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Life of the Turner Dog

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Champion - Turner Style

August 21st 2005 2:41 pm
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Mom takes me to this cool Dog Park that is 10 acres big - yup 10 acres!! They were having a fundraiser and I insisted to be entered into all kinds of need stuff. Best kisser (got 2nd and my picture in the paper); highest jump (got 1st - over 7'); longest frisbee catch (did someone say frisbee?) got 1st; best smile - got 2nd and the best part was I received best overall dog for the day!! How cool was that?????

Anytime there is a cool event going on mom is sure to take me and get involved. I love to meet and greet as many humans and fellow dogs as possible - it make everything alright in my world!

Every day after mom comes home from work we go swimming in the pool. This is the best!! After naping all day this is a great way to wake up. Then its frisbee time (did someone say frisbee?), then yup, back into the pool. I've even got a life jacket for the times I just want to float around and be lazy.


It's a Dog's Life

March 1st 2006 6:12 pm
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Well mom has me on punishment. Guess being 2 1/2 has it's downfalls. I think that I'm running the house. Mom thinks that she is. Well it turns out that she is right (darn!). I guess I've got to follow her rules after all. That's okay. I know that I'll be allowed back to the dog park soon because I'm doing great on my obedience. We went to a dog event and I acted like such an idiot. I thought there was lure-coursing going on and couldn't stop jumping around. I jumped so much I broken my collar and took off. Seems I just couldn't hear mom calling my name - Turner? Turner who. Well just my luck someone there knew me and managed to get ahold of me until mom came over and got a leash on me again. Boy I though I was in BIG trouble. Actually I kinda was - I know I could've been hurt running away - but I just wanted to run a lure course again!! Now mom walks me every day with a choke chain and we are doing obedience every day. I'm getting the hang of it - she's in charge - I'll give that to her~!~

I sure do miss Max - I know he went to a great home and is loving life. Had a new friend in the house for a few weeks his name was Bear. He was a 9 mo old black lab. I taught him how to dig and chance me around the house (we call them NASCAR hot-laps). But he too found a great home. We've got a couple of young pups now - I'm not allowed to play with them yet. But that's okay as long as I get to chase my indestructable ball around I'm good to go!!!!


No more dog parks for me. :{

March 4th 2006 2:54 pm
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Mom took me to the dog park and things were going great. I was running like crazy having fun and catching my frisbee as high as I could jump. Then it happened. A 7 mo old yellow lab pup came up to me while I was getting a drink of water - he kept licking my face. I growled at him to go away but he didn't. I didn't like it so I smacked him around and growled some more. Mom came over to get me off of the little guy - he was crying like crazy. But I didn't bite - swear. Mom said no more dog park for me. There was a time when Max bit my lip over a toy and now I don't like other dogs near my face. But it's okay - I've got an acre to play on at the house and another five acres to run like crazy on up the road. I'll miss the dog park though. This being 2 1/2 isn't easy. Maybe I need therapy......


Born to Shop

March 22nd 2006 8:12 pm
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Mom took me to Petco today. Gawd I love that place!! I get to visit all the critters. Those ferrets are cool. Wish I could play with them just once. The mice are strange, the fish are weird but the toys are the best!! I picked out some treats, cookies and toys for the pups in mom's rescue. Got myself something special to chew on also!! Mom had to take a detour home due to a wreck on the highway - that meant new views on the way home. Since the trip to the store is an hour away Mom stopped and let me mark a few more new locations along the way!!


Ouch! Why me?

March 31st 2006 8:29 pm
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Mom took me over to our five acre lot. She puts the cows in the back so I'm not tempted to chase the calves. We played frisbee for a little bit and then she gave me my indestructable ball. Well me being me I somehow re-injured my bad toe. I also bent the nail in half. It didn't break but it sure does hurt!! Mom took me to the vet and he said no broken bones - thank God!! I'm going to my doggie chiropractor next week to make sure my toe is where it needs to be. After all I went to him for almost 4 months when I dislocated the same toe. Why me???

So now I'm taking it easy - not a simple thing for me to do. But I know that mom will make sure I'm okay.


Just call me gimpy for now!!

April 8th 2006 8:05 pm
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Well mom took me to Dr. D - my favorite doggie chiropractor. Sure enough my toe still hurts a week and a half later. He gave me a to working over - boy am I tired. Came home and took a long nap..... Mom says I'll be feeling better real soon. Dad gave me a great back and leg rub - Lord knows I love the massage time I get!!


