barking in my pictures, I didnt think mommy would snap those! I was trying to tell buddy to stop being so rough with the baby rosco. He tends to play to too hard sometimes. And I stuck my tounge out on purpose, if mommy wants pictues of ME, I'll give her some. I like giving kisses anyhow, and that was MY way of kissing all my friends and viewers of my dogster page! And of course showing off my personality!Did you really think I didn't know mommy was taking pictures of me? I don't just show my tounge to anybody ya know! LOL!

I still cant believe she took THOSE pictures! @_@

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