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Groomer visit

April 16th 2011 1:00 pm
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I went to the groomer today. Mom wrote about it in the dogster regular thread so I let her copy that to tell the story:

Dropped Bunny off at the groomers, what a scene. First, I said "Bunny, want to go for a drive to the groomer's?" He gets all excited and heads straight for the car. Then it is whine, pace, yawn till we get there. He gets out of the car, sniffs the grass and then when we start heading for the groomer's door, he hits the brakes! Plops his butt down, digs his front paws into the ground. So I coax him in the door. Groomer meets us at the door, he puts his paws up on me, just like a little kids wrapping it's arms around it's mom's legs saying "Please don't leave me!" So the groomer scoops him up and he is trying to get to me, almost like "Mom, please don't go!" Such drama for a haircut and a bath.

I feel and look good now that it is all over. I overhead Mom saying to Dad that is almost time for my yearly check up and shots. Yikes!


Yucky vet visit

October 22nd 2010 3:55 pm
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Mom dragged me to the vet today. She was pretty sure I had an eye infection , but it was getting better. Since Princesse was supposed to get her shots today, Mom decided to be on the safe side and bring me instead. Well, first off, we had to drive there and I get stressed in the car. Then I tried to pee on a "wet floor" sign at the vet's office. Mom said "No!" , so I didn't. Then I went onto this platform that weighed me. Mom says I still need to lose weight! The scale said 22.5 pounds and I am supposed to weigh 20 pounds. Then we went into a room where people tortured me, and Mom let them! They stuck something in my ear , shined a light in my eyes, put something cold on my belly , poked me underneath and did some kind of movements with my back legs. All this after they put a muzzle on me! Mom talked with one of the people about eye drops and flea meds. Then Dad came to pick us up. I was less stressed going home ( nothing could have been as bad as that!) but we stopped and Dad disappeared a couple of times , which really worried me, so I whined and whined. I think Mom and Dad were as glad to get home as I was!


Time to go on a diet

September 23rd 2010 4:33 pm
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Mom was away for 5 weeks, because someone in her family was sick. I stayed home with dad. He fed me too much and only took me for a walk a week. I gained 8 pounds! Mom was really upset. Now I am getting less breakfast and we are going for our walks again. We also visit our new dog park. I like that. Mom has been home less than a week and I feel a little better already. I am starting to play with my toys again!


Our very own yard!

August 14th 2010 2:45 am
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Mom has been very busy, but thought that she should at least update my diary bol. On July 16, 2010, Mom and Dad bought and moved into a new yard with a house on it! Princesse and I love our yard, it is just the right size for us and has trees to sniff and lots of birds to chase. Mom isn't worried anymore about me protecting the driveway, because I spend all my outdoor time in the backyard. Next year she is going to build us a fence.


Quick note

October 9th 2009 10:52 am
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Just wanted to mention that furnace men are here, hubby let them in and kept dogs back with his foot. No sign of agression from Bunny. Same as last week when water meter reader came inside the house, no problem.


More observations

September 30th 2009 2:16 pm
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The child that Bunny grabbed was here today. I toook him out with the muzzle and asked the child if it was ok if I just saw would he would do . I also asked if he hurt him before and he said no. He said it was ok if I approached with Bunny , on leash. Bunny pulled to go see him and the tenants child but just sniffed the visting child. The only harm he did to tennants child was to put his paws up on his private area, which apparently hurt lol. But , it was not intentional. My husband remarked that I have any easier time putting muzzle on Bunny than he does.


Mom's observations...

September 29th 2009 4:41 pm
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Mom had a realization today. I'll let her tell:

I was trying to figure out what changed in Bunny's world just before he started acting weird. I have it! The new tenants moved in 2 weeks before he went after the mailman! We have had 3 families up there in a year and half. ( The newest tennants moved in June 1 , and first incident was June 16). The first child he went after was going to visit them, the second child was playing with them. DD's BF just told me that some kids ( probably the tennants) pet Bunny through the kennel one day and he was fine. ( DD BF is one who put him in kennel, must have been when we werent home.


Husband there 1st time, Bunny on tie out. Bunny's collar came off a nd he went after mailman, husband grabbed Bunny.

Husband there second time, child going by in driveway , Bunny on tie out . Bunny "tried to bite " child, not the father with her. Husband grabbed tie out.

Husband there second time, Bunny sniffed tennant's child , grabbed visiting childs pant leg.

Video taped Bunny on tie out, very calm and relaxed.

Does not like kennel , will video tape this.

My theory is Bunny is protecting hubby and /or tennants children.


Strange behavior

September 29th 2009 3:16 am
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I have been acting a little weird for the last few months. Mom has been posting in the behavior forums, but figures maybe people are getting tired of reading about it bol. She does want to document, so her is an excerpt from the behavior forum that pretty much tells the story:

I have doubts that this is barrier frustration. I was just out there with
him , because the tennant was outside with the baby and I wanted to see how he would do . Muzzled of course. I sat there with him on the leash and he pretty much ignored the baby. He went up to sniff the tennant but wouldnt go near the baby. I even got my husband to hold the leash, as he was present at all incidents. Nothing , no reaction at all. Two incidents involved strangers. He was very discrimanting the third time. He sniffed the tennants child and grabbed the strange childs pant leg. If he was frustrated , wouldnt he have gone after the first target? The other was the mailman, who Bunny may or may not have seen before.

After the second incident they bought me an outdoor kennel. I dont like it very much. I prefer the tie out . Mom has decided that some video of how I act may shed some light. (Now that she has figured out her digital camera has video function bol). If she does get the behaviorist who is 2 and 1 and half hours away, the video may be helpful. In the meantime if anyone wants to look at the videos ( once Mom figures out how to put them up bol) , feel free.


New pics

September 20th 2009 6:27 pm
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Mom took some new pics of me and her new step son in law ( who is professional photographer) took pics of Princess . Mom even got a couple of me and Princess together. They are all awesome. My dog walking training is still going great, Mom is so impressed with me! I even stayed by her side when my human sisters BF went by on the other side of the road. That's great progress for me! She is thinking of taking Princess to dog classes and working with me at home with what she learns . That should be interesting.


Things to work on

August 26th 2009 4:17 am
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Mom has been too busy on dogster forums to write in my diary, but now she thinks she should write down whats been going on, before she forgets bol. She has realized that I need some refresher training. We have been working on my fear of crowds, my leash lunging , and my wanting to chase after children. Its all going very well, since I am such a smart dog. After we have that important stuff down , she also wants to work on my whining and crate training. She says you never know when that crate may come in handy. She is also thinking about taking me to get my CGC . I think its going to be a very busy winter!

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