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Dakota finally found a new home!!!

new home

February 19th 2006 10:37 am
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Dakota finally found a new home. Southern Indiana Save A Pet helped us find Dakota a home through the Huskie rescue. She now has a WONDERFUL home with a man and his son, and Dakota is allowed to live in the house. They have changed her name to Chance and she is VERY happy!! I am SO glad! Whoever dumped Dakota off at our house did her a huge favor because we didn't let her get hit by a car, we fed her and kept her healthy and safe until she could find a true home. I am so happy for Dakota aka Chance and will always have her in our memories and hearts.


Dakota finally found a home...

September 11th 2005 4:37 pm
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Well...Dakota came to us, a beautiful husky/mix that was dumped by our house on our country road. She was fun and gorgeous, very friendly, fun-loving and just soaked up the love (she LOVED hugs). Well...she did not get along with our little Daisy. We needed to find a good home for Dakota, and the pound was not the answer. So...we called Southern Indiana Save-a-pet and Husky Rescue. Together, they found an EXCELLENT home for Dakota (whose name is now Chance). Dakota is an "only dog" and gets to live in the house. I'm sure Dakota is very happy now. We have WONDERFUL memories of her and feel blessed that she touched our lives, but we are so grateful that she has a home where she can get all of the love she wants and needs.

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Dakota (she got a new home!)


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