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What it means to be "pugnkayak"

First time on a kayak!

June 5th 2005 4:10 pm
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Today, June 5th mommy and daddy took piglet and me to a pond near home, and put me into my new life-vest. I'm not sure that I like it thou. Then mommy put Piggy on the front of her blue boat, and me inside. It felt kinda funny, but I was interested to see what was going to happen. All of a sudden, she jumped in too, and off we went. WHEEEEEE!! (I think) Not too sure of the footing, and I kept trying to climb up on mommy's lap, but when I did this big black bar would bump me on the side of the head! Piglet looked really cool riding on the bow, so I jumped up to do it too. It was fun, but I got tired after a minute, and laid down. When I did that my butt hung over one side and slowly slipped down. When I tried to pull myself back up I slipped and tumbled head over tail backwards into the water! That was not fun. I got a snootfull of water, and my head went under. Luckily mommy grabbed me quick and pulled me back into the boat. Was I miserable! I do not like being wet, and made sure mommy knew. I shook all over her and got her wet too. Piggy never fell off thou which made me kinda mad! She thinks she's so cool. (well I guess she kinda is, but don't tell her I said it!) I didn't want to share the front of the boat after that so I took a long nap in the bottom of the boat. Mommy said my snoring was very loud! After the nap which dried my fur, we just floated around. Mommy had a big umbrella so that I was in the shade and wouldn't get too hot. While we snuggled together she told me how much she loved me and Piglet, and how special I was. I love mommy, but I'm not too sure I like Kayaking too much. We'll have to try again, but not too soon!

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