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Tales (and tails) of The Flufinator

News Update

September 19th 2013 7:18 pm
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Like the old song says, "1,2,3, Look at Mr. Lee...." Well, I'm still around, taking all my heart medicines like the good little guy I am. Looking handsome as always. Had another medical drama called a "corneal ulcer" in my left eye....but after wearing that hideous cone for a week and having my faithful nurse Mom put all these drops and ointments in the eye for over 10 days now....we think we're on a healing path!
Mom thought she'd retired from nursing this year....ha! Now I have my very own private duty nurse on call, 24/7. Great nurse, too. Gives me treats when I'm good, which is all the time. OK, so the treats are small pieces of kibble...but food is food!
Mom worries alot about me and gets sad sometimes, like when she hears me cough...but both of us are thankful for each day that we have together. It's the only way to fly!


Not the best news....

May 11th 2013 8:13 pm
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A little over a year ago, mom noticed I wasn't myself. Nothing specific....just not "myself." The vet was astonished as she listened to my heart, just one of the many things she checked. For the first time, she heard a murmur. She listens to my heart every time I go in to see her for anything....she was very surprised. She told my mom it was awesome that mom "picked it up". Vet said it wasn't a big deal, it was a Grade II to III murmur. She put me on one Enalapril pill once a day. Mom somehow got the idea after a while when I was my old self, that this wasn't a big deal after all.
Fast forward to April 1 2013. Mom thought I had been quiet and not myself for several weeks. Sleeping alot. The vet drew some blood and said one of my liver enzymes was elevated and put me on Denosyl. Two months, enzyme back to normal. One month later, there I was at the vets again. Coughing some, really feeling tired and crummy. Different vet as ours was not there today. She took an x ray of my heart & lungs, after listening for a long time to my heart & lungs. She went back and brought my mom in to see the x ray. Not a pretty picture. Usually, having a big heart is a compliment.
Not in this case. My heart was huge, and I had some fluid in my lungs. This vet put me on Lasix for that and more Enalapril. She said my murmur had progressed to a Grade IV....that I had "mitral insufficiency" which is a polite way of saying I have congestive heart failure.
I did ok for two weeks on the new meds....and then took a major nose dive. Mom thought this was it. So did I. I was so sick. Our regular vet did another x ray and said my lungs were full of fluid...showed my mom (who is a nurse and knows basic x ray stuff). I felt so badly I wouldn't even let my mom give me the new medicine, Vetmedin, that my doc said I needed. Mom wouldn't take no for an answer...she crushed the pill, dissolved it in warm chicken broth, put it in a dropper, and squirted it into the corner of my mouth til the broth was all gone. UGH, tasted awful.
Long story short, that Vetmedin pill has done what my mom said it would do....saved my life, at least for now. My vet said the heart issue has progressed very "rapidly" which concerned her. She also said after I'd had the magic medicine, that she was "pleased with" my progress and that I was now "compensated."
Mom is hanging in....most days. She and I have always been close...she's retired now so she can spend more time with me. I feel pretty good most days but mom is careful to watch me walking out in the warmer weather...she doesn't let me rough house with Princess Pookie...but she gives me extra love and lots of belly rubs. Please, my friends, keep me in your prayers...and Mom too.


Absence does NOT make the heart grow fonder!

October 26th 2011 6:38 pm
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Well, mom's latest effort to calm me down while she is out at church, or the store, or the post office, or whatever....this
silly "thunder shirt." Yeah, I know it's a cool looking wrap, matches my coloring....but it won't make me happy when she's away from me. She's tried so hard, done so much, that maybe I gotta rethink some of the naughty stuff I do when she's not getting on the coffee table and scratching the trashing her office area (I love those filled wastebaskets!), or shredding carpet if I accidentally get closed in a room....or worst, leaving poop on the carpet. When she comes home I leap, I "talk" and whine, and pant....this way she has to give me a treat to calm me right down.
Poor Mom....I have her in the middle of my cute little paws.....
but she still goes out.
Sigh. Maybe I need to up the ante? Naw.........


A Half Breed?

April 13th 2010 9:14 pm
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Oh boy. When my mom gets something in her head, lookout! Now she has decided that I am not a full blooded Shih Tzu, but a Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix. Or somewhere down the recent line, I have some Lhasa in me. This Tzu breeder that was on a yahoo group with her told her years ago she thought I was part Lhasa. She said my skull conformation is very Lhasa.
Well all that kinda died down and Mom forgot it. Then while surfing around the good old Internet recently, she found a description of the Lhasa personality. OMG, she cried, that is Fluffy Lee to a "t" !! She says my natural cautious reserve is very Lhasa, and my easily hurt feelings (which I deal with by withdrawing when I am hurt or displeased) is just sooooooooo Lhasa. I tend to be a loner (except with Pookie) and am definitely a "one person dog" --
But so what? I'm not into stuff like purebred status and all that. I don't care what kind of genes I have. Just feed me and give me belly rubs and let me sleep in the bed at night and I'm one happy guy!
Mom is really reading all of that to find out how best to respond to my "unique personality" and to make me a happy boy.
Silly lady, mom. Her love is all I need to be a happy boy, and I already have that.
Beside, Pookie the Princess is all the royalty we need in this family, lol!


