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Well my life has changed

Tag I'm it.....

July 19th 2007 5:04 am
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Ok I gots Tagged by my pal Nickolas so I can't tag him back. Here are 7 "Goofy" things about me:

1. I sleep as much as I possibly can, gotta keep up the beauty.
2. I "own" the hoomans, they do what I want.
3. I throw up in the car after 5 minutes of riding but I always like to go
Byebye so I usually only get ta trip to the mailbox and back.
4. I don't like other "strange tourist" doggies to wee wee in "my favorite spots"
5. I eat anything and when I was little I use to try to eat rocks.
6. I rode all the way here from where I was born (11 hour trip) and never threw up once. hmmmm....
7. My Mommie Sometimes smells like something else, she works with alot of wildlife.

Now: I'm gonna tag the followering and whatcha need to do is put 7 "goofy" things about you in your diary entry and then tag 7 others and send them a p-mail or rosette to let them know. Good luck and have fun...Goofy
1. Asher
2. Bailey
3. Speedy
4. Tess
5. George Sullivan
6. Temper
7. Miss Frankie


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