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Oh NOOOOO! Rosie is Lost in OHIO

November 5th 2009 7:06 pm
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UPDATE: Rosie was found just over 24 hours later thanks to quick distribution of flyers and internet networking. details at

Our dear friend Rosie (yes, Dogster’s infamous Vincent & Rosie) is MISSING *tears.* Her mum and friends are worried sick, posting flyers, and searching day and night.

Please help spread the word to anyone who lives in the Columbus area. Share this message on Dogster, Facebook, retweet on Twitter, blogs, and anywhere you can think of. You never know when a friend may know someone who lives in her area. Thank you for anything you can do to help!

If you live in the Columbus area, flyers can be printed from


Missing German Shepherd in Columbus OHIO

4 y/o petite female GSD bolted this morning from her pet sitters.
Rosie is black and tan with very dark face and ears – wearing pink collar and tags.
Last seen by animal control on North Star and Northwest Blvd at 10am Thurs 11/5/09.
She is VERY friendly but running scared so please DO NOT CHASE her!

CALL immediately with any information

*contact info removed*

please see pictures, flyer, and more information at


Tag - You're IT!

May 24th 2007 4:29 pm
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da Gang has ALL been tagged so back away!

Here are the Rules:
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

1. I LOVE poop – my poop, your poop, every critter’s poop
2. I love to give kisses if ya don’t know I eat poop
3. mom adopted me when I was at least 2 years old
4. I knock small children / toddlers down and stand on their chests until they squeal
5. I was named for the children’s book “The Digging-est Dog”
6. I “dig” in cabinets and anywhere I can reach looking for food, etc. and do not dig in dirt .... well not too much
7. I love toes – my toes, your toes, fritoes

off to tag.....
Filo my handsome man!
Loki the flying dog!
Raven the adorable nub waggler!
Cassidy THE Kissser!
(work in progress)


Kansas, Iowa, Ohio 6-pack Pupdate

January 20th 2007 3:58 pm
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The 6-pack’s rescue story can be seen in our Gang’s Diary.

Feb 15 PUPDATE: all of the 6-Pack have been officially ADOPTED!

LENA and LEXI (now Loki) still need homes in Des Moines, Iowa.
Lena almost had a furever home but was too shy for the people who liked her. She is a sweetheart and loves to cuddle. Needs a family with patience that can give her a little extra training.
Lexi was ready to go to California and live with our dear pal Griffen’s mom. Behaviorists and trainers suggested that flying would not be a good idea, so she still needs a home closer to Des Moines.
(Pupdate: Lena and Lexi’s (now Loki) foster family failed! they are staying together with fellow Dogsters Takoda, Vegas, and Catori in Iowa. Life is wonderful!)

Meanwhile, back in Ohio:
LUNA and LEA were the first to be adopted. They are together with their new dad, getting big, and doing great.
Dogsters Mellow and Caelen are foster flunkies. Ha ha! LANA (now Lainie) is part of their happy pack now.
LETA , one of the shyest pups of all, is thriving with her new foster mom. FM is close to foster failing as well. If FM does not keep Leta, our pals Vincent & Rosie have a very dear friend that really wants to give her an awesome life.
(Pupdate: her FM DID fail and she has a new Dogster page at LETTA).

Look HERE for even more puppy pics!


FOUND Chow mix in Sacramento

December 13th 2006 8:06 am
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Dec 10 Matthew was found and rescued again.
He is available for adoption from Sacramento Independent Animal Rescuers (SIAR).
Hope he gets the best Christmas present ever!


LOST Chow mix in Sacramento needs our Help!

November 27th 2006 5:02 pm
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PLEASE if you live in Sacramento, CA or know ANYONE in the area, we need your EYES, cross posting, and help distributing flyers to find a missing Chow/Lab mix. After 2 long weeks of organizing his rescue, Matthew was saved from a South L.A. shelter just before euthanasia.

Friday, November 24th, around 9:00 pm in the Lyon's parking lot off of I-5 at Richards Ave he slipped his lead during transport and is now running loose.

He is very, very shy but gentle. He just got neutered which may be infected, plus he has an injured foot.

The more people that see Matthew’s picture, the better chance he has at being found. Duke the GSD lost in MA Thanksgiving was found because a lady saw his poster at a Stop and Shop. Flyers were plastered all over town to give them multiple confirmed sitings.

Matthew's fliers can be copied from


Found German Shepherd in MA :o)

November 25th 2006 9:03 pm
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he is safe! he is home! Donna documented Duke’s rescue with awesome photographs. this could really put Kleenex out of supply....

Dogster has amazed us once again with it’s true sense of community and genuine support. thanks to everyone for your well wishes, prayers, cross postings, advice, and all your efforts.

we can all rest knowing that another rescue is safe and loved. because of the kindness of strangers plus the determination of a mother’s heart and soul, Duke has a third chance at a wonderful life. we wish you and your pack only the best Dukie!