Blazing Jacks - The only vacation spot for cool dogs!!

May 28th 2006 7:03 pm
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Mom and dad just got back from their trip up north. I went to this cool place called Blazing Jacks Kennel. They are the coolest people. I had my own yard with a tree and water/pool area. I played for two whole weeks with a Rottie and a Basset Hound. At first I was upset and didn't eat for two days. When we first arrived I was placed in an outside pen and saw mom and dad drive off. I thought - no!!! I'm being abandoned again. I was so sad that I didn't eat for two days. But the cool staff at Blazing told me that mom and dad were coming back and that I was supposed to enjoy MY vacation. Okay!! Well they say by Basset Hound buddie never played the way we were playing!! It was soooo much fun!!

But low and behold, mom and dad came to get me this morning!!! I got a McGriddle (yum), and a bubble bath (yuck!). I'm gonna sleep for a couple of days. Mom said we're going to my favorite store on Monday. Look out Petco I'm gonna get your stock up for the month!!

That's it for now (yawn) I'm sleepy and I need to be well rested for my trip to the store tommorrow!!


Meet my two sisters

June 1st 2006 8:25 pm
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Finally, you get to meet my two sisters, Baby and Boomer. Baby is blind, and I was taught to be very careful around her - if she bumps into me I know to move out of her way. Boomer is my buddy - she's older than me but she really knows how to keep me in place. Sometimes I just bark at Boomer because I'm bored - she'll put her head down and ignore me. This makes me crazy!!! I keep barking until I get the hint (a little slow sometimes) and then I go find something to occupy my mind.

We're all pretty lucky to be with mom and dad. They give us everything that a dog could imagine. Mom takes me and Baby to Dr. D. for our special chiropractic treatments. I don't go as much as Baby, but when I do go I feel great!

Baby and Boomer have been teaching me all kinds of good stuff. I just wish they would play more. But that's okay mom and dad take care of the slack.


Another successful day with mom and dad at Petco

June 4th 2006 3:29 pm
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Took mom and dad to Petco. Suckers!!! Mom was looking for some new food for all of us pups at the house. Now that Baby needs all natural food - mom figured it would be just as easy to get all of us on the same page. I got a new tug ball that mom and dad took pictures of me jumping at. I love to jump. My dad is 6'1" tall and I jumped higher than him. I also got all of us those great cookies from the natural cookie bar. Mom tried to give me one at the store - but I just can't eat it while I'm shopping. When we got home I got to share all the new treat with Baby and Boomer. They loved them!!!

Mom decided to put these stupid things on my head and take my picture. She said they were cowboy hats for dogs. I don't know about having something on my head like that - all she did was laugh, click the camera, laugh, click etc.

Tommorrow mom said she's going to take me to the Flea Market in the morning. I can't wait. I get to wear my knapsack, just in case mom needs me to carry something for her.

Gotta go!!


I'm smart - the pro's even said so....

June 21st 2006 4:12 pm
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Mom and I took this really long drive - 2 hours from home yesterday. We went to some place called Best Paw Forward. There was alot of smells of dogs there but I didn't see any dogs. We met a lady named PJ - she was real nice to me. She even gave me a treat. Mom found out why I'm attacking dogs that come at my face. We all know that I don't like that and I growl and snap at these other dogs. Mom found out that "Terrier" breeds can hold adreneline for up to a week. That would explain why I had two jumps in one day.

So this lady PJ discussed clicker training and a gentle leader to get me over my fear of other dogs. She really gave mom some good advice to, when another dog approaches me she has to stand infront of me so I know I'm alright. If the other dog doesn't back of she was told to tell the owner of the other dog that I am afraid of their dog. Funny a "terrier" afraid. But since we have such a bad rap mom agreed. That way people can be responsible for their dogs action and I'm safe!!

The best part of clicker training is that I get lotsa treats!!! My ordered my gentle leader today - should be in the mail in a few days. Can't wait!! I love learning new things. Mom also signed me up for a Basic Manners class in August. I feel so special!! PJ said I'm a smart dog and proved it when a puppy came in for a class. PJ stood in front of me, at first I didn't notice her but she danced into my way a few times so I looked up at her and sat down. She made this cool click sound and gave me some chicken... Love chicken!! She looked at mom and said, "He's a smart dog, he learns real quick!" Yup, its true I'm smart - the pros said so!! ;}

Mom said the long drive, tolls and fee for the consultation was money well spent. Hey as long as it is spent on me that's awesome!!!

Bye for now,


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