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Gettin' to Know Me by Lucy

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Minding My Manners, Mending My Ways

October 1st 2006 10:40 am
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Dear Diary,

It's been a time since I wrote. Mom didn't relish the idea of me sharing tips on bad behavior with y'all.

Now, I am a mostly-reformed crazy puppy. I no longer chew on shiny, sharp objects. I try to resist socks that have feet in them. Jumping is reserved for extra-special greetings, and only two jumps per visitor, then all four feet on the floor.

I am working on the herding of Duke and grabbing him by the ear. Either I have to convince mom and dad how effective it is, or I have to give it up. Update will be forthcoming.

In return for my good manners, I get all the rawhides I want, and continue to sleep under the covers with mom, dad, and duke. And, of course, mom makes us homemade treats. Life is good.

Fondly, Lucy


Things I've eaten this week.....

February 11th 2006 6:13 am
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Dear Diary,

This was a big chewing week for me. So far, I've eaten:

*17 socks
*6 paper plates
*1 box staples (now I have to have Pepto Bismol twice a day)
*92 used tissues
*13 dog toys
*one side of a corrugated cardboard box
*misc. items from the trash (I can open the cover all by myself)
*one ball crochet cotton (mom still hasn't found the hook)
*24 empty or full water bottles
*plus all the homemade treats mom gives us

Hey, I'm still a puppy! And I'm very fast and sneaky! Get used to it.

Fondly, Lucy (aka PsychoDog, I don't know why?)


Guess what I can do.....!!

January 5th 2006 2:35 am
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Dear Diary,
Dad should know better than to go over into Georgie's yard and shut the gate! I wanna come play, too! But, what's a 5 1/2 foot fence between friends? So....I jumped over it! Dad was really surprised to see me. I don't know why!
Fondly, Lucy



December 8th 2005 3:04 pm
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Dear Diary,
Today was a good day. My friends Wendy, Dean, Lindsey, and Trevor came over to visit. It was so good to see them again! I jumped all over them 'cause I was so excited. I hope they don't mind! They even brought really good, really BIG rawhides for me, Duke, and even Georgie! I thanked them with kisses. I hope they had fun, too. I hope some pictures turn out good so I can post them. Now I'm tired, time for a nap!
Fondly, Lucy


Perhaps a big brother is a good thing....?

December 4th 2005 5:49 am
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Dear Diary,
OK, so mom made the treats, anyway. (Oatmeal-peanut butter----YUM!) She says it's not fair to punish Duke for my youthful indiscretions. I guess it's okay, after all, to not be an only-pup!
Fondly, Lucy



December 4th 2005 3:53 am
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Dear Diary,
I hope mom forgives me... I just can't resist the ChapStick! I ate her last one today. I can smell those things a mile away! Maybe I need a 12-step program. Mom said she was gonna make us some homemade treats today, but I may have blown it : 0 ( I better go kiss-up to her real big. Please pray for me with this addiction!
Fondly, Lucy


Ode to Duke (or "Duke's a Kiss-Up")

November 20th 2005 3:11 am
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Dear Diary,
I've been working on a poem for my best friend, Duke. Here's what I have so far...

duke's a kiss-up
can't you see?
he always runs
to tell on me

gives mom a look
as if to say,
"it wasn't me
i'm far away

go check on lucy
and you'll see
she's doin' somethin'
she ought not be."

duke's a kiss-up
don't you see?
he always runs
to tell on me

lays his head
on momma's lap
innocent eyes...
the big, ol' sap!

mom says, "oh, boy
now what's she doin'?"
comes to see
what i be chewin'

duke's a kiss-up
but i'll say
i really love him

makes sure i'm safe
as i can be
he runs and plays
and shares with me

lets me lay down
with him in bed
shows me tricks
to get ahead

duke's a kiss-up
but i'll say
wouldn't have it
another way


Fondly, Lucy


That WAS a long car ride!

November 6th 2005 9:09 am
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Dear Diary,

Well, we're back! That was the longest car ride ever! I never thought I'd say a car ride was too long, but, it was. We went all the way to Chicago to visit. Those cute kids (Mom's niece and nephew) were some of the people we visited. They were fun! They played with us a lot, gave us treats, and let me lick their faces. (They're the ones in the new picture Mom added.) On the way home, I fixed my walking harness so it doesn't get stuck anymore. I didn't have a scissors, so I used my teeth. Mom was very surprised when I came up front to sit by her.

Now I'm happy to be home, sleeping with Mom and Dad, guarding the house, playing with 'Cati, checking on all my buried treasures. (They were all still right where I left them...phew!)

I was thinking about all my Dogster pals on my trip. Hope they had a good week, too!

Fondly, Lucy


Where are we goin'?

October 24th 2005 2:54 am
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Dear Diary,
Did I tell you how much I love car rides? Well, Mom says we're goin' on a long, long car ride! I'm so excited! But, the bad thing is, I had to have a bath.... UGH! Mom says it's a special bath, with special people won't sneeze and have asthma when we come. She says we have to have another one Wednesday night before we leave. She says we need to be gracious guests. I don't know what that means, except for a car ride. I love car rides, even though my walking harness gets stuck on something in Mom's car. I can't hang out of the window as far as I like, but I can see everything and move around in my side of the back. Then, bonus!-we get to see people! And other puppies! People and puppies Mom's excited to go see. I wonder who? I hope it's those kids in the pictures with 'Cati! They look like fun.
I'll let you know when we come back!
Love, Lucy


Maybe there is hope!

October 21st 2005 3:56 pm
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Dear Diary,
Well, maybe there is hope after all! Mom was very well-behaved today when she came home. She even baked two kinds of homemade treats! I guess she's trying to make it up to me for all her irresponsibility this week. She even came home early! Lots of extra kisses for Mom today! Woof! I'll let you know if she keeps it up!
Fondly, Lucy

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