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Protecting my companions

The passing of my best friend

April 7th 2012 1:48 pm
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On January 23, 2012, I had to say goodbye to my best friend. His battle with cancer was one of the hardest things my family went thru. We miss him so much and is remembered daily by all the happy memories we had with him. I know he will wait for us at the rainbow bridge and we will be together again.


The garbage truck

March 1st 2007 10:12 am
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I had only heard about the garbage truck. It's like a folk lore around us dogs. We hear it, know its big, but yet really never get a chance to get a good look at it. All I know is that we are supposed to bark our heads off when we even know its in our neighborhood. Well today I got to meet our arch nemesis. Ok puppies, we were right to assume it was big! It's huge! I was out gardening with my mom and this monstrosity pulls around the corner. At first I'm not sure what the heck it was. It wasn't a school bus cause there were no screaming kids (thats a whole different subject) and it wasn't a UPS truck cause it was too quite and not fast. That only left one thing...the garbage truck. At first I kept my cool, I thinking I'm going to try to blend in as much as possible, keep on the down low. I just couldn't do it pups. As the "truck" got closer, I lost it. All the moving parts, the smells, the noise, did I mention the moving parts. It was like I was reliving the weed eater incident (again another time). As this "thing" got closer, and my mom couldn't shut me up, cause I'm telling you pups, primal instinct just took over me, we went into the garage and waited for the truck to pass by. I was looking at mom trying to make her understand that I just needed one bite, just to let it know that if you come around here, us pups are not gonna just sit around. I even did my pathetic little cry, but she didn't budge. So there we sat, in the garage, as this truck not only drove by, but took something from our front lawn. Arrgghh. I know this trucks schedule. I know it comes by every week. Us pups need to gather more intel on this thing. Not only is it in our neighborhood, its taking our stuff. Time, we need more time. Let me know what you have gathered and we'll share the info.

Signing off



Oh dang, it's halloween time.

October 3rd 2005 4:27 pm
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Ok, heres the deal with my humans, they love halloween. I'm not talking about yay, trick-or-treat time. I'm talking "Let's dress the puppy up" time. Did you see my Valentines parade pic. Jeez, how humiliating. It's mostly mom, dad usually backs me up. When mom decides on a "cute" outfit and just hhhaaassss to have me try it on, dad always says "poor Agimo". So are you getting my delima? Well mom came home with a costume today. You are not going to believe what it is. Aaaarrrggghh. A bunny suit. Bunny. Right, so let me get this straight. I am a dog dressed up as a bunny. This just isn't right. And I'm sure my mother will just haaaave to post them on this site, just to spite me. You know not everyday a dog gets to be a pimp, or...a....bunny.


I'm so proud of myself

December 16th 2004 9:38 pm
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Today was unbelievable, I caught my first burgler. Thats right. Some idiot thought he could just make his way into my house without me having a problem with it. I heard my mommy scream for my dad as I came around the corner and saw this man in the doorway. So I only did what any other "protector" would do, I went right for the guy, teeth first. I jumped on him and took him to the ground. The guy didn't have a chance, but he did scream like a little school girl. He did manage to make it into the garage, but I gave it everything I had to try to keep him there. I got ahold of his arm, but then my dad tried to pin him under the garage door, but the garage door opened and he got away, but not without my mark. My mom and dad were crying telling me what a hero I was...and I will admit I am loving every minute of it. I got to meet the detective and he told mom and dad that I deserved a dinner...a steak dinner. So today was very exciting for me. I say bring it on burglers, I'm ready for some more fun.

P.S. the dinner was great!

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