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Sniff everything everywhere and enjoy life!

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Happy New Ears!

January 8th 2008 3:15 pm
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Hi Eberyone!
Jus wanted to woof...

Happy New Ears to All
Wif Lub,
xxoo Luna Bear

PS. As I woofed last January 2007, that pesky Vet man is up to no good.. He says I weigh 95 lbs and am still 6 lbs overweight...
Ar-ooooooooo! Barooooooo....
Those *@#$%$#@! dog-diets and me, do not make for happy companions...


Here We Go Again...Traveling Across the USA!!!

December 5th 2007 9:17 am
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Hello eberyone!
Well, I know we jus moobed here to Arkansas only 2 months ago but my mama tells me we are moobing again...this time to Montana.
(Which is almost as far ob a twip as it was to moob here fwom San Diego!)

Our two legged Grandma was vewy sick and when she gets out ub dat hospital she needs my mama and me to help her.
Dats why we are going there.

I hear it gets vewy... VEWY cold ober dere and VEWY snowy too.
I still hab neber eben seen snow in my entiwer wife!!!

I will tell yew all what I think about all that cold webber and white fluffy snowy stuff when I get ober there.

For now my woof is this ...

............HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU.... UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN.........

Houndy Hugs to you all!
Luna Bear


I hab Moob-ed!!

October 22nd 2007 8:24 am
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Ar-ooooooooo's to eberyone!
My world has changed and that is because my mama and I hab moob-ed fwom beautiful San Diego.
We dwove and dwove and dwove...fer thwee days to get here---
"here" is called "NW Arkansas". My mamas fwend and her husband wive here, wif der doggie (and my best doggie fwend), Miss Annabelle!
You can see her, because her picture is on my page, too.
On our twip I had to sweep in somphing called a motel fer two nights too.
I had a job to do there.
Iwas an inspector of the motels' bedding at night.
I sniffed the bedspwead and da bwankets so much that my mama threw dem on da fwoor.
WE sweept wif a sheet ONLY!
She said sometimes motels don't wash bwankets and bedspweads each day. She took my sniffin' seriously and I alerted her to that bein' a true stowy...

Now I wive on a vewy big wake in NW Arkansas--
Yup, I saw it and it's a vewy vewy big wake and eberyfing is sooo gween eberywhere and woodsy smelling too.
Der is eben Deer dat wib here.
I heard about somfing called snow too but I don't know what that is yet....
So my new world is vewy exciting .
I wike it here and will tell you more stories later on.

Lub and ar-ooooooos to you all...
fwom Luna Bear.
(a happyhappy houndette who is now living in NW Arkansas)


Da Rest ub da Story, Part 2.

August 22nd 2007 11:50 am
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Okay here is Part 2....

6. I just love dat grandbaby Noah, who is 1 yr old this weekend. When he eats he throws yummy stuff, like Cheerios on the floor. Yup, we share.
7. I think I like bellyrubs almost as much as I love food.
8. I love to zzzzzzzzzzzzzz so don't wake me up okay.
9. I really hate hot weather. Ants bite me when I yam jus laying around outside in my big grazzzy yard. I spend lots ub time inside da house.
Ants are VEWY MEAN!
10. I yam 3 years old now. On my walks, I don't dart out and pull hard on the leash when my mama isn't looking at me. She would jus tip over hehehe an that was too funny but for sum weason, she gots a BIG attitude over dat cool move ub mine. Well I quit doing it. Enough said


Da Story, Part 1.

August 14th 2007 8:23 pm
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Here's Part 1 ub some funny fengs about me...
1. I yam kinda big fur a Basset too, pawbly cuz I ain't a whole Basset!!!
I yam a 1/2 and 1/2--wif da other pawt bein' a Bloodhound
AND I weigh in at 95 lbs.
Yup. I gots a fluffy butt.

2. I hab vewy good ears and can hear dat refrigerator door open
eben if I yam soundly a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
How 'bout you?????

3. On my walkies, I lub to meet da c@ts around my neighborhood
and gib em a weal thrill--- if ya know what I mean....

4. Since I turned 3 I haben't chewed nuffin' up dat I shouldn't hab.
( ssshwedding da toilet paper does not count....)
Dat DOES NOT mean I quit waiding da twash can tho.

5. I love my mama and I yam a velcro houndette. Oh yeah!
Lub xxoo Luna Bear zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Whew!! It's HOT outside...

July 18th 2007 5:00 pm
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Ar-ooooooo's to awl !
Haben't woofed fer awhile because I been zzzzzzzzzzzz'n awot.
It is jus too hot outside to be doin' wots ub fings now.

I took a wide in da basset limo dis afternoon..
We had dat air conditioning on high and da window was down too.
Dat is so I can sniff an see eberyfing dats goin on.
I lub to ride best at 25 MPH.
With the wind bwowin' my ears back, it sure feels good!

Today dere wass some fings I noticed dat were NOT so good....

I saw:
2 poodles inside a parked car
Dis was vewy dangerous to do and dey must ub been way too hot
'cuz dey was yapping a lot and panting too.

I saw:
a guy running, wif his dog alongside.
Pavement is black, and on hot days it can BURN a dogs paws BADLY!
(...cuz we don't wear duh)

I jus wanted to woof dis...

On very hot days
Then... we will be happy to stay in the house or the cool shady yard.

