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In the life of Misty

Missing Misty

July 22nd 2008 11:50 pm
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Its so hard to loose a friend of 13 years, all of the sudden their not around anymore.

I got Misty when I was 11 for my birthday and she was honestly one of my best friends.

Misty was the sweetest dog you would ever meet and I miss her so much.

I wish I had been a better mom to her though. I mean she had a great life but I still feel like I could have done more.

Towards the end I was so busy with school and my internship that I didn't get to take her on walks or play with her nearly as much. Misty spent alot of time with my mom during those times.

I always thought I would want to get another dog right after Misty but now I can honestly say I only want Misty back.

Im sure we will get a another dog but not yet.

Thank you to all of my friends on Catster and Dogster for you support. I dont know what I would do without you.
Sarah, Ruben and Gordy


In fields chasing butterflys

July 19th 2008 8:27 pm
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Today I am in fields chasing butterfly's and I am happy.
I had to say goodbye to mom and Grandma but I will see them again. They were sad to see me go but I feel so much better. I can see again and my muscles arn't sore anymore.
Thank you to all of my friends for everything. We love you very much.



April 6th 2008 8:35 am
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Wow! I feel so special to have been chosen to be dog of the day. Thank you so much Dogster and thank you to all my pals too.
I love you!

Ha ha Ruben and Gordy! Today is MY day stinky kitty brothers.



June 29th 2005 6:20 pm
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Dear diary-
Its been a little while since I last wrote but I have been busy. Its been storming alot and I really dont like that. Ruben won cat of the week and there is nothing worse then a cat who has a big head. He is walking around like some kind of big shot or something. Oh well I love him to bits still and I will let him have his fun.
Well lots of kisses for everyone
- Misty
P.S. Rockey gave me a rosette and he is sooo cute. Thanks a bunch Rockey you really made my day.


I hate suitcases

June 12th 2005 6:35 pm
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Dear Diary-
Well today has been pretty eventful. First I went outside because it was so nice out. I layed in the sun and laughed at Ruben because he wanted to come out so bad but they would't let him. He gets all tangled around everything so its a big hassel to have him out there without being watched you know? So then this little human named christian came to visit and he stepped on me while I was taking a nap. Now I see that everyone in the family has suitcases which means someone is leaving me and I HATE when I have to worry about my family. Oh well I dont think my mom will be leaving me because someone has to give me my pills twice a day.
Well talk to you later
- Misty


One last thought for the night

June 11th 2005 9:19 pm
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Dear diary
I know its late but I have to vent about something that happened to me while I was at the vet today. Me and my mom walked in and noticed there was no room in the waiting room except one chair in the corner. So we kept to ourselves and I was a very good girl even as I noticed that most of the animals in the room were cats. Then I heard someone say in a snotty way that there should be a seperate room for dogs and cats like I was some kind of monster dog attacking their cats. Now I didnt even bark or sniff or look at their cats and here I was being discriminated against for no reason. I just dont understand why they had to be so mean to me. Im a sweet, cute, very well behaved girl and I think it was unfair for those mean people to judge me. Oh well its time for bed now and I feel MUCH better now that these feelings are out in the open. Tomorrow is a new day and I here its supposed to be a nice one with lots of sun which means SUNBATHING!
Bye for now
- Misty


please dont take my picture mom

June 11th 2005 9:34 am
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Dear Diary
Yeah I had a bad morning today. My mom got out my pretty pink leash and I was so excited. I thought for sure that we were going for a walk but then she put me in the car and i knew it was either the groomer or the vet both of which I hate. Well it ended up to be the vet and she took a whole bunch of blood from my little arm. Then when we got home she started taking my picture so she could add some to my page. I wasnt in the mood for that after what I went through. Oh well I know she only does it because she loves me. Now im tired so im not going to write much more. Hopefully later I will have better news. I did get a treat when I got home though.
Kisses to everyone
- Misty


Oh that cat

June 10th 2005 9:43 pm
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Dear diary-
Im on dogster now! Im so happy my mom finally added me. She has been working so hard on Rubens page she hasnt had time for mine. I know she loves me though and I love her too. Today Ruben and I played in the backyard for awile but when I decided I was done he wouldnt stop bothering me. I growled at him but I would never hurt him and even though I hate to admit it he has grown on me since we found him. Its not so lonely around the house when everyone is away now.
Well I have to go but I will write again.
Big kisses to everyone

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