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Life of the Turner Dog

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Mom, Dad, what's that?

January 22nd 2011 12:12 pm
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Well mom and dad took us up the hill. Only mom had these two round things. Then mom sat on one and started to slide down the hill... Hey,, what's that?? So I chased and jumped after mom. She did this a bunch of times and her and she got a good path going. Then dad went down a couple of times. The second time he plowed through me, hit the bottom and caught air!! :) Mom was laughing so hard! She got pictures of him flying with the snow all over him!! Mom said she couldn't breath and her chest hurt from laughing so much and she needed a break. Good thing, I was cold by then!

Dad flung the saucer up the hill, I though it was a giant frisbee. Well I couldn't pick it up (it landed upside down) so I gave up and went in the house and attacked a doll instead!!

Winter does have it's good days, even though it was really cold!! :)


Been busy as all get out!

January 21st 2011 2:22 pm
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So, while I'm trying to heal up mom and dad went out for a night. Again... Left me in charge of the house. Then mom and dad came home in different vehicles than what they normally have. Mom's car and SUV are gone and dad is driving a bigger truck. Turns out mom bought a new SUV and dad got a heavier duty truck. Not like they won't use them here. The mountains are steep and the snow has been constant and deep this year.

So mom let me in my new SUV (yes, I said mine) to sniff it over real good. I've got lotsa room to stretch in when we go visit grandma and grandpa in 2 weeks. Won't they be surprized!! :)

Mom set up Darcy for doggie daycare for the 1st of February for a few days while were gone. She's pretty lucky, get's her own vacation and everything! But I make out alright as well, I get to get special treats from grandpa (he gives me all the cheese doodles I can handle!!)

We've been in the woods quite a bit. Darcy runs like crazy. I've been pretty sore and don't run like I'd like to but it's still fun. Everyday I feel a little bit better. This surgery really took the wind out of my sails... :(

Well it's nap time, since it's too cold out to play. So I'm heading to the master bedroom where the flannel comforter is. I curl up by the window and catch the sun before it goes behind the mountain....



January 19th 2011 9:23 am
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So mom was rubbing my belly and one end of the suture came out mom pulled it and zing! It came out!! It was about 1 1/4" long! She was soo shocked!! Now she found another lump on the back of my leg and doesn't know what to do. She's lost alot of confidence in this vet and wants this new lump looked at. Hmmmm... The hole in my leg is finally getting a little bit smaller. It's gonna take a long time to heal that's for sure. We just don't understand why he vet didn't just suture it up as well...


Suture Free

January 8th 2011 4:24 pm
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So today, me, mom and dad went to the vets office. He was really happy with my sutures healing. Wasn't too thrilled with my leg, in hindsight he wished he would've sutured my foreleg as well. Too late for that! But,,, he said that as long as mom figured out how to keep me from licking (the towel and collar thing) that it should heal nicely. It took mom, dad, the vet tech and the vet to hold me down to get the sutures out!! Heh, heh - made them work for it! :)

So mom and dad had to hit a couple of stores and then the SPCA for a huge donation. She had loads of sweaters, shirts, leads, collars, stainless bowls, treats, and other things from mom's old rescue. Mom walked it and the place was really busy!! There were 2 dogs being adopted and 2 more being looked at for adoption!! How awesome is that!? Then mom and dad stopped at Burger King. I got chicken fries because I was such a good boy!!

Mom said that tommorrow (Sunday) me, Darcy and mom are taking a long hike in the woods. Yippee!!! She's got to wrap up my leg, but that's alright! Darcy is ready to pop if she doesn't get to play soon! :)


Slow but sure!

January 6th 2011 6:34 pm
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Getting better every day!! My grandma and grandpa came in for a 2 night visit!! I was soooo happy!! I cheered up!! Grandpa gave me lots of sneaky treats!! Darcy just hid for a couple of days.

Mom figured out how to keep me from licking my foreleg. She took 3 dishtowels folded them lengthwise and wrapped them around my neck and put a big ol collar on to tighten it. Mom went to work - I went to sleep in my crate. Dad came home and I greeted him outside (which means I fit through the doggie door) and still had the towels on! Yeah!!! Finally I can start healing! :)

Only 2 more days and my sutures come out. They are just starting to itch... Mom said after I leave the vet on Saturday I'm getting McDonalds chicken nuggets for being such a good boy!! Yippee!! :)


Shopping and visitors...

January 2nd 2011 12:03 pm
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So mom ordered me a soft cone for my head - the satellite thing is driving me nuts!

She ordered a boatload of selfsticking bandages as well. I think my leg is going to take a while to heal - hmmmmm...

Kept mom up most of the night - she leaves the cone off so I can sleep. Well I couldn't sleep and neither could mom. She's a real light sleeper and heard me licking. Got up, wrapped my leg and went back to sleep. Sure enough 2 hours later I was licking. Got the bandage off and gave her really sad eyes.

Didn't work, I think mom is frustrated. Then this morning mom got a call turns out grandma and grandpa will be visiting tommorrow! Of course the house is a wreck and mom was cranky this morning. She got most of the cleaning done before work, luckily dad is home and is supposed to get the rest done. See, grandma can only sit on certain chairs so mom and dad have to re-arrange the furniture... Arrrgg,,,,

Mom used the self-adhesive bandage over the teflon gauze patch and I freaked out at the sound of it. Then it felt too tight and hurt me. I was shaking and my tail was tucked. That's extremely unusual for me. Mom gave me plenty of hugs this morning and a good rub down to get me to relax...


Darn hole in my leg!!

January 1st 2011 4:59 pm
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Mom went to work and dad took his eyes off of me for about 3 minutes. Sure enough I was licking my leg again. I licked 1/2 of the scab off... AArrrrggg!! Dad put the salve on me and a teflon gauze patch and wrapped it. I don't lick when mom is watching, she's got eagle eyes!! Dad on the other hand,,,,

So now my leg is wrapped and I'm napping. Dad is watching me like a hawk - not as close as the eagle!! :)

I actually played a little bit. Mom let me go out front to do my business - it was raining so I didn't waste too much time.

I just wish this darn hole in my leg wouldn't itch!!


Feeling better - yeah!

December 31st 2010 12:10 pm
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So I ate a few meals, got alot of sleep and I'm starting to feel better. Mom caught me licking my hole on my leg :( She put this cone thing over my head and clicked my collar. What the heck is this??? Hey, I don't like this - it touches my ears!! Yuck! Get it off, get it off now!! Aaaaaaa..... I have no thumbs!! Get it off!!

So mom left the stinkin thing on for about an hour, until I started to get sleepy.... Then mom got ready for work and gave dad orders to keep an eye on me. No licking of any wounds. She told dad to stay close to the tv and I should get my sleep in for the next couple of hours. Dad wasn't too upset to hear that he could watch tv all night and not have a honey-do list!! :)

Mom took me and Darcy for a little walk down the driveway, just to get out in the fresh air for a bit. Poor Darcy has been in hiding since I got home. She saw me with my cone on and ran away....



December 30th 2010 10:43 am
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So I've had this lump - a new one for about 3 weeks. It got as big as a button on a flannel shirt. I was scratching it the other day and made it bleed. Well mom had me set up for my shots appointment next week, but had it changed to yesterday. As soon as the vet saw it he said he was concerned. So I stayed and they removed my lump plus a couple of inches around it, a skin tag from the other side of my belly and a mole on my foreleg. Now my foreleg is swollen with a hole - I limp. My incision site from my belly is about 3 inches long and that is hurting me. And I have a small hole on the other side of my belly from the skin tag! Geez!! Mom doesn't like the stitching that they did - it looks really pinched and she's pretty concerned.

Both mom and dad came to get me from the vets office. I was sooo glad to see them both. I cried the whole way home in the truck. I was sooo sleepy. I couldn't get comfortable and would just stand and weave for about 45 minutes. Mom finally put me in my crate and I slept for about 2 hours. I woke up, mom took me outside and gave me some food - just a little bit. I slept again for a few hours. Mom took me out again, then I got a drink and mom put me in bed with her. I finally got about 4 hours more sleep and woke up mid-morning. Mom is pretty tired and took the night off to help me today. Luckily she doesn't have to work until the evening.

Mom didn't see the doctor when she got me, but he did leave a note saying that all is well and the chance of re-occurance is very slim. Whew!! Don't want to go through this any time soon!

Well I'm tired and mom has to watch me so I'm going to lay down, which means mom has to stop typing...


Christmas is over.... :(

December 26th 2010 5:39 pm
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All I wanted for Christmas is a warm bed - got it! :) And I also got a huge candycane toy with 4 squeekies in it!! Mom bought me a Godzilla looking tuffy doll it's almost as tall as I am!!

Both me and Darcy got some new treats, ham and something. Boy are they good. Mom read the label to make sure I won't be allergic to it and breakout. They are real yummy!!

It's a tough life here in the mountains. Snows every day! And I mean every day!! It's pretty darn cold here now with -5 degree windchills tonight alone! But mom dresses me and Darcy up in layers when it's too cold and takes us out to the woods. She leaves the gate open so if I get cold - and I do - I can get into the house and wait for mom and Darcy.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

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