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Bye Bye Baby

September 29th 2006 6:12 pm
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Baby is gone - didn't know her for long. But she taught me alot!! Mom and dad are pretty sad. Mom keeps crying. I try to lick her face to make her smile - but so far no luck.

Things are gonna get better.

Bye bye Baby.....



Road Trip

September 13th 2006 8:17 pm
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Mom and dad went out the other night and came home with one of those white bags that smell soooooo good. The bag has lettering on it something like P-e-t-c-o. Not sure what that meant but, I got a Bull stick - yeah! and some of those yummy cookies. Mom also bought me a winter coat. It has sheepskin on one side and velour on the other - it was too big.

Mom said, "Come on Turner Road Trip". That means do my silly hop-jump out the yard to the truck!! Mom took me to my favorite store - Petco!! Mom exchanged the jacket. I had to try on the new one just for size in the store - everyone said I looked like Count Dogula. Whatever that is!! I just loved all the attention!!!

Mom said I need the coat because we're getting another home in Texas. And that the winters are colder there. Good thing I got a warm coat - I don't have much fat to me!!!

Love Road Trips!!

See ya later,



I'm feeling a little crazy today.

August 25th 2006 7:29 pm
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Went to training - everyone has been soooo impressed by my improvements. I'm becoming quite the gentleman!! Mom knew I had it in me!! About 15 minutes before the class was going to end people started coming in to wait for the next class. This one lady made a sound like a cat - hey where did that sound come from. Then I heard this really strange sound - it freaked me out. I stood on moms foot and leaned against her shaking like crazy - what was that sound. I'm not tooo sure about it - no I don't want any food for a treat - no I don't want to look at you - what was that damn sound????? Mom took me outside - she said I shut down and had to leave the area. She called dad and said I had a new fear - the sound of goats. Whatever the sound of goats is I am definately freaked out about it!!! Mom assured me that the sound of goats wouldn't hurt me - hope she's right!!!

Good thing mom and dad have cows!! I like them!!! But this goat thing - NOT!!!


Who said school isn't fun!!!

August 2nd 2006 3:07 pm
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Mom took me to Best Paw Forward in Sanford to start my Basic Manners Class. It was so much fun. Since I'm afraid of other dogs getting in my face I got my own special spot with a couple of walls so I don't freak out. I also get to wear a bandana to let the instructors know how special I am. You know the best part about school? Clicker training!! I get treats every time I do something good! Mom clicks and I get a treat! Every time!! When school was done we went for ice cream!! Boy this school thing is working out great!! I was so pooped out after class that I slep for the 2 hour drive home. Now we have our training sessions every day and next week I go back to learn more, yea!!!

Gotta go - if I behave I might get hear that click sound and get another treat!!


My Tail of Devotion for Turner

July 15th 2006 4:17 pm
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Turner - my retard;}. He makes me laugh at some of the stupid looks he can give you. Turner is the most affectionate dog I have ever had. He will face you and place his paw on your shoulder and "hug" you. So smart that we have to stay one step ahead of him. His smile will brighten your day when your down in the dumps. We drove three hours to a kill shelter to get him and believe me it was worth every mile!!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Mom said I'm AWESOME!!

July 14th 2006 3:06 pm
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Well mom and I have been working on my fear of other dogs. I've got a new gentle leader head halter and have been working hard at clicker training!! Sometimes I get treats, sometimes I get rubbed but I've been paying more attention to mom and I feel great!!

Mom decided to see how far I've come since we've started. So off to Petco we go!! I was so happy - I love going to that store - it has the BEST smells!! Well not long into our shopping a little teacup yorkie came towards me real fast. Mom stepped in front of me blocking me from the little monster. I sat down and watched her. Mom told the other lady with the yorkie that I was in training that I was afraid of dogs. The lady looked at mom like she was crazy. I did great!! Next I saw a couple of basset hounds - boy are they low and long!! One took a poop in the aisle, the other just barked and barked. As soon as I saw them I sat next to mom and waited for my click and praise!! She said I was AWESOME!! I was sooo happy that I pranced around the store one more time just to show mom how far we have really come!!

