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A Whole Lotta Lottie

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I'm Back!

February 24th 2012 11:12 pm
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Wow I can't believe it's been almost three years since I wrote in my diary. Not long after my last entry Daddy decided he wanted us to move out of the city and start a new life in the country where Nana and Papa lived and where Daddy grew up We moved into a big house with a big yard and I got to run around free a lot. There was also a beach not that far away. I met lots of new people and some doggie friends.

The next year we had to move out of the house and Daddy and Mommy found a new place to rent that is even closer to the beach but doesn't have as nice a yard. I like to walk in the middle of the road like I own it. There are lots of trees here and not as many cars and people. Mommy always makes me walk on leash except for down on the beach where there aren't any cars. I like to meet people and hope they give me treats. Unfortunately there aren't that many small doggies here in this small town that I like to play with. Mommy wishes I would play more with other dogs but I am very fussy about other dogs. I do like to do my daily sniffs up and down the streets of my neighbourhood and read my pmail and check into my Grassbook and leave my witty comments!

I will be turning 7 in less than 2 months. I am healthy and happy, the only thing is I'm losing hair on my belly and inside my hind legs. Mommy says we will probably have to visit the vet soon to find out what's behind that. I am much better now at accepting grooming and don't even mind when Mommy cleans my ears because I know it helps me. I've had a few ear infections over the years.

Mommy says I am such a smart dog and is so proud of me. While I always favour Daddy's lap, especially in the mornings when he's on his Facebook, it is at night that I like to curl up with Mommy. She even lets me under the covers. I am a lucky girl!

I hope it's not another 3 years before I write again. Maybe I'll even post some newer pics of myself having fun at the beach or hanging out in my new home.

Woof Woof!


The Doggy Park

March 14th 2009 12:57 pm
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Hi there Dogster buddies, it's been ages since I've written in my diary. I am still naughty and love to get my way, I hope all of you are well and naugthy too! Since I last wrote, we have a new Dog Park in the neighbourhood and I love to pull Mommy there. Yes I can pull her and I'm only about 15 lbs! We are usually the only ones in the park lately, maybe its the weather or most of the doggie owners don't like the bark mulch. Mommy doesn't like the bark mulch, she says its inferior quality to the one at the children's playground. Funny thing is there seems to be a lot more of us 4 legged kids then 2 legged kids in the area! Anyways, its not as busy as when it first opened and when we get there I bark at Mommy to throw something for me. She rarely brings a ball since she never plans on taking me there, like I said , I take her! Woof Woof! She manages to find a stick and then I make her throw it and I run really fast to get it but I hardly ever bring it back to her because I like to make her walk over and grab it. I figure she should be getting some exercise too! Woof! Woof!. I have lots of fun until another dog comes in there that's annoying. I have little patience for you big young puppies who are getting into my personal space! I will not hestitate to tell you off and act like a drama queen so your owners feel sorry for me and get angry with you!
That's all for now but I have more to write soon!
Woof! Woof!


It's Been Awhile

April 12th 2008 11:14 am
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I haven't written in my diary in months. Today's my third birthday so I thought I better write in it. I've been doing really good aside from driving Mommy and Daddy crazy with my licking at night. That's been getting better and I don't do it as much. I even had to go throw a bit of food allergy testing. I'm glad I'm not allergic to any of the meats I like to eat. They tried to get me to eat only ostrich or rabbit for 6 weeks but I hated both of them so I got duck. I've been having lots of fun chasing balls and sticks. I love to bark at Mommy and Daddy to throw them for me. I never return the sticks but I return the balls most of the time. I am probably at my happiest when I get to walk and run free with my people. I don't really like walking on leash and give them a hard time by putting on the breaks or just sniffing a lot or pulling them along. Lately I haven't had a chance to see my neighbourhood buddies too much. I wish I could see them more but Mommy and Daddy are busy working during the day. The sun is shining for my birthday and I hope the weather gets better so I can have more fun outdoors! Bye for now. I'll try to write more often! Woof! Wo0f!


The Bench Sitter

October 24th 2007 11:31 pm
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So, I'll be playing with my little doggy friends and we're having fun when suddenly a larger dog that I don't know really well shows up and thinks he can play too. My buddies think its cool, but not me. I don't know what it is but some doggies just give off scary vibes. When this happens the first place Mommy needs to look for me is on the closest bench.
"There's Lottie sitting on the bench" I hear. Well of course I'm on the bench or picnic table top, if there is one around. Some of those dogs are doggone scary. I'm no fool. I'm not gonna get trampled on by some big guy with giant paws. The humans think I'm kinda cute when I do this.