A guy who should write more!

February 20th 2008 11:13 am
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My BFF, Coco Rose, asked me was there only 2 entries in My Diary....and I got so ashamed! Yup, I'm a guy who should write more, but you know guys,
we are more action, less contemplation.It's been a good year for me...heading into my 3rd year with my beloved Mom and adopted sister Pookie. My allergies have stabilized, I've trimmed down, weight wise (attention to all you big dawgs out there, that does NOT mean I can't whup ya still!!!). Unless I'm in a new place or situation, I'm pretty friendly with the people around where we live....I don't want Miss Hog-the-Spotlight Pookie to get all the affection and compliments, after all.
Mom says I am improving my "garbage surfing" ways....that means she watches me like a hawk when I am out so I don't dig up stuff and wolf it down.
Darn, a guy can't even have fun sometimes! Mom means well....she doesn't like seeing me get sick after a garbage run, lol!
After a pre-Valentines day bummer of having another pretty girl Tzu kinda dump me for someone else, I have a wonderful BFF, Coco Rose. This girl knows how to give, how to care, and I betcha she is loyal as the day is long.
Her Mom is a wonderful lady, like my Mom is. I sure feel blessed to have Coco Rose in my life!
Just got a major hair cut change a few days ago....check out my video to see...Mom says it's a bit drastic but should take a while to grow out and perhaps I will be less difficult to groom when my hair grows in. Yeah, right Mom. Sure. And pigs can fly, too! I mean, all this fancy hair do stuff is really for the ladies, ya know? I like my new lean and mean look.
It's just fine that Pookie has to spend all this time being brushed and de matted and fussed over....leaves me time for more interesting doing security detail in the parking lot, checking out everyone to make sure they meet my standards and that they're gonna be nice to mom, or at least neutral.
So that's my life, fellow Dogsters. Oh---forgot to tell ya how I give Mom the guilt when she comes home from working or just being out a while. I leap and cry, so she ends up giving both of us some Dentabone as a treat. I get more treats than Pookie, cuz I've learned to go into the kitchen when Mom's cutting up veggies....I do get lots of them!
Well, ya'll Happy Tails to you. The Flufinator signing out here.


Only cuz she's my mother!!

February 26th 2007 4:07 pm
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Geesh! Ya wouldn't believe what happened to me the other night!
It's sure tough being a kinda little guy.....especially when your mom is a
big lady!
Here I was, put up on the grooming table (NOT my favorite place to hang
out, you understand........) and OK, I know I gotta let her brush me and
get the mats out, yadda, yadda, yadda. But....then she wants to trim my
paws, my nails. Geez, a guy can't get any peace!
So, maybe I start squirming a bit....wiggle worming a bit.....then all of a
sudden, mom is leaning over me and holding me still....she's talking
all nice, but hey, a guy can't even move here! Then out comes the nail
trimmers and zap go the nails, and then the scissors, off goes the hair that
has covered my back paws.....
Then she's giving me treats and talking all nice to me.
Well, I never!!
I showed her what I thought of that! I didn't wag my tail when she talked
to me all night long. Let her sweat it.....I figure maybe she's cool it with
her high handed (or low bodied!) tactics, yeah?
But, don't tell her......I do feel better now that I can get some traction with
my paws all free of hair....the back of me doesn't slip while the front slides....
and I can't scratch up my poor skin so much with my nails shorter.
Only cuz she's my mother do I put up with these shennanigans!
It sure is tough being a little guy!


It's About Time!!! 12/22/06

December 22nd 2006 4:03 pm
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Yo, guys and gals out there in Dogsterville! The Flufinator has arrived!
This cool dude in a red suit and funny hat...Santa....gave my Mom a Dogster
Plus membership and FINALLY I get to come front and center here.
It gets a little old with my fancy sister and all her long beautiful hair and that face and those eyes, yadda yadda yadda...
Now I, the Flufinator, have a fancy page with Dogster bling, and lots of photos and a voice too!
Thank you Santa!
Forgive me if I sound a bit rough around the edges....that's just posturing.
A guys gotta do what a guys gotta do.
Behind the tough facade, Mom says I am the sweetest little guy. She says I
have the heart of a lion, and lots of courage too. I have battled wicked allergies and lost a lot of my handsome coat...we've done Prednisone,
Atopica, antibiotics, supplements out the ying yang, food trials (and are
those a trial!!!!) and shampoos and on and on and on. It just gets old.
My mom cries a lot because I itch and feel miserable, and she can't "fix"
me. I hate when she cries, cuz I love that lady.
She rescued me from the streets, gave me a good home, good food, good
toys, good brother and sister (don't let them know I said that) and she is
a great mom.....but these allergies are something else.
I try to let her know that even with all the itching, boy, is my life a step
up since I met her. I let my fancy pants sister think she's the Alpha of the
pack, but I have Mom's heart, so let her have all the photographs, lol!
I have a really good bunch of friends here on Dogster....Bud, Lucky, Kolchak,
Jesse....Bud and I talk on the IM when mom is asleep and we can get on the
computer. Bud's the Man!
Well, guys & gals, just popping in to say I blew into town! Be cool and
have an awesome holiday!
Your buddy, Fluffy Lee, aka The Flufinator

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