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A little about me.

My Tail of Devotion for Smilin' Penny Poop : )~

July 27th 2006 3:55 pm
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This was actually a how I got my name tale but I think it fits here too:
(picture Me and Junior looking under my chin and thats my son Chico in the background)

My full name is Penelope Pepper Poop.
I used to be called Pepper by the people mom got me from.
I also used to spend most of my time in a kennel.
Mom saw an ad in the paper for me for weeks and finally went to see what I was all about. When she got there the lady pulled me out of my kennel and told mom I was afraid of men and I'd lived with them for a year...before that I had lots of puppys and all the other girls around me had lots of puppys and not long after people would come and take my puppys away...I was sad.

Anyhow mom asked about my health and who their vet was. When the lady said they didn't have a vet Mom looked at the little cage the lady pulled me out of and down at me quietly sitting on her arm and said "I'll take her"

Next thing I know I was being whisked off into a red pick up truck and where I sat and wondered what all this was about. My world was changing again. I sat on the passenger side not too sure of this new mom...she smelled good, I could smell other doggies and kittys on her too.

Soon we pulled up in front of an old house and I heard all kinds of Mommy's home Mommy's home yipping and yapping coming from inside it. I was snatched off the seat and taken in to meet my new family. There was Babydog..Shes at Rainbow Bridge now and Anniedog ..they are both BIG dogs and then there was Cisco Kidd...Gosh he's a handsome guy! When I first saw dad he seemed a bit surprised asked mom "Where did you get that?" when he saw me. Mom told him and said she didn't care for my name...yet she's superstitious and thinks you should never take a dogs name from can add to it or shorten it but not remove it...don't ask me ..moms a little funny like that. Anyhow when dad asked what I was gonna be called mom said "PENNY...she is a Lucky Penny so she shall be Penelope Pepper ....Penny for short from now on" The Poop came later but ya know I love my name and Cisco, Junior and I are one happy POOP Family!

Soon I was thrilled to be at this new house..ya know they didn't even have a kennel...and there's this little door just my size I can run through and go outside when ever I want and get back in when ever I want too!!!!

I learned lots of new things..learned I could jump up on the couch and even the bed. Love jumping up on the bed at night and cuddling up next to DAD! I like MEN!

One day Mom told me she wanted me to have one more litter of pups...I thought here we go it starts. But then she said " I promise one more litter and we will find good homes for all but one puppy that puppy will stay right here with you" WOW that sounded neat ...and before you know it I had some romantic interludes with Cisco and 5 pups on the way.

Too soon though my pups were leaving Chico went to live with one of mom's friends and I see him quite often. Nellie lives with a wonderful family in OH...I get to see pictures of her quite often. Snoop doggy dog lives about 40 miles from us and is quite happy. Unfortunately little Butchie had heart problems and went to the bridge at just 8weeks old...I'll seem him when I go there one day. That left little JUNIOR and I sure worried every time mom picked him up and went out the door....I thought for sure it was gonna be the same old same old and I'd never see him again...BUT SHE KEEPS BRINGING HIM BACK............YIPPPEEEEEEEEE my Junior is here to stay. And there will be no more pups for me..Mom made sure of that.

I've lived here two years and ya know ...I'm finally realizing that I've found my real family and this is where I'm gonna live for the rest of my life!

YES you are my sweet Penny Yes you are! Love Mom

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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