Lost German Shepherd in MA needs our Help!

November 25th 2006 7:48 am
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Duke is missing in the Milton/Quincy, MA area. Please cross post this story if you know ANYONE in the surrounding area.

Duke is a very special dog. He was rescued this past June as part of a large neglect case in which 66 large breed dogs were taken into custody by the Humane Society of Binghamton, New York. Duke was rescued from severe neglect, and now, he needs help once again. After spending 3 months in his new adoptive home, he went missing yesterday November 23 - on Thanksgiving - while his owner was visiting her brother's home in Milton, Mass. His owner, Donna J of Quincy, Mass. has tried desperately to find him, but he has not been spotted since he slipped his leash and bolted out sight at her brothers house.

Duke's story is a compelling one - He was found on a sprawling rural property dotted with bramble covered dog kennels,outbuildings and barns - all filled beyond capacity with large dogs. Duke was the very last dog found on the property. He was seriously neglected; underweight with eye, ear, and even nose infections, most likely from lack of vet care, proper nutrition, and sadly -- from being forced to live in his own urine and excrement. When the humane society stepped in, the staff person who found him remembered him being tucked away alone in an overgrown kennel in a far corner of the property - an area they almost missed. A flash of movement caught her eye, and dog number 66 - Duke - was located. She stated that "he had been hidden away from the world so that no one could see the terrible shape he was in." She thought he had been hidden away to die.

But, Duke did not die. Instead, after several months at the Humane Society shelter, he was adopted in August by Donna J of Quincy, Massachusetts, who had heard his story, and drove 6 hours to meet this terrified and sad boy. Donna immediately fell in love with Duke, and adopted him on the spot. Over the next 3 months, she and her two female dogs, Matsi and Sally, worked with Duke to acclimate him to their world - a world of love, a soft bed, food aplenty, and proper vet care. And, also, he learned about the outside world -- a world he had never seen from the confines of his rural overgrown kennel. He took car rides, he loved the park. Duke's progress was slow, but, steady and sure. He learned to wag his tail, to offer kisses, and early mornings to even snuggle in bed with Donna. He learned the joy of running with the other dogs, and playing with a ball. The good food, the vet care, and the love and attention of Donna and her pack, allowed Duke to thrive.

His future bright, Donna -- an avid amateur photographer -- documented every baby step along the way with her camera. She shared Duke's story with the world via an internet site -- German German Shepherd fanciers around the country, and beyond, came to know and love Duke, and to root for him.

And, then, on Thanksgiving, the unthinkable happened. An email from Donna, spare in it's hurried wording, let us all know that Duke was missing. He slipped from Donna's hand, and probably spooked by the unfamiliar area, Duke bolted out of her sight. She has not seen him since, though she has gone without sleep, and has been searching relentlessly with family and friends.

Duke needs the eyes and ears of the entire community in and around Milton to help Donna bring her sweet boy back safely. After all he has endured in his short life, Duke deserves to be found. Duke MUST be found.

Duke is a large male black and tan German Shepherd weighing about 80 pounds. He is approximately 4 years old. He is very shy, but not the least bit aggressive. Please help us find Duke.

Call with any sightings *contact info removed* . If spotted, Duke loves other dogs, and is more likely to approach another dog than a person. Please keep him in your sight and call Donna immediately.
(do NOT try to approach him because he is VERY skittish)

Duke needs us -- All!!


Dogster Rescuer Needs our Help ASAP

June 22nd 2006 8:18 pm
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Hey Dogsters!
I'm sure that many of you are familiar with a couple of our wonderful members-- Jodi and Cheesecake . If you are, you also know that they are the main spokesdogs for a wonderful rescue organization called Jodidogs Rescue, located in Estacada, Oregon. It is a small, sanctuary-type rescue located on 16 acres. Each of their dogs and cats was on the euthanasia list at a shelter. Many of us came to know and love Jodidogs such as Spoon, Underdog, Tiger and Leah. As many of our Dogster members are rescues ourselves, we naturally came to love and admire Jodidogs' human administrators.

Sadly, due to the kinds of complicated problems that often bedevil small rescues, Jodidogs is going to have to close.

This wonderful organization that has helped so many (maybe even you!!) is now in need of OUR help. There are several animals that need placement either in forever homes or with other rescue groups. There are transport issues. There are other logistical problems that need your keen minds!

So, a group has been formed to try to help solve these problems. Won’t you join us? Everydog can contribute an idea, a rescue contact, a suggestion, or a cheer!

This is an open invitation to all Dogster members to join our group, Jodidogs Support, Ideas and Fund. And maybe, just maybe, you have room for a new friend at your house, or know someone who does. Jodidogs Rescue also has a Petfinders page.

Please join us to brainstorm, encourage and support!! We love Jodidogs—help us to help them!

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