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Well my life has changed

I have been tagged by Lexi.....

November 4th 2008 11:34 am
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Well I have just been tagged by Lexi so here are 7 things about me for you to read and I'm gonna go tag 7 other friends.....

1. I am just a mutt and a little bit over weight. (Buddy stop giggling)

2. I like watchin out the upstairs window at the fox and the deer that pass thru during the day.

3. I hate it when Mom's white pigeon tries to be friendly while I'm sunning on on da deck. He's a pain in the butt.

4. I'm the head guard here, dog wise, I guess Dad's first then I'm second, no I take that back I'm first I bark he doesn't.

5. I learned at a young age how to watch our security monitor and then go to the window that that vehicle or person will be at. Just so they don't come here then I bark like crazy.

6. I love ANY food (did I mention that?)

7. I snore at nite when I'm sleepin.


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