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A little about me.

Mommy wrote a poem about me!!!!

April 4th 2009 7:54 am
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Smilin Penny

Here they come again
pulling me out of my pen.
Ive been here many a night
I'm just too tired to fight

They are looking at me
passing me around for all to see
I try not to get my hopes up
I'm bigger than a tea cup

They always say I'm too big
and toss me back in the breeding rig.
Ignoring them is how I cope
But I can't help but hope

One day the visitor will pick me
and a whole new world I will see
I'm so sad sometimes I scream
But still I can dream

Soon I feel a strangers hand
grabbing me where I stand
OOO what a gentle touch
These hands don't feel rough

She's placed me on her arm
I'm filling with alarm
Gently she pats my ear
pulling me softly near

She's carring me out the door
This is too scary to ignore
I shiver and shake
My whole body seems to quake

She's putting me in her truck
is this good or bad luck
Softly she speaks to me
I'm so scared I pee

Wait she isn't yelling
soon I start sniffing and smelling
round the old truck seat
I don't think I'll be beat.

Wait! we are stopping
My heat is throb throb throbing
She's grabbing me
holding me out for all to see.

I'm being sniffed and licked
I'm getting a bit ticked
But wait
these 3 dogs seem great

I'm starting to feel
this ladys love is real
She will feed and care for me
Gently pet and love me.

I start to shiver and shake
a deep breath I take
I pull my lips back not full of fears
and a pretty little smile appears

The lady is happy
The other pups yappy
and I recieved a name
Smilin Penny and here I will reign!


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