My Weekend Houseguest

August 7th 2007 8:46 am
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Thursday evening she arrived and she didn't leave till last night. Gosh I thought she'd never leave. I'm talking about my Cavalier pal Scarlet. You see her parents and her brother Tuxxy had to fly to Calgary and they couldn't take both doggies. I'm glad they took Tuxxy instead of Scarlet cause I kind of like her better although I would never snuggle with her no way. She tried to get close to me but I'd just run off. I like my privacy if you know what I mean. Scarlet even had the nerve to sleep with Mommy and Daddy on the big bed. She would curl up all night. What a baby. I could if I wanted to but I like to be a big girl so I go to my secret hiding spots to sleep. Yea Scarlet was all over Mommy and Daddy. She gave them lots of kisses and hugs ( I think she was just sucking up so she could get more food). I'd want Mommy to play with me and Scarlet would keep interfering. One day I thought I'd see what Scarlet was made of so I made her play with me. I chased her all over the living room. Ha ha. Mommy and Daddy said Scarlet has a sweet dispositon and she's an angel. Mommy said I'm her little devil dog and she loves me just the way I am.


Annie My Best New Buddy

June 8th 2007 10:19 pm
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Mommy and Daddy took me for a walk this evening along the river and when we got to the kid's playground I got really excited because I saw my best new buddy Annie there. She was already off leash. Mommy said it would be ok for me to be off leash so I could run and play with Annie. It's kind of against the park rules but I needed my exercise. We had so much fun! Annie is a black Maltipoo. She can run really fast just like me. She's so small but she flies and jumps. Last week I ran around with her and a white Maltipoo named Harry and now every time I go past the playground I look for doggies to play with and I want to do zoomies.


I've Got A New Place To Do My Business

June 7th 2007 9:00 am
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Big change in my life recently. I've got different grass and new walks and the place where I eat, sleep and play is all new to me. Men came to get all my stuff and then they brought it all back to this new place we live in. Some things didn't come with them. Where's my couch? Mommy promised me a new one will come in a few weeks. Oh goody I can't wait. There's a bunch of new things here already! I've met some new doggy friends on my walks with Mommy and Daddy. I miss some of my old parks that I could run around in but Mommy tells me we will find some new off leash parks. I hope they make an off-leash park for us small doggies next to where I live. There are so many of us little ones in my new neighbourhood! Woof Woof!


My Second Birthday

April 15th 2007 1:24 pm
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On April 12 I turned 2. I got an early birthday present from Mommy the week before. She took me to a doggy boutique and I got to try on a new purple Puppia harness and a new purple collar. I got to wear them out of the store. I love them. Everyone thinks I look so cute in my purple Puppia. I also got toys from my auntie. I now have a Hurl a Squirrel, which I love to carry around and try to get Mommy to play tug-o-war with me; and another duck that squeaks. This one is more realistic looking than my other ducky. I love playing fetch with it. On my birthday I got some delicious liver brownie from the store Mommy buys my food. I love those liver brownies I go crazy for them. Grandma gave me some money for my birthday. Mommy will put it in my bank account. It is for my vet bills and that kind of stuff. Mommy and Daddy aren't allowed to touch it. I had a pretty good birthday. I'm glad I'm 2 now; I feel more mature than I did when I was one.


Queen Lottie here, look out!

April 8th 2007 12:49 pm
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On Friday Mommy and I went over to Scarlet and Tuxxy's home. Boy did I get a surprise there. Their mommy picked me up and put me on this special table and then she started doing all these things that Mommy tries to do without the fancy table and is not always so successful because I don't like to cooperate. Auntie Maya gave me lots of treats and was very gentle so I forgave her. She even said I was better behaved than her two for some of it. I spent the afternoon at Scarlet and Tuxxy's while our mommies went shopping. Uncle Tom puppy sat us.

The next day we saw Scarlet and Tuxxy again. This time we played in the park , running around, playing fetch and having fun and then we rode in the stroller to another park that was far away. Scarlet and Tuxxy made me ride in the back of the stroller. They can be soooo mean to me. At first I was in front but then they started whining and complaining and getting mad at me so I was forced to the back and Scarlet cried the whole way. There were lots of birds around and she loves them and wants to chase them but can't so she cries and barks and her mom kept calling her a "bad apple".

Later when we were at the small dog park where we were having our Cavalier MeetUp I got my revenge on those two brats. I found a stick and was playing with it and Tuxxy wanted to chase me and grab it from me. Boys, they think all the sticks and toys are theirs. I wasn't going to let him have it no way! I ran as fast as I could and even Mommy was cheering me on and when he got close I told him off " back off punk, you guys squished me at the back of the stroller!" Did I show them! I'm the eldest and they should have respect for Queen Lottie! Pretty soon I got bored with all the other dogs in the park and I jumped on the bench and just wanted to be a human. Mommy kept saying I was moody. Me moody?


I'm Still Naughty Lottie

March 29th 2007 12:08 pm
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Mommy said I will be two next month and I still haven't outgrown my bad girl puppy ways. Today we went to Coopers Park where she let me off leash. I hadn't been there in quite a while. Well I didn't get to run around very long 'cause I found goose poop and I started eating it and when Mommy saw this she told me to drop it and that just made me want to get more just to spite her ha ha! I started doing my crazy zoomies looking for goose poop! Mommy was not impressed at all so she put the leash back on my harness and made me walk home. She is such a party pooper! She kept saying something about no wonder you get sick and will you ever learn... Oh by the way I had to visit the vet again earlier this week because my poopers didn't look too good. Could that be why Mommy is upset with me again?

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