Dogs are your fwends and we will do whatever you ask us to do.
Don't ask us to do dangerous fings 'cuz you fink we will be sad
if'n we hab to stay at home in dis hot weather.
Dats not da twoof.
Jus gib us water

L una Bear


Happy 3rd Birfday Luna Bear!!

March 30th 2007 11:43 am
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Yup! It is twue.
I yam now 3 yeaws young --if I am countin' in human yeaws--
and sowwy to show off, but being the intewwigent houndette dat I yam,
I know dat 3 is equal to....ummmm.. 21 doggie yeaws!

Because it was my birfday on Mawach 27th,
I been intewested in and finkin' about
dis subject ub "matuwing" or aging
and for whateber weason
it seems dat:
when yew weach da age ub 21
yew awe now considewed to be
a "mattuwe-doG", and quite pawsibly
somehow eben expected to act, well...
or somffin'.

I suppose dat I may be EXPECTED to act
"mowe matuwwey" now...
but Nope!
Yew Can Jes Fowget Dat!

yeah wike wight. hehehe. like maybe
I shouwd twy extwa hawd to NOT
toss-awound and/or finewey shweddd-up
any wolls ub da smooshy soft and wonnerfully fun
toilet papers anymore.. hmmm??

Da woof is, us hounds awe supposed to teach
da humans wots and wots ub stuff and
none of it has to do wif bein'

I been told dat we awe 'posed to show
(thwu da best houndyXamples)
jus how to..
Sniff Eveweything and Enjoy da Life!

Be content to plaay well
wif what fings dat yew haff awweady gots.
Cwe-a-tivity is a good fing.
So eben if it's a very simple fing dat yew gots,
dere is stiww a wot fun that yew can hab wif it!
Grrrrr SHWEDDD SHWEDDD Grrrrrrrr!!!!

Oh and awso:
how to weally zzzzzzzzzwelaxzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
how to feel sooo swiwwy or act sooo goofy
dat you hab to hehehehehehehehehe waff
your own eaws off!

And how sometimes being vewy vewy
wild and cwaZy, is vewy vewy okay!*

* Now... dis one is especially twue if you hab any
weal monsters o eben imagin-aiw-wey fwends
in yer house....

Lub tew Awl,
Luna Bear xxxoooo
Ps. this entwy to be continued maybe sometime waiter on
ifs and whens I feel wike it. :-)


WOW! I yam.... Almost Famous???? hehehe!

February 7th 2007 5:20 pm
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Hello to eberyone!
Today was a vewy wonnerful day fer me.
This is because dose nice guys at Dogster
chose me as
Todays Featured Pick/Diary Central!

Gee and I thought eberyone
just looked at the doggie photos
and didn't wead da doggie stories...
oops, my mistake.

So Dogster Guys,
fank you soooooo much!
I yam humbled.
well sort ub humbled.

Lub to yew all xooxx
Luna Bear


Der awe NO wawm bweezes a-bwoing hewe in So Califownia...

February 2nd 2007 1:47 pm
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Hi tew eberyone!

It is now da monf ub Febwuawy
and its da winter time
hewe in So Califownia.
It has been vewy vewy chiwwy outside awwight.
I been noticing dis wen we go fow da wawkies
in da ebeningtime.

Now some ub yew hounds may be libin' in anoder pwace
wike da state ub New Yowk or Montana or Minnisota
or sumpwace else dat I hear gets
weally WEALLY cold outside.
Some ub yew eben dwess up in dog cwothes
to stay wawm on yer wawkies.

When it is snowing ober dere
yew awe pwobably
zzzzz zzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz ing
by dat nice wawm fiwepwace in da house
(ohhhh hopefuwwy!)
and awe eben
Califownia Dweamin'...
dweamin' ub coming to lib in wawm owd So Califownia.

Yew pwobabwy fink dat
dere is wots ub dose
nice and wawm
bweezes a-bwoing
in So Califownia in da monf ub Febwuawy.

Well yew awe
vewy vewy vewy
wong wong wong.
Yew AWE dweamin'
because dat is not da twoof.
Der awe no wawm bweezes a-bwoing.

I'll let yew in on my seekwett
I yam still going fer my wawkies in da nude
jus like I do when its da summewtime

xooxx and zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Luna Bear


Happy New Ears Eberyone!

January 4th 2007 10:25 am
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Hello Eberyone,
It is a New Ear!
Dis is what does 2 leggers say anyways...
I still got da same ears I hab before.
I checked on da mama's ears and dey are da same ones, too!
Maybe I yam not sure zatctly what dat means....

I want yew all to see da BIG pwate ub Tweats in dat new photo my mama put on my webpage. Wooks weally yummy huh?
Dats me wookin' at all da food.
It wasn't all mine doe---I had only a wittle bit off ub the pwate and dat was not wight because I yam a vewy BIG BONED houndette.

Da Vetman says I weigh 99 lbs, and said dat I must wooze 10 lbs...
Siwwy Vetman.
What does he know about hounds who get weally hungry anyways...
I yam one houndette who needs WOTS ub food---not juz a wittle bit!!!
When will dey eber wearn dis fact???

My mama says da New Ears Wesolution is fow ME to wooze 10 lbs.
In my opinion, it is SHE who needs to wooze da 10 lbs!
Lub tew awl in 2007,

Luna Bear

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