Once we checked out I got into the truck and covered mom with big sloppy wet kisses!! She was so happy that she called dad and said I was AWESOME!!

Well I've got to go now, time to play since I'm now AWESOME!!


New places

July 5th 2006 6:01 pm
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Mom took me to this cool park in Clermont. We walked in the sun and boy did it get hot!! Luckily there wasn't too many dogs around so I wasn't nervous, it was soo much fun!! Mom has been helping me with this new stuff - clicker training. She would click when I did something right at the park but I wasn't interested in any treat. So a good rub on my chest was all I needed....

Mom said we're going to the park on Saturday to see how I do with other dogs around. Now that I know she'll make sure I'm safe I don't have any worries!!!

See ya!!


What is this thing on my head??

June 28th 2006 2:12 pm
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Mom put this thing on my head. It clipped behind my ears and went over my nose. I tried to shake it off but it didn't work. When I tried to pull I felt this weird pressure on my nose - hey that didn't feel good!!

Mom said it is a Gentle Leader - gentle my butt!! But after a few yummy treats I got the hang of it and it isn't so bad. I can pant, eat, even bark with it. Mom said I look like a secret agent with my cool head halter on. Yea, that's me a secret agent!!


I'm smart - the pro's even said so....

June 21st 2006 4:12 pm
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Mom and I took this really long drive - 2 hours from home yesterday. We went to some place called Best Paw Forward. There was alot of smells of dogs there but I didn't see any dogs. We met a lady named PJ - she was real nice to me. She even gave me a treat. Mom found out why I'm attacking dogs that come at my face. We all know that I don't like that and I growl and snap at these other dogs. Mom found out that "Terrier" breeds can hold adreneline for up to a week. That would explain why I had two jumps in one day.

So this lady PJ discussed clicker training and a gentle leader to get me over my fear of other dogs. She really gave mom some good advice to, when another dog approaches me she has to stand infront of me so I know I'm alright. If the other dog doesn't back of she was told to tell the owner of the other dog that I am afraid of their dog. Funny a "terrier" afraid. But since we have such a bad rap mom agreed. That way people can be responsible for their dogs action and I'm safe!!

The best part of clicker training is that I get lotsa treats!!! My ordered my gentle leader today - should be in the mail in a few days. Can't wait!! I love learning new things. Mom also signed me up for a Basic Manners class in August. I feel so special!! PJ said I'm a smart dog and proved it when a puppy came in for a class. PJ stood in front of me, at first I didn't notice her but she danced into my way a few times so I looked up at her and sat down. She made this cool click sound and gave me some chicken... Love chicken!! She looked at mom and said, "He's a smart dog, he learns real quick!" Yup, its true I'm smart - the pros said so!! ;}

Mom said the long drive, tolls and fee for the consultation was money well spent. Hey as long as it is spent on me that's awesome!!!

Bye for now,



Another successful day with mom and dad at Petco

June 4th 2006 3:29 pm
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Took mom and dad to Petco. Suckers!!! Mom was looking for some new food for all of us pups at the house. Now that Baby needs all natural food - mom figured it would be just as easy to get all of us on the same page. I got a new tug ball that mom and dad took pictures of me jumping at. I love to jump. My dad is 6'1" tall and I jumped higher than him. I also got all of us those great cookies from the natural cookie bar. Mom tried to give me one at the store - but I just can't eat it while I'm shopping. When we got home I got to share all the new treat with Baby and Boomer. They loved them!!!

Mom decided to put these stupid things on my head and take my picture. She said they were cowboy hats for dogs. I don't know about having something on my head like that - all she did was laugh, click the camera, laugh, click etc.

Tommorrow mom said she's going to take me to the Flea Market in the morning. I can't wait. I get to wear my knapsack, just in case mom needs me to carry something for her.

Gotta go